Embarrassing but wait….How real, this time, is Tay Grin and Mutale Mwanza spat?

Tay Grin, whose real name is Limbani Kalirani, recently revealed that he was romantically involved with Zambian socialite Mutale Mwanza for over a year. The announcement, made with the fanfare of a royal engagement, seemed to be the start of a sizzling cross-border love story of two renowned individuals. However, things have taken a dramatic turn when Mutale, during a high-profile interview, nonchalantly declared she prefers dating older men, saying Tay Grin—who has admitted he will never for Zambian women again—must date college girls and further revealing embarrassing stuff about the Nyau King.

But… wait a minute..with Tay Grin about to release a song with Maska, is their spat real this time or its their usual social media gimmicks to keep themselves topical and relevant all the time?

Tay Grin and Mutale in their hey days

“Older men have more to offer,” Mutale stated, causing jaws to drop across both nations. “Tay Grin should stick to dating college girls. They’re more his speed.” The comment was as sharp as the chorus in a diss track and hit Tay Grin harder than any studio diss could.


The repercussions were immediate. Social media in Malawi exploded into a frenzy. Hashtags like #GrinAndBearIt and #ZambianHeartbreak started trending, and memes of Tay Grin awkwardly sitting in a college lecture hall with a backpack quickly went viral.


Tay Grin, known for his confident swagger and charisma, initially tried to play it cool. But this morning, the rapper officially responded in a statement filled with all the drama one would expect from a chart-topping artist. “I am done with Zambian girls,” he announced, bringing the romantic saga to a crashing halt.


The reaction was immediate and varied. In Malawi, some fans rallied behind Tay Grin, proclaiming their support for the local heartthrob. Others, however, couldn’t resist poking fun. “Well, guess it’s back to the ‘Nyau King’ performing at college talent shows,” one cheeky commenter quipped.


Across the border, Zambians had their own mixed reactions. Some fans were quick to defend their homegrown diva. “Mutale is just keeping it real!” one user tweeted. “Older men know how to treat a woman. Tay Grin, go find your Freshman Queen.”


The tension between the two countries has reached fever pitch, with some suggesting a celebrity boxing match to settle the score. “We should get Tay Grin and Mutale to duke it out in the ring,” suggested a fan with probably too much time on their hands. “Winner gets bragging rights and an international peace treaty.”


Despite the turmoil, both parties seem ready to move on. Tay Grin has reportedly been seen in various college campuses around Malawi, apparently heeding Mutale’s advice. Meanwhile, Mutale has doubled down on her dating preferences, hinting at a new romance with a much older and presumably wiser gentleman.


As for the rest of us, we’re left with the delightful chaos of this musical melodrama. The moral of the story? Love knows no borders, but sometimes it forgets to check the ID.


The story first appeared on Mikozi.

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