Dzuka Malawi: Juliana Lunguzi fresh face? Perhaps we should kill all politicians

Nobody wants to be responsible for anything in Malawi. I mean literally, by now many know I have no time of idioms or proverbs to communicate. I have this time come up with innovation that could save Malawi from itself. Kill all politicians, they are a source of our problems. If they all die today, we will be corrupt free, we will not hunt albinos like rabbits, poverty will go, and our discovered oil will make us prosper.

Dzuka Malawi

You must be a Malawian and an African to believe in such crap from my head this week. But hey we are looking for urgent solutions to our poverty. With a short life expectancy of 40 years to 50 years maximum, most of us definitely will die poor if we don’t do something dramatic.

Of course, we have agreed finally that there is no miracle money. Our Prophets and Men of Bible are primarily crooks telling us what we want to hear, and you and me jumping up and down, chasing miracle money.

There is no money in satanic business, killing albino, trading private parts, killing witches and of course putting our trusts in politician does not change our poverty status. It is our mentality as individuals and as a nation that has to change.

I mean, lets look at politicians. Juliana Lunguzi, that fresh MP from Mua in Dedza East recently posted a picture and expressed joy at meeting former president Joyce Banda in Copenhagen. As many Malawians would have expected from a well-meaning Malawian MP who is always on her feet questioning government accountability to have extended her outspoken prowess to Amayi JB.

Perhaps Juliana Lunguzi who made all sorts of noise on cashgate might have had too much jetlag to remember that in Malawi there is a small matter of MWK60 billion that evaporated from our public coffers within six months when Amayi was in charge of Capital Hill.

Of course the PP cadets will shout the DPP ensured MWK577 billion evaporated and Atcheya MWK1.7 billion and his case is about to be discharged. That’s what our politics is all about, scratch my buttock, I will scratch yours. (You are allowed to use decent words, I prefer the vulgar that represents our politics).

Back to  Honourable Juliana Lunguzi M.P. You see some crooks coached and bought by some enemies of Amayi claim she was involved. Actually four crooks have mentioned her name. I hoped you would have kindly asked her to return home (as we miss her), revive the mighty PP and more importantly clear her name being dragged in mud. Most people inviting her must be pointing her behind as that one running away from home. There is dignity operating from home. She can always call the man she use to call “Achimwene” that is “Atcheya” to learn how to survive politically charged charges and get a free ride of taxpayers.

But no, Juliana Lunguzi was excited about PP-MCP working alliance. She called it mature politics and oops forget to speak what many Malawians want. It reminded me why we needed to kill all politicians.

Let’s face the reality that in all these political parties, there are really no newcomers or enemies. It is the same people moving from one party to the other so often or repeatedly. Why is this possible? This is possible because all these political parties are the same.

They have the same ideologies, policies and other characteristics. They easily welcome each other because they belong to the same class and are usually friends who have dealt with each other before in business or politics. Nothing in them changes.

They don’t even need to change their behaviour. They don’t even need to change their language, vocabulary. Just a little change in slogans is all that is needed. Instead of shouting “PP yanyamuka” or “UDF boma”, they start shouting “Kwacha, “DPP woyee” and so on and so forth. Who can fail to make that small change? Of course, sometimes they forget that they have changed parties and shout the slogans of the parties they came from. And no one takes offence; they just laugh at them a little bit and business goes on with the newcomers like Juliana Lunguzi.

Policies are a non-issue for them. Our politics are devoid of meaningful policy discussions. And our politicians are very empty when it comes to issues of policies. Getting allowances, trips and making a few millions of kwachas is their priority.

We wait for that day when we will have more of our political parties take up strong ideological positions and spend more time on formulating policies and discussing them. These empty and ignorant politicians have nothing to offer other than jumping from one political party to the other endlessly and seeking opportunities to enrich themselves or to keep themselves in parliament.

When we critically analyse this whole issue of politicians making fresh changes, one will realise that actually, there are no newcomers; they are all members of one political party with factions or sections. What we see as separately identifiable political parties are actually factions of the same directionless, visionless political establishment with limited principles.

Dzuka Malawi, this should tell you and me to stop trusting politicians to change our lives, we need to start working for ourselves. We need to stop free education, free health services, free allowances for non-working MPs, ask for full accountability from political parties that get our taxes, demand accountability on all corruption cases and see that court processes are not interfered.

There is nothing like a fresh face in politics, they all belong to one big political party with branches. They cannot save Malawi.

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6 years ago

The thinking in this article is skewed and corrupted. I see nothing wrong with Juliana posing with JB. As fast as the government of Malawi is concerned, there is no legal action against JB. You say 4 thugs mentioned here. Why is ACB not investigating and prosecuting her? Why is there no warrant of arrest issued against JB

6 years ago

So you are trying to tell us that Juliana needed to show anger towards JB as if she is a policelady yet she is just a politiciaan just like JB. Issues of cases JB might be required to answer are not Juliana’a territory just like if you met her at a certain meeting it would not be your issue, and certainly you would not arrest her, would you?

Mad max
Mad max
6 years ago

I also thot this classmate of mine has come to save the populace, but the fact that she feels pride to pose with JB, not in Nkhatabay or another spot in Malawi, questions her integrity so much. I agree the message she shod have tod the old lady was “come bak hom amayi, nobody wil kil you. jous come and defend yourself from the crap thats o your tail”. And allof us would have clapped hands for her bold step rather thann thinking she wud be enhancing her status by posing with amayi. Watch the terrain Julie, u started nicely… Read more »

Justice Walalawalala
Justice Walalawalala
6 years ago
Reply to  Mad max

Wawa Mad Max and the Author too: What criteria are you using to pick on Juliana and JB by the way? Do I have to remind you to first remove the log in your eye before you can see, let alone talk, about the speck on in your neighbour’s eye? Atcheya stole 1.7 billion, yet people have posed in pics with him and nobody has pointed fingers. BUT his case is well known and has been in court for a while. Atcheya stole 1.7 billion, yet his now briefacase party (UDF) is is bed with DPP, and nobody has pointed… Read more »

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