DPP’s militant Ngalande attacks Kondi Msungama’s wife, undress her in public: ‘I’m untouchable, report anywhere’

Former Director of Youth in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), who is also Councillor for Chigumula Ward in the city of Blantyre, Lewis Ngalande, known for controversy and violence is back in the news for bad reasons after brutally attacking a woman in public.

Ngalande: Attacked Olive Msungama

Ngalande attacked Olive Msungama in the commercial district of Limbe on Wednesday, snatching two mobile phones and pushed her to the ground undressed.

He claimed the attack was due to the “debt” which the woman’s husband, businessman Kondi Msungama owes him.

Ngalande found Mrs Msungama alighting from her Mercedenz Benz registration number ZA29 and first snatched the car keys from her.

“I was pushed down, with my dressed torn apart, got some slaps to my face and my handbag [which contained undisclosed sum of money and two handsets] has been snatched by Ngalande,” said Mrs Msungama.

“He claimed my husband owes him some money. I don’t know about that and even if there was such a debt, I did not deserve this barbaric action,” lamented the woman.

The car was taken to Limbe Police where the woman lodged official complaint.

Kondi Msungama was flying from London where he had gone to attend a wedding of his close associate Jack Kamwendo’s sister.

Ngalande when contacted for comment told the reporter to “get a life” other than get bothered with him.

“You better get a life. I am untouchable. Powerful man in this country,” he challenged.

Police officers in Limbe confirmed that they were scared to take action on Ngalande as he is indeed politically a strongman.

It seems controversy and Ngalande have been bedfellows for a long time. He was the terror-in-chief and trusted Youth Director in the heydays of Bingu wa Mutharika.

He is famous for manhandling former Member of Parliament for Thyolo North, Anitta Kalinde at Chileka Airport when the MP had gone to welcome Bingu from a foreign assignment, apparently for showing allegiance to the then estranged Vice President Joyce Banda.

It was during Ngalande’s time as DPP Youth Director that the party’s youth cadets were accused of systematic violence and intimidation of political opponents. He was the mastermind of the infamous July 19 panga-brandishing campaign to intimidate would be July 20 demonstrators.

It was his time as the youth boss that government critics such as Rafik Hajat and Reverend Richard Sembereka had their offices and house respectively torched by what is generally believed to be DPP cadets.

In fact, Ngalande was one of the accused people were allegedly took part in the murder of the Polytechnic student, Robert Chasowa.

During the Bingu’s reign, Ngalande was also involved a fiasco over Youth Enterprise Development Fund (Yedef) loans. He used three students to access about K2 million loans from the fund, a development that was described by the fund director Harrison Mandindi as illegal.

Investigations revealed that Ngalande used two young men and a woman in Blantyre to access the second tranche of Yedef loans whose beneficiaries were published in the press in October last year.

He used Brian Kaunda; a student at Malawi College of Accountancy (MCA); Doris Mangazi, another accountancy student in Blantyre and Pilirani Lita who was also a student at the time of getting the loans.

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Nganiza Muthulika
I can not believe u Malawians still cowards to let this fool continue. Hej thinks he is powerful. But he forgets hus days are numbered. I can also Wonder why do u want DDP to continue. As DDP is out of our country this fool has no protection. What US democracy means in Malawi? What is The difference between young pioners If Kamuzu Banda and Cadets of Muntharikas/DDP? A man Who Un dress a woman because of herhubands debts is a coward. He is afriad to go to the man instead he attacks a woman Who probely does not know… Read more »
David Mweso

You took Ngalande’s money and yet you say you don’t know anything about the debt really!!! Mbava inu….


Koma nchonyansa mayooo mphunozo..nkana amapha anthu..chimangidwe basi

Kanthi Nzandu

Adzalowa mselo after general election and adzayankha milandu yonseyo. Analiko ma untouchables pano ali kulichete. Let’s wait and see akafera ku ndende awa itini pheeeeeee

Nganiza Muthulika

Kantu wakamba bwino. Lelo Un touchable mawa tuona. Vote for another party. DDP izabela koma If majority Vote for another party it will be difficult for them. A Malawi ukapolo pikaliti?

Keen Observer

Very bad indeed that’s what ignorance mixes with power & fame that’s the results.

Nganiza Muthulika

In deed ignorant

chaponda mchimanga

Typical of dpp cadets. Tionana 2019. Dziko lino mumaliyesa lanu lokha eti????


Kodi anthu satha kuphunzira bwanji?! Kunalitu Baraba ku Chinsapo.


achimwene tsiku ndi limodzi mudzatera


Anapha Robert Chasowa ndi Isa Njaunju pano he want to kill masana anthu akuona, thats DPP for you

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
Can some one advise Mrs. Olive Msungama to go to any reputable lawyer to seek reliefs in the High Court of Malawi for damages for assault, battery, humiliation, loss of use of vehicle, loss of use cell phones, loss of use of hand bag and cash that were in the hand bag. Split the claim between general damages and special damages. As for the vehicle, she ought to take care of the claim as she may have to use the rate obtaining in hiring firms. Get any courageous lawyer to claim for the damages. Mrs. Msungama will not get anything… Read more »
Nganiza Muthulika
He can find someone to put a bullet in hos head. He is not Un touchable. He is a killer and he deserves the same treatment. DDP protects corrupted ministers and followers. Ndichipani choipa. How can a man be so savage like this idiot? He is a thief like all DDPs. Taking a phone and belongs from that woman is stealing. If DDP was a good party they could fired him or dusciplined but that party is the worste Malawi and Malawians had in decade. Now u can see What JB said when they rigged votes.They will repeat again they… Read more »

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