Dzuka Malawi: Classic failures, age limit on our leaders and new constitution before 2019

By now we all know I have little respect for politicians. Unfortunately it is politicians from all classes.  I mean all parties, each party seems to have “how to cartoon” best manual. The MCP was in the news firing district chairmen, accompanying it was the 1964 vocabulary of “confusionists, rebel’s etcetera”. Jessie Kabwila tried to spin it by her colleague and son of Ex-MYP guru Alekeni Menyani was in no mood to compromise. It sounds like MCP of the Gadama wasowa time.Dzuka Malawi

The DPP cartoon department suddenly had the over played “treason plot” by opposition and now it included diplomats. If I were the President, the ridicule and damage from such plots are massive, I should have shaken the cartoon department right away. For starters, many of those mentioned can prove where there have been as they have diaries and most of them I am sure were out of Malawi when the alleged December meetings were invited, It’s a sick joke.

When I wrote of Kamuzuism, some angry comments accused me of glorifying a dictator. No I have never admired the old dictator. He reaped us off and taught us njala, nsanje and mabodza. We are a proud gossiping nation, which is always full of excuses of why we have not progressed.

Look at  lawyers of yesterday the Savijans, the Chamgwanjira’s, the Mordecai Msiskas, the Ralph Mhone and Cassim Chilumpha’s,  Khuze Kapetas etc, they used to invest in property, real value of property. Our lawyers today are praise singers for politicians, drunkards and womanisers. They own pubs and Mercedes and compete on Facebook who ate or drink what.

Look at journalists of yesterday, the Edward Chitsulos, the Jika Nkolokosas, the Eunice Chipangulas, the Janet Karims, the Raphael Tenthani,  Felix Mponda, Willie Zingani, the Mabvuto Banda’s, the Al Osmans and even Thom Chiumia and Chikumbutso Mtumodzi’s, they tried at one point to start own newspapers and radios. Forget the success rate but now journalists fight to be appointed personal assistants, owned and paid for by politicians and sadly like lawyers become praise singers for politicians. I know quite a crowd now moaning to go to embassies after campaigning for the DPP. Malawi after 52 years.

Look at Doctors and Nurses, we used to know Dr. Chiphangwis, Dr Nyirenda’s, Dr. Gombwa’s, Dr Kampondenis, Dr. Kidy, Dr. Bhojani, they invested in own quality clinics or public services, today doctors drink all day and nurses and clinicians compete stealing drugs and open poor clinics to make quick cash with very little regard to quality.

Mention a sector, Malawi is going south. Not because of the President, but because of ourselves, we are not proud of our professions, we have no values and we are looking for the easiest cash and happiness.

In Police we all feared Mapulanga, even thieves, legend claim he could arrest a thief and send him to report to Police on his own. Now Police are thieves and together with their military cousins they torture the public they want to serve.

Malawi is poor 52 years after the whiteman left not because of the white man. He left in 1964 period, we have been plundering our country since then. Everyone gives excuses and blame someone for it. No! Hell No! we are all responsible. We praise sing mediocrity and we worship stupidity.

Earning MWK200, 000 but living a life of MWK1 million. We grow crops and sale them to Burundis, Chinese and Indians. We are too lazy to look for a market. Zambians smuggle our Sobo, Sugar and Zitenje, Tanzanians smuggle our Soya, Maize and Timber. Mozambicans  and Zimbabweans our sugar, chickens and rice. South Africans are smuggling our bananas, bamboo and rice. Where are Malawians, MRA officials getting little kickbacks, truck drivers transporting. Imagine someone advertises in Netherlands that he sales Malawi Chamba and we still don’t even grasp how rich he is becoming on our hemp.

We spend the whole three months complaining of gays, electricity and water. Now we crying of hunger, again we blame on our leaders. We have no sense of responsibility, of what we can do.

If we have bad leaders we elected them based on our tribalised thinking. If we have parties firing people it means the parties are not democratic enough to tolerate intra-democracy, if we cant  develop its not because a white man is asking us to do mathanyula, its because for 52 years we have been going in reverse, cutting trees, allowing stupid politicians to run our country and even house affairs, stealing public money at capital hill, corrupting immigration officials, traffic police, buying stolen drugs, bribing housing and lands officials, selling land to foreigners, selling our passports to Nigerians, selling our food stuffs to Tanzanians, Indians, and even selling our souls to fake thieves claiming to be prophets.

We continue to build churches all proclaiming Gospel of Jesus when we know its pure theft. We continue to make sing’angas rich who claim will make us rich. We proclaim our party leaders semi-gods when they are dictators reaping us off.

No, before we give another stupid excuse for our failures, lets re-plant the trees we have cut, rains will come again. Nothing about God and Mathanyula, rich countries allow yakumbuyo and they are prospering, lets stop such poor excuse to say God is punishing us. He should have punished them more. Just tell  Gift Trapence and Kelvin Gomani to do it in their bedrooms and not tell us about what they like, we have better issues.

Let cashgators invest the money not drink in South Africa’s Michealangelo. Let Lawyers, Journalists and even doctors start investing again in their careers to create jobs. Let Policemen, Immigration Officials and every public service officer do their jobs. Let bosses stop plundering companies in red or politicians our public purse and giving public jobs to their kids and nephew-in-law.

Finally, let us set age limit and personal liability. For a Presidential candidate limit should be 65 years the age Judges and Catholic Bishops retire. Some people gave excuse that people were doing things behind Kamuzu’s back, Bakili  Muluzi claimed MCP stole all the money, Bingu claimed he did not find money when he took Government, the same excuse Abiti Joyce gave and so too the Professor. It seems we have too many excuse from the old generation, limiting the age should be priority that all should take personal responsibility and we should arrest them to return all the money stolen during their reign.

I agree with President Peter Mutharika when he insists that the Access to Information Bill should have a clause that it can be repealed in future. That’s a legal standard and lawyers for Journalists or that group they call MISA should know better. Now lets include the clause and have the bill sent to parliament.

Finally lets amend the constitution, 20 years its long overdue. Lets have Presidential powers reduced, electing a President with 50 +1, Recall provision for MPs re-instated, slot in number of Cabinet Ministers, slot in number of constituencies to 100 as we have 400 plus councillors, let us put a proper appointment and firing procedures for all senior public offices, lets include our anti-gay provisions and furthermore let us enact Political party act that compels parties to reveal sources of funding.

Civil Society, especially the vocal gay ones, should focus on having a new constitution, ATI and Political parties Act, then we need Malawians to wake up. Put up priorities right and stop blaming anyone for our failures.

Dzuka Malawi Dzuka, if Malawi has failed in the past 52 years, where were you? Surely it cant be the President alone, it is everyone of us who is a classic failure! Dzuka!

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The Partriot

Well written article and balanced. I agree with you, Malawians need to wake up and take our destiny in our own hands! Time for blame game is all gone!


Nyasa Times, where did u get this silly writer?


This is Malawi’s body scanning. Change starts with the individual not the group. If we know what Politics is all about, really the slumbering of our heads will be called off.


Dzuka Malawi dzuka! Malawi will wake up when those with truth and wisdom will stand up with courage and audacity to proclaim what they believe in without masquerading behind pseudonames!

bentrychirwa smart

Useless article, full of criticism for nothinho, pac, and congoma have already identified what hold us back. And its poor readership.

I have problems with people that say leaders are fine and the problem is with us Malawians. Leaders are at different levels and the political leadership spearheaded by the president is very much the game changer. The author of this article misses this point. The policy direction and the leading is very important to dictate where the country goes and as Malawians we have been given a bigger dose of waiting for direction from the President due to historical factors and the author should appreciate this. Absorbing or making excuses for the leadership of this country with —the what have… Read more »

Ungatiuze chani iwe Dpp sympathiser, chinkhani chachitali koma zonena zaumwanamwana. Creating mountains on a luangwa valley? Stop blaming innocent pipo for problems we all know its originality.

Thitherward 'wendo
I agree with most of the ideas put forward in this interesting article. However, instead of just castigating Malawians for electing ‘cartoons’, we should ask ourselves why we do this. It seems to me that we vote in order to advance the interests of our friends, rather than to effect the broader goal of national development. We indulge in the politics of the playground, rather than that of parliamentary democracy, so perhaps it would be fitting to look to the schools to begin our political education. The learning of civic responsibility, effective leadership, and creative / critical thinking should begin… Read more »
Useless article, it seems to be sympathetic with the failing Peter and dpp. Yes we should do it ourselves and clean up the mess. Simango’s article was 100% spot on as to what this country needs to do to eradicate these man made endemic self inflicted problems we have. But we need decisive leadership not the ones we have here. Utter useless. Pac had already identified one of the main reasons we are failing, it is lack of decisive leadership. You can just see the mess we have on food distribution by Admarc. Jus a few selfish individuals are causing… Read more »

What Will 50+ 1 do to our democracy..?Nothing other than creating a situation where losers of first round of elections gang up to come up with the 50+ 1. And defeat the simple majority winner of first round.That’s not democratic majority..Thats “backroom deal” .
Age is just a number..lets stop this fantasy that young politicians will turn tbings around.Just take a look at average age of cashgaters answering charges right now…youthful crooks…

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