Dzuka Malawi: DPP Cadets fought for others, let JB run in 2019

Well season greetings are now in order, Christmas is a less than a month away and New Year is a week more away after Christmas. That time we come together, forget our poverty, drink senselessly and of course those that believe in heavens, rejoice at the mysterious birth by the virgin some 2000 years ago.Dzuka Malawi

For the hungry, we hope to share some food, for those in hospitals they do get lots on unexpected visitors and for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets they should expect more  misery. The DPP is set to dump them for the new kids on the block.

Imagine the sweetie talkers of Malawi political prostitution are on the platform to join back the DPP. I mean these are people in their hearts they only “work with Government of the day to promote their pockets and survival”. I will not dignify the whole lot rumoured to be joining or rather re-joining the DPP.

Most of them were in Malawi Congress Party, then others went for UDF or Aford, then joined the DPP with some detours to PPM or Republican, then all of them joined the Peoples Party cheating Joyce Banda of their love and then dumped her, just like the dumped DPP when Bingu died and now I hear they are going back enmasse.

Most of them lost elections and will never win again, many of them are struggling in their constituencies that they wont win again. Out of the whole lot, I would advise the DPP to get only Harry Thomson and Patrick Makina. The rest are wolves and Felix Jumbe wont add any value, let him focus on making seeds available to farmers than political prostitution.

If you want to know who destroyed the UDF and pampered Bakili Muluzi into catastrophic third term, there are there. If you want to know who gossiped and mislead Bingu to firing Akweni, Henry Mussa, Henry Phoya, Joyce Banda and Khumbo Kachali check their faces and voice at that Sanjika meeting they are among this group, if you want to know that brought down the PP with gossip, infighting and eventual loss at the polls- hey the majority of those professional gossipers are among the listed in the group.

I feel sad for those loyal DPP cadets who are still waiting for crumbs of bread to fall on them while their leaders enjoy and banquet as a ruling party. I know several PP operatives now running the DPP and I know the gang joining now will slowly replace genuine blue bloodied hardworking cadets.

The joining and accepting of recycled politicians should tell DPP leaders of how desperate they have become. The DPP leaders need to develop their young generation. They have young intellectuals blended with active wings like Blue League and PDC.

You cant blend smart politics of Dr. Ben Kagame Phiri and even Richard Makondi with that of Mai Choponda, Frank Mwenefumbo and Bintony Kutsaira. I am not sure how the midnight six and other DPP treason suspects would feel having this PP operatives amidst them. I can only say sorry to Akweni, Dr. Kalirani and others that the new DPP will fight them out, gossip them out and eventually take over the party.

Seriously the DPP won with few hardworking loyalists, it could have built new politics by rejecting most of the recycled politicians. Having such a spent force will definitely take us back to years of acrimony and hatred. Anyway the DPP has shown it has failed to use power to advance itself, may be its time it looked back to the traitors and kapilikonis of 2012.

Finally a political scientist at Chancellor College thinks the political terrain does not favour Joyce Banda return. I don’t believe we have any political scientist in Malawi save for text book academics and theorists who read politics but as many of Universities faculties fail to adapt and apply to local situations.

What is Malawi political environment save for infighting, greed, corruption, nepotism and fighting for the next elections that JB wont fit in easily. Leave her alone, just like Helen Singh, Kamlepo Kalua and even at one time Late Amunandife Mkumba believed Malawians wanted them to lead them, I say Malawi is an open democracy let anyone come and contest. The outcome will be on May 21, 2019, I mean some Dzuka Malawi will happen then, some 30 months from this December. Nthawi yatha!

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chimzimu Chonyasa
5 years ago

Kukagawana ndalam zakuba kkkkkk

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