DPP only wins Dedza Mayani councillor ward in by-elections

After heavy deafeat in Tuesday’s by-elections, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  has a consoloation with a win of a Local Government ward in Mayani North Ward in Dedza North Constituency.

DPP candidate Thom Lita in Ndirande Makata lost

.Dedza is the stronghold of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the win of DPP will give the ruling party some comfort.

DPP’s candidate Nicholas Fackson Josiya won with 2390 votes against  MCP’s Benson William Lameck  who secured 1690 votes and UDF’s  Everister Ndaziona Kusina getting 200 votes.

The DPP has been defeated by MCP  in Central Region, namely Lilongwe City South East and Lilongwe Msozi North constituencies and Mtsiriza Ward in Lilongwe City West Constituency.

MCP has also triumphed against DPP in  the Southern Region where by-elections will be held in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency and Ndirande Makata Ward in Blantyre Malabada Constituency.

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We Malawians we are tired being driven by educated fools!! and also we have change our mind as supporters of M.C.P. Its you who won theses by Elections period!

Jamax is saying the celebrating camp are still passengers. The MCP supporters are hoping to win the 2019 elections because of this bye-election. They are able to tell us why DPP has lost the votes but they are not telling us why in 2019 the whole Malawi will vote for Chakwera. History tells us that MCP has been winning in bye-elections which has been its hope come general elections. But how many general elections has been conducted so far. Why is it that MCP has been losing in all the past general elections.Why should a big party like this be… Read more »
Don’t worry my fellow DPP supporters we are still driving and they are still passengers infact they have been passengers since 1994, Let them have a test of what celebration is all about kkkkk!!!! abale celebrating BY – ELECTIONS?????? In fact Lilongwe is your own backyard and DPP also has managed to take a ward in your backyard and you have managed to take Ndirande Malabada and Nsanje Laranje for your information this constituency has been in the hands of MCP and the independent candidates most of the times. But let’s wait for the big GAME 2019 and we shall… Read more »
Educated fool

I can’t stop smiling 2019 can’t come soon enough!

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Dedza as a district is indeed a stronghold of MCP but not Mayani area (Tambala inclusive). This is where you get a collection of Yawo people. This is the only area Atupele so with his father before him, would go and hold UDF campaign meetings.


A Kasaila tabwelezani munkanena pa Times TV kuti a PAC savota amavota ndi anthu mwazionatu kudzimva, kutumbwa ndi unkhutukumve wakupweteketsani a DPP . a Dausi alikuti? a Wa jeffrey alikuti nanga uyu mumati Mphepo alipo? Osamalankhula motumbwa kuno ndi kunja a Malawi pano anachangamuka muuzeni Peter wanuyo kkkkkkkkkkk


2019 competition is between DEPECO and MCP no more DPP yatha ngatia makatani but 2019 DEPECO boma!!!!!!!!! MCP your position is reader of opposition you have already done your part of killing

Apao Kugola

My greatest worry is that DPP Government will totally stop doing anything for the nation. This humiliating defeat will make DPP spend more time trying to find a strategy to hold on to Southern Region. As the party does that, social and economic problems will worsen as they will be left unattended to. Getting pre-occupied with power consolidation people will suffer more and get more frustrated with DPP. Then with increased suffering, people will want to vent their anger through the ballot. Kaya ndiye zidzatha bwanji?


The Fearless Samurai (Jwampiriu)


Mwapusatu ku Dedza uko. Mwavotera galu.


Where is Kasaila with his unwise comments he has been making?

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