Drug Fight Malawi wants govt policy to regulate alcohol consumption

Drug Fight Malawi Executive Director, Nelson Zakeyo has once again sent his organization’s call on Government to move with speed on the policy to regulate alcohol consumption in the country.

Beer party: Call to avoid binge drinking

Beer party: Call to avoid binge drinking

In an intervoew, Zakeyo reiterated that they are worried that Government is not very active in making sure that issues such as packaging of sachet beer to be raised from 100 ml to 300ml to reduce teenage alcoholism.

He said the policy must also include measures that no drinking joints must open till 2 pm.

In addition, such places should be situated 500 meters from schools, hospitals, churches, offices or any other busy important place to avoid disturbance.

And in a different development, Josephy Patel, President of Independent Schools Association of Malawi (ISAMA) has added his voice to the calls by some people that national examinations dates in the flood affected areas in the Lower Shire be changed.

He said his organization is against changing examination dates in those areas because it will affect school calendar which the schools will eventually find difficult to adjust to be in line with other schools.

Patel also said that teachers in schools affected by floods worked hard to cover the syllabus though they were disrupted by the incident and it is just proper that the examinations be administered. –LINA

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Too much noise as if u are all drunk already

Mwama Du

Distance drinking joints from schools and churches is a best deal.

Imraan Sadick

Islam is the answer

Jimmy juga

Thanx for banning sachets.thi shows the govt care its people. If young people are taking this ethanol as it is my worry is malawi no future and we will be poor for ever. Human resouce is key for development. Lets teach our children to become productive citizen ,although its let but this is good.apa ndiye tachepetsa ngozi za mowa kunseu, kuchipatala ,better understanding in service delivery,infa za mowa osadyera.ganizilaninso lamulo loysegula malo omwela.azitsegula 4pm .dziko ndi lathu okonnza ndife owononganso ndife. Tiyeni ngati dziko tipange zokweza dziko lathu. Tisaike ndale pa nkhani ya ma sachet,

Uli Odala Chifukwa Wamvako.

This a foolish, sily and childish idea for a more than 30yrs old father to think of assesing these young students in psychological trauma without having ‘umunthu consideration’. This is kusadziwa, kupelewela mzeru, kupanda umunthu, kusowa chikondi ndiposo kusowa chilungamo.


I totally agree to idea on alchol


For me the issue on drinking is a personal choice that you make based on your up upbringing and character. we know for instance the Italians drink wine at lunch and then go back to work. are we to tell them they are wrong? people should be free to make what ever choice they want. if they want to drink a beer or 10 what’s the matter and why do you want to put your nose in other people’s business?


the quality of reporting is very poor. sachet beer….. never heard off it. joint must not stay open part 2pm? are you serious or is this 2am? why don’t you check you report before posting? the editor of nyasa times are you asleep.

No imbibing joint must open till 2pm? Zakeyo tsika mu mtengo because you are not serious. May be you are advocating this from a position of ignorance. If I may ask….unamwapo mowa? Or you are saying these things just because you hate beer? One thing you need to know is that beer gives hangovers and these hangovers need to be nursed. Timati kuchotsa masile. And if you advocate the opening of drinking joints from 2pm then you are killing some of us who would wish to get one or two from 9am to get nursed. I’ve no problems with your… Read more »
kamau wangenge

if u r talking of increasing packaging mls then we cant solve the problem.mind u sachets r being opted due to their increased percent of alchol therefore one do not spend alot of money to become intoxicated.what if MBS can make sure that the alcoholic percent in these satchets should be brought down if not the completely ban those satchets

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