Dzuka Malawi: Our dishonest politicians, WhatsApp coup plot

Dishonesty has become a way of life in Malawi. In politics, people think dishonesty is the only way to get the result they want. They lie about everything. They promise people heaven when they cannot even deliver hell to them. They are not only dishonest about themselves but they are also dishonest about their opponents. They don’t hesitate to tell lies about them.Dzuka Malawi

Everything in our politics seems to be a lie. But if people lie their way into power, they will also lie their way to stay in it and they will not hesitate to steal if that helps them stay in power.

Today we have dishonesty everywhere – in the home, in the school, in the Church, in the politics, in the government, opposition members who leak conversations, in the courts where strange judgements are passed. Wherever you turn, you are greeted by dishonesty.

And the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) needs to do a lot of soul searching. Food shortage in Malawi is mainly to due climate change, the effects of poor logistics to ferry maize to Admarc deports, if the maize is there that is, is a man-made problem.

President Peter Mutharika should stop listening to people who fail to do their jobs and create figments of their own imagination into moving pictures. No matter how many people DPP Government will arrest, the maize won’t be at Admarc period. Let him hire honest people who can deliver.

The arrest of Ulemu Msungama, Jessie Kabwila and Peter Chakwantha based on Whatsapp messages does help the President, the DPP or the government. Intimidation and using outdated seditious provisions, even when they are in the statutes to perceived political enemies does not buy political mileage, it destroys the image and character of government and the President specifically.

Let me flaunt my legal credentials for a change, as the President, a well learned lawyer is well aware, for a crime, two elements must be satisfied. Actus reus and mens rea. That’s what will constitute a crime, the conduct or act whether by commission of omission and the intention proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Lets look at Ulemu Msungama and company. For my readers, I am only writing of Ulemu Msungama because among all the people in the group, he was bold enough to be arrested. Jessie Kabwila has shown her true colours, she is a coward period. She writes about sending Malawians to demonstrate and then hides when the Police are calling. After her picking at German Embassy gates, she should shut up, she is a coward, she has no right to ask Malawians to front her ambitions and hide.

I expect Kalekeni Kaphale one of the lawyers we admired in law school and Samuel  Tembenu who fought treason battles for the President to provide proper guidance. Their reputations as honest lawyers and advisers goes with these political arrests. Ask Ralph Kasambara who was blamed for everything or Judge Maxon Mbendera and Judge Jane Ansah as Attorney Generals.

Back to Ulemu Msungama,  assuming that he wrote about Egypt. He wrote in privacy of his phone and did not share it with the public. He did nothing about it, they wrote and joked about the situation. The fact that they did not share in public, there is no crime or intention that can be proved that he had intentions to commit a crime. There has to be a factual and legal cause for the act to be a crime. The same  with the intention. This is Law 101.

Lets look at the charge of sedition defined as “overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority.”

Again it is very simple and straight forward in this case, that two elements critical are missing, eitherpublishing, speech or organisation towards insurrection against established order. Msungama did not publicly make his sentiments. Rather than arresting Msungama, perhaps the one who leaked it had the intentions of inciting discontent. Again whoever sanctioned this childish application of the law should be fired.

The cases might end, but the damage to the image and person and legacy of President Peter Mutharika is huge. Whoever plots such things, should weigh the consequences on the image and person of the President. His late brothers good and great deeds were erased by mistakes propagated by greedy people who mislead to fighting every Malawian voice of reason.

For our politicians, including the opposition like Jessie Kabwila and advisors of the President and those that plan things, learn one thing …. the greatest asset we have more than political power, more than money, more than jobs is a good conscience – to be able to go home and sleep with a good conscience, knowing that what you have done is just, is honest and it is done in good faith, from a place of selflessness.

It is said that if you try to be honest, you can be, and it will improve your character as handsome clothing improve your appearance. And the habit of honesty comes to those who try to be honest.

If there is anything in very short supply in this country, it is honesty. Those who are honest have in their possession a rare commodity. And something that is rare is usually on high demand and fetches a high price on the market. Honesty, although a rare commodity in our country today, is something even dishonest people, crooks, seek from others they are dealing with. Even the most dishonest person wants those dealing with him to be honest. Crooks don’t want to be crooked. In fact, crooks are actually the most ruthless when it comes to dealing with those who have crooked them, who have been dishonest with them. An honest person may even be more tolerant towards dishonest people than a dishonest person.

If you are dishonest, there is very little that you cannot do. If you are dishonest, you will not hesitate to steal. If you are dishonest, you will kill. Dishonest people have no regard for others. Dishonest people place political power and money over everything else. Dishonest people are often cruel and will not hesitate to take advantage of the poor and the needy; that is the way they make their living. Dishonest people have no regard for others and can throw nations into turmoil.

It is said that what you get by dishonesty, you may enjoy like the finest food, but sooner or later, it will be like a mouthful of sand. The political power and money you get by dishonesty soon disappear, but not before they lead you into the jaws of death. Honest people do not tell lies. Some people think dishonesty, crookedness works like magic; they believe it can do anything. We are taught in Proverbs 14:2: “Be honest and you show that you have reverence for the Lord; be dishonest and you show that you do not”; “Honest people hate lies but the words of the wicked people are shameful and disgraceful” (Proverbs 13:5).

Where there is honesty, there is justice and where there is dishonesty, injustice reigns. Honesty leads to justice and dishonesty leads to injustice.

Political power and money will do you no good on that day you face death, but honesty can save your life. Many have had their lives ruined because of dishonest people. More people have died as a result of dishonest people than were ever killed by swords. Count yourself lucky if you have been spared the experience of having irresponsible talk against you by dishonest people.

If we don’t change our ways, if we don’t increase our level of honesty, all the work that has gone on here and is going on here will continue to benefit just a few. This dishonesty is taking away all our hope and replacing it with despair. You can’t achieve much with this level of dishonesty. Dishonesty kills; Politics without honesty is nothing but criminal.

Now whoever in MCP leaked the conversation is dishonest, the same who lie about Prophet Bushiri and his maize or advised and devised the arrest of Msungama. Dzuka Malawi…All we need are honest politicians.

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Zidura Ntengo Undigwere
Zidura Ntengo Undigwere
Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula is well known to be a coward when the stakes are high. And her hiding, and attempts to seek refuge at the German embassy, when the going got tough, is not surprising for those who know her well. She’s indeed aptly described as a coward, here. She has shown her true colors: I wonder how many in her Party will trust her actions, henceforth? Let’s be clear: “treason” is but only one offence she could (probably inappropriately) be charged with. That would have been an over kill, perhaps. But the Police are NOT done with her yet, I… Read more »
Some misguided old fellow once told me, “Good people never succeed in life” and I was very adamant not to listen to him… But with the Malawi of today, the old fellow turns out to be right. You see, all these people have a more than fair share of the national cake are thieves and they steal with no remorse at all. The worse thing is they are never caught up till the day they die. Even with graring evidence paraded in court, they’ll always find there way out of it or at least get the softest punishment to the… Read more »
Honeycomb Chidyauzu

This is the true reflection of our Government. They just want people to be sympathetic with them when they well know the causes of all these. When a hyaena wants to eat his children he first accuse them of smelling like goats(Pro.PLO Lumumba) Please solve the problems Malawians are going through and not arresting them.

Alford G. F. Chirwa

Thanks very much for highliting the true issue affecting our nation. It’s the nature of the people we have in leadership that make us suffer. Malawians need to embrace honesty without which we build in vain as usual. Let’s stop ignoring wisdom and develop a listing ear when others say something.


Poorly articulated, although the content is much needed

Mnyamata wa nzeru

Same old boring rhetoric!! You are just as bad as the politicians that you are condemning!! If you truly are a lawyer then I genuinely fear for this nation… we are all stuffed!! Genuinely stuffed!!


Nanu inu what honesty. You dont eat honest. I was a very honest person who never stole even when chances of getting caught was almost nil. But lo am now as poor as a church mouse when those defrauded govt are comfortable and send their kids to st Andrews or Bishop Mackenzie. Fuck honest


This is the type of writing that we need for our nation


You are naturally a talented writer Rudo. I like every piece you post.
Very non partisan which just very rare in Malawi.
Up to now no one can not tell which party you belong.
While I can tell the party which all writers on nyasatimes belong from the editor to reporters up to the so called college proffesors and commentators, you have remained very sober innyour writing.

Thumbs up true son of this soil.


Nice work! Stay blessed.

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