Dzuka Malawi: A crying President, why Chaponda needs Andulire, DPP on fire

It is difficult to keep up with issues that are worth anybody’s attention in Malawi. I would imagine were the late Du Chisiza Jnr and late Getrude Webster Kamkwatira alive they would have plenty of material for their stand up comedies. I am sure Soldier Lucius Banda were he still nonpolitical mind who composed the timeless and prophetic hits lie “mabala” “lilikuti” and “Mulamule ndinu” he could have cut a powerful song.Dzuka Malawi

Now even Lucius Banda has stopped being a voice for the poor, anyway he stopped when he joined politics, he now speaks what suits his political agenda and very little about reality.

His Excellency the Professor one day was in Mulanje, he cried out of Pharisees, Judas Iscariots and people planning ‘State Funeral’ while he was drinking coffee. The only thing I agree with him, the levels of gossip, greed and self-destruction within the DPP is unbelievable. The most of it obvious, that you can see who has leaked the story, a diplomat Brain Bowler attacking a Cabinet Minister George Chaponda  openly on very damaging perceptions about corruption, nepotism and finger pointing.

DPP is not united, it is tearing itself down, unfortunately the President is being told lies by those that have access to him that now he sees white elephants and cries Judas Iscariots. I am sure those clever career gossipers have implicated Vice President Saulosi Chilima, somewhere George Chaponda, Patricia Kalaiti and even amazingly stupid Maliseni Ndau and Vincent Ghambi.

Why stupid, Ndau is a non political entity so too is Vincent Ghambi save for his Karonga North- there you cant shake him. Kaliati or say Akweni is loyal to the President and be assured as Late Bingu wa Mutharika learnt after removing her for sometime- she is loyal and she is a “kaziwotche” someone who would risk it all for the party and its leader. I may not necessarily like her, but rare breed of loyal politicians is rare in our politics. The only other one I know is Portipher Chidaya of the Malawi Congress Party, he serves anyone, at any level with the same smile and dignity. I am sure many DPP ordinary members know how accessible and helpful Kaliati personally is than most of the useless greedy and unreachable politicians at the top.

Then we have Angoni Saulos Klaus Chilima. He is someone we have under utilized for fear of him overtaking some unknown people for their quest for State House. Vice Presidents in Malawi suffer three charges, setting parallel structures, planning to kill the President and being ambitious. I almost died laughing when some stupid cadet tried to pin the latest bye-elections results on the Vice President. Come on people who would have helped the campaign when during the bye-elections party social platforms were accusing him of different plots when the President was away. Seriously, if DPP limps into 2019 like that, even Mark Katsonga Phiri will win the elections hands down. The DPP will split.

Finally we have Chaponda, painted evil day and night but some unknown person trying hard to bring him down. Really, the public might have believed the first items, the second with suspicion now without iota of evidence with piling allegations, it tells you something is fishy. People have dragged in Mota Engil, dragged in Goodall Gondwe- but the bulldozer does not seem shaken.

I would suggest the DPP Vice President and bulldozer Chaponda to take time and meet one Malawian in UK known as Andulire. She is famous for her Facebook posts asking if people have nothing to do as always shout “andu this, andu that!” I mean now its “Dr Chaponda this, Dr Chaponda that” she has such special skills and others that Yaya Toure and his brother can testify what made them break their devout Muslim vows. I mean get a taste of “Andu this, Andu that!”

That’s the scenario in DPP, no hope for the poor people, list of Universities closing getting long, the new MWK2000 note now called “Nyaphapi” on its way confirming that out economy is hitting its lowest and a President who goes and cries on the podium.

No Your Excellency, its time for you to show your leadership muscle. For every allegation of corruption, demand evidence, if there is reasonable suspicion demand they step aside until investigations clear them. Fire the ACB director he is damaging your Governments reputation, demand to see CVs of all people appointed in your name for the past two years and finally ask for copies of bank statements from anybody serving you, let them define sources of incomes above what they are entitled. Only then Sir, you wont have to sing about Judas Iscariot or Pharisees to Malawians.

Late Bingu fired Zikhale Ng’oma, Gustav Kaliwo, Ralph Kasambara, Ishmael Wadi when he saw they were public liabilities to his image. The late Bingu even ejected big names from Cabinet, this group of 20 think they are all sacred and untouchable, please shake them, bring new minds almost all of them and see if they can make a difference.

The biggest problem in politics is perception. If the public perceive that the President is weak and tolerates corruption. If no new prosecutions have not started since 2014 despite massive reports of allegations, the buck stops with the Professor and nobody else. The DPP crumbling under fire of internal gossip and fighting shows that the father in the house is absent.

Dzukani Your Excellency, leaders are defined by how they address the challenges. A DPP focused on succession and gossip, is damaging focus on solving the myriad of challenges facing Malawi. Dzuka Malawi, if the ruling party cant have its house in order, how do you expect them to put the country order. Confusion brings disorder, disorder brings fighting, nkhondo simanga mudzi. DPP cant help to build Malawi… no no Nkhondo yakula!

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5 years ago

The writer of this article seems to come from Zimbabwe.Ali ndi dzina la chi Shona

5 years ago

Mwayiwona yimeneyo. Timakuuzani anthuwa ndi mbava mumayesa tikunama. Khalani pheeeeee mutiuzatu.

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