Dzuka Malawi: Cast the first stone, putting devil’s face in Church

My last entry provoked debate, and nobody quoted the Holy Bible to justify their misplaced anger on a Law Commission report which talks of termination of pregnancy in case of rape, deformation or where the mother’s life is in danger. Instead every one went to town, very few have actually read the report, what we had on that day was the devil manifesting himself.Dzuka Malawi
I will not waste time trying to preach that Jesus categorically asked his Church not to Judge, from Zacheaus the Tax Collector, the Samaritan Woman, doing good on Sabbath and indeed even helping the poor. In short, when asked to stone a woman caught having sex, he asked he who has never committed sin to throw the first stone.
Today, it’s a waste to time to try to convince religious followers and their chauvinistic pastors, priests and all others who led the ill-conceived and anti-Christ demonstrations that only destroyed the fabric of the Church of God.
Lets start putting the face of the devil in our churches. If you know them tell them to go and repent quickly for God, just like what I gathered across the demonstrations today and what they really achieved.
Malawians on 6th December, 2016 spent the whole day discussing abortion, both pro and against. With social media, most youngsters who did not know anything have gathered information, justifications and find it encouraged to think abortion is a legal right for a woman since it is her body. Thanks to the Men and Women of God, their unreligious act has amplified access to abortion and available means.
Young men and women who did not understand homosexuality also today were able to follow the for and against. Many will have questions, many will try to find out. I am sure Gift Trapence has failed to generate such a debate on homosexuality in Malawi and the Church on Tuesday  handed the debate its highest profile debate yet.
The question is for those young men and women curious to find answers they will surely turn to the internet, where they will find justification and thanks again to the Church for driving many into the practice. That’s how the devil works he recruits many, by pretending to protest.
A sample of what the social media and demonstrations achieved include data that 3.5 women abort everyday or walk into a hospital to seek post-abortion care, many of them poor women in rural areas. About 70,000 Malawian women abort.
The demonstration also taught Malawians that desperate girls drink surf, use cassava sticks or some dangerous items like wires to try and abort which has led to bleeding and loss of life. Again we could not have known, thanks to the Church.
Further, the Church admitted failure by joining the Billy Mayaya and John Kapito type of demonstrations, they have failed to preach abstinence to their members, they have rejected use of condoms, now they are fighting the product of sex which is so sweet, that the majority of those aborting are our so called God-fearing church goers.
Finally, let put a human face to the devil, the Catholic Church has highest abortion rates followed by Seventh Day Adventists and Pentecostal Churches.
In terms of Homosexuality, a priest has been moved from Limbe Cathedral to many places now based in Phalombe and is famous among the gay community in Malawi. During the demonstrations he was in front flanked by his boyfriend.
A prominent Italian Catholic Priest in Balaka has sired a dozen of children across the Mangochi diocese and six girls from around Balaka schools can testify that they aborted his pregnancies. A very respected Musician’s marriage broke down due to the wife being caught with the priest.
I would go on about a gay Bishop, even case of Seventh Day Adventist pretending Gwanda Chakuamba was not bonking Grace Mhango for over 11 years, most of the pornography materials are courtesy of SDA members.
I wish not even to indulge talking of the hugely gay and lesbian Pentecostal and Evangelical movement. You want people that indulge in such sin, ask the Evangelical Association of Malawi, Episcopal Conference of Malawi and the CCAP General Synod. Actually “satana wakhalila pansana mipingo ya pa Malawi.”
The new Prophets and Apostles are worse off, I can mention one by one their sins, we can all try to pretend and fool gullible Malawians that we are celebrating family, when we, many who were in front of the demonstrations are key to wrecking marriages, promoting homosexuality and abuse, and worse off stealing from the poor day and night. No! No! No!
The Church has always oppressed women, a pregnant 22 year old was suspended in a Church in Lilongwe five weeks ago for choosing not to abort and the man was left with only one option “mukalape kwa bamboo mfumu.”  Which justice or voice of the oppressed does our Church speak of.
I can put many faces of the devils in every church and mosque, but vengeance is for the Lord, he says. Dzuka Malawi! I cry for my beloved nation, at a time the Church has failed for 53 years of independence to develop any reasonable moral fabric of society, we have church elders bonking prostitutes, a prophet at Bwandilo with prostitutes, Ministers wrecking marraiges, cashgate, no meaningful development for the poor who due to high population cant educate or properly raise kids, poverty, malaria and other preventable causes are killing poor Malawians every day.
At the time people are looking to the Church to guide them identify proper leaders, zoona nkhani ikakhale mathanyula ndikuchotsa mimba!  I forsee the majority of the young population exposed to the 6th December, 2016 debate ignited by the recklessness and demon inspired demonstrations never going to church again. Unfortunately in a connected world, the kids will read where you cant explain or cant ask you and learn how to do the very same things you wanted to prevent. The devil is cunning, that’s why Jesus said- pray without ceasing, not demonstrate without ceasing! The devil walked on our streets and conquered the church!

Using culture to argue against abortion is very unMalawian. Those that know culture we dont call a baby born dead a baby, its has a different name and only women go and bury it. There is no furneral service or crying of sort. Its never recognised as human. Remove culture or morality from the debate please. I know Malawian culture and zambirizi zimavomelezedwa ku simba, dambwe ndi jando, inu tabayendani kunamizana!

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Powell Mponela

Give to God indeed = give to Bushiri, Papa Major 1. Many have eyes but can’t see.

It seems while Tariro is busy castigating the Church on the grounds of hypocrisy and being dogmatic, he himself (or is it a she or an it) is busy doing the same. You are busy forcing your opinions to independent thinking individuals. If you do not agree with them, why not keep quiet? Of what business is the Church’s business to you? And do you think you can change anyone’s opinion by such derogatory attempts? You too are wasting your time. Continue to waste it because your polarised views and opinions will yield nothing, after all. Using weaknesses of selected… Read more »
Maseru Clinton

Oh shame rude.. You have been misguided. The devil is working in you. Only corrupt minded people who want to earn their living through misplaced funding to so called human rights organisation can appreciate your writings. God must have mercy on you and deliver you from the satanic bonds you are tied.

Using culture to argue against abortion is very unMalawian. Those that know culture we dont call a baby born dead a baby, its has a different name and only women go and bury it. There is no funeral service or crying of sort. Its never recognised as human. Remove culture or morality from the debate please”. i I think you need to re-do your research. If you really know what a still-born is in Malawi you can understand that ndi munthu ndithu. If you are truly enlightened on Malawian culture you will understand that only people are burried kumanda. Kulira… Read more »

Good one Chikaziwa.

Elder Sage III
Rudo Tariro, u have missed the point big time! The folk were not against particular individuals who have aborted nor practice “homo” but the very notion of abortion and “homo”. In any grouping there are miscreants who divert from the group’s norms, at your age don’t you know that? However, that should not stop the group standing by and protecting or enforcing their ideologies, jealously guarding their beliefs. Without that, their is neither faith nor religious grouping. A bishop, a reverend, or even a major prophet does not make a faith-based organization. Their failures are personal failures, full stop. You… Read more »

nkalabongo kkkkkk komatu walemba zoona uyu, a satana mu mpingo ngambiri kuposa ku tarven. mipingo imadziwika ndi label, SDA akuti zigololo, catholic zidakwa, pente kukonda ndalama, ccap ufiti, apostole ma dance…….. ayi ndithu nkalabongo amwede uyu Rudo abalemba kaye naye akuwoneka anakayenda

Zuka Malawi. Malawians only follow what is said not read. I have have followed your articles and and they are good. But Malawi and Malawians majority are ignorant people. If there 50 of u in Malawi to day Màlawi could be a better society to live in. It’s the churches who make Màlawi poor by their false preaching and interpretation of Bible in their own satisfaction. I liked Kamuzu Banda who did allow churches to preach as they wish only what is written in the Bible. The reason Malawi is ruled by leaders who are corrupted is because churches are… Read more »

Wise words – Chikaziwa. People say: ‘Don’t shoot the messenger.’ They should also tell us not to revere the messenger. Too many people listen to the Churches and fail to listen to the message of God.

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