DPP’s lost it with ‘broken promises’, MCP slated as ‘hopeless’ Malawi govt-in-waiting

Managing Editor of Nation Publications Limited, Ephraim Munthali, writing in his influential newspaper column, ‘Cut the chaff’ has observed that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has not lived up to its campaign  promises and  feel now after four  years that they have failed the country.

Munthali: Cut the Chaff

Launched in April 2014 titled: ‘Towards a people-centred government’,  DPP had undertaken to clamp down on corruption, create jobs and improve service delivery. But only a year to go before Malawians go to the polls again,  these promises lie in tatters.

The DPP government has also strayed on  promised to reduce concentration of power in the presidency, especially on appointing and removing heads of accountability institutions such as the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM), the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), the Auditor General (AG), the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and Clerk of Parliament (CoP).

The DPP promised that once elected it would abolish the coupon system and make subsidised fertiliser available for every maize subsistence farmer that needs it but four years down the line,  coupons are still used  printed to cater for 1. Farm Input Subsidy Programme which the  donors have abandoned the seed component.

In his column, Munthali observed that the “blundering DPP”  has “butchered” almost 90 percent of its 2014 manifesto promises and the party is behaving like Alice in Wonderland.

”They can’t just show or tell what they have or will do if voted into power again. Of course, they have launched a project here, a foundation stone there and took time to break some ground somewhere, but the whole business is so murky that there is no clear end game,” he wrote.

The columnist said should it retake power in next year’s elections,  the same pattern will continue.

.”It is now difficult to trust whatever promise the DPP will make; including the ground breaking ceremonies that President Peter Mutharika is presiding over week in-week out,” he wrote.

He criticized DPP that instead of using the time it has to turn around their strategy, the party is spending most of its time attacking main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) instead of selling a blueprint of what kind of country they want to make if voted into power again.

“Actually, when the DPP holds the so-called development rallies, it spends two hours talking about MCP and 20 minutes outlining a new dream for the country…forget about its many botched dreams.In other words, the DPP is spending less time talking to and about Malawians and all its focus is on MCP because they are convinced it is their only enemy that can wrestle power from them in 2019,” he pointed out.

While attacking DPP for giving a raw deal to Malawians, the columnist  also had a dig at MCP, saying as a government-in-waiting, it is uninspiring as the DPP itself.

“Actually, MCP is failing to convince why people should vote DPP out of power and has struggled to define itself in terms of what it represents. As a result, MCP is giving people reason to maintain the devil they know , which is DPP,” reads the column.

Munthali said at political party level, MCP cannot handle an internal crisis as the party is facing factionalism and leadership wrangled and that it has undefined vision.

So far, he noted,  the MCP’s only selling point is that its party president and leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera can deliver a prepared speech “nicely wrapped in an American accent”. But he pointed out that  Chakwera  speeches are “devoid of substance.”

He said even when Chakwera  criticises President  Mutharika’s agenda, he falls short of providing his own ideas and policy choices.

“Sometimes, MCP spends so much time going after what they consider to be unfriendly media outlets and critics that one wonders whether their actual vision is a Malawi where freedom of the press and freedom of expressions are rolled back to the dark dictatorial days when they were in power in the one party State era,” noted Munthali in his column.

He wrote: “And so when all the chaff is cut, I get the sense that DPP And MCP are spending too much time publicly ridiculing and attacking each other without any grain of shame.

“If they are not calling each other pathological liar or mpelezi then it is about killers and prince of thieves. We don’t have time for this, for Christ’s sake.”

As it stands, Munthali’s verdict is that MCP is a hopeless opposition party. It is no better than the DPP.

Munthali ends the column: “Both Mutharika and Chakwera lack the kind of leadership that is required in the 21st century for a country like Malawi that needs to play catch up on a number of issues.”

While the DPP has shied away from tackling thorny campaign promises, it has successfully implemented those which caught the attention of Malawians for their uniqueness such as limiting the size of the Cabinet to 20, implementing the Malata and Cement subsidy and establishing community colleges.

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Geoffrey Gondwe

Both parties has no good image in the past hence making it difficult to sail through to the election coming a head,Malawians now are not happy at to what is going on on these parties you can not win elections based on attacking each other the party that comes with good and credible issue based campaign will sail it through.

Pension Nenereko

Democracy is about views of the majority overriding the minority. If you have the minority so vocal believing they are bigger than the party and want their views to be ultimate — it cannot be anything else apart from a group engulfed in selfishness. For Mr Munthali, your articles have a pattern of message. After going around, you finally have a jab at MCP. Those who know, they have it that you write on behalf of your MADAMA boss who flirts with RM, my foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenzi Mzungu
You are missing a very big point my friends. Many who vote for DPP don’t care about manifestos. For example I don’t even know DPP manifesto but I know they constructed PIM -Nguludi road. I even voted for DPP without reading their manifesto. They are just formal documents to give an impression that you are organized but they are useless to many voters in the south. So brother Munthali. You are just wasting your time campaigning for Chakwera we know who to vote for already. Thus typical of tumbukas they think they decide on behalf of Malawians what should be… Read more »
Peter Mathanyula

Tenzi Mzungu, stop speeking on behalf of southerners. If you say we know who to vote for, how many Tenzi Mzungus are there? Do not cheat yourself that because you hate Dr, Chakwera then every southerner is liker you. If it was so then MCP could not win the October by election 5-1 of which 2 seats were from the south. Mudzahkumudwa bamboo.

Kunena Mosapsyatila

You are another dandahead blue brained creature devoid of logical thinking. You cannot sense the political wind in this wretched country. When MCP was winning seats in Nsanje and Ndirande were there no southerners involved in voting? Did MCP import voters from Mzimba Solora up north or from Lilongwe Msozi in the Centre.

You are such group of fanatics of this sinking ship called DPP that shall hung themselves and your friend Santana after the humiliation that DPP will suffer. 5-1 ija chinali chiyambi chabe.


Since the inception of democracy over 11 trillion has gone into the pockets of greedy politicians and their cronies.There has not been much improvement in road infrastructure. Education standards have gone down.People has dams and tap water in the villages during Angwazi.Now they drink from streams.How many big companies have come to Malawi since 1994?How many jobs have been created? Are irrigation schemes which were there functioning.Do we think the old man can take us forward?Malawi now is about which tribe you belong to.Two families have been ruling Malawi since 1994 save for a short break.Can’t we at least try… Read more »

This man writes well…he thinks carefully and I always enjoy his articles. Hats off for one Ephraim.

Ephraim Munthali, you are a good coward journalist…failing to call a spade a spade. After reading your article, I’ve come to realize that you just wanted to be neutral and that’s why I’m calling you a ‘coward journalist’. I know deep down your heart you wanted to say good things about the party in opposition, MCP because seriously speaking you have failed to convince me how MCP is a hopeless opposition party. Did you want Chakwera and his MCP to spell out their agenda for change now so that APM and his DPP can hijack it for their own political… Read more »

I got the point MCP is hopeless opposition party. It is NO BETTER than DPP. The DPP has successfully implemented those which caught the attention of Malawians such ass limiting the size of Cabinet, implementing the malate subsidy and establishing community colleges, You forget food availability , stable economy, peace Police are working day & night every where etc. DPP woyeeeee !!!!!!! keep it up.

Kambunga Abudu

Stable economy? To who? Those of you who can tap from the government coffers at will while the rest of Malawians are suffering? Shame


Don’t comment on things you don’t understand. Which economy are you talking about? What do you mean when you say peace Police? You are the type of those misleading our president. Ifenso nga DPP wamva.


What has this impacted on the general livelihood of the rural poor masses? Literally nothing! Guest, you are big joke. The best that DPP government has achieved is massive corruption, trickery, nepotism and all callous deeds. Check your dpp manifesto again and see how many of the promises have been implemented out of the more than 16. Only 3, namely lean cabinet, community colleges & the so called malata/cement subsidy. You are nothing but a big joke and very clueless. Period!!


I dont see the powerful party and democratic party like M.C.P ,The only hope of Citizens of Malawi is only Almighty Malawi Congress Party M.C.P come 2019 may Boma with Dr Hon Chakwera with Mia.One vision on Malawi one Malawi one Vision VIVA

Watematema Mutu

Mr Munthali`s analysis is deep, comprehensive and to the point. His analysis is reflective of and evidence that in Malawi there are those who can properly read the political pendulum and be able to share. This is superb and I humbly salute Mr Munthali. You are a political genius!

Coming to these useless two parties in question, I dont see them being relevant to the plight of Malawians! This is an opportunity for other parties to take advantage and explore/strategise for a way forward!


Which other political parties are you talking about? With only 14 months to go? You must be another imbecile good joke!

M Sizini

Of course, Mr Munthali is correct that our parties expend all their efforts on attacking each other, but why should we expect anything else. We have a confrontational party political system. If they behave like rival gangs engaged in a war for control of the criminal activities on their ‘patch’, that is exactly what our system would be expected to produce. The next government must sit down with the ‘opposition’ and formulate a system that will produce ‘development through co-operation’, not the same old ‘socio-economic paralysis through confrontation’.

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