Enoch Chihana is not son of North Malawi, DPP raps Aford leader

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials on Sunday attacked   president of Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) Enoch Chihana who is also the son of the founder of the party, Thom Chakufwa Chihana, saying he is not the real son of the soil in the northern region.

Sanga: Enock Chihana is from Kasungu not North

Mwamondwe: I am one of the founders of Aford but the leadership now is  self-centred and power hungry

DPP regional governor for the north Kenneth Sanga said this during the political rally at Uliwa primary school, in Karonga district.

According to Sanga, Chihana is from the central region, Kasungu, hence his mission to persuade the northerners to support the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president in the coming 2019 tripartite elections.

“May be you don’t know where Enoch Chihana is from, he is from Kasungu not Rumphi as he claims. He is here to deceive people from the north to vote for MCP, a party which mistreated our ancestors,” said Sanga.

He said Chihana previously contested for parliamentary seat in his home district Kasungu under the banner of United Democratic Front (UDF) but did not succeed.

Other people who know Enoch at the rally, disclosed that he was his real mother is from Kasungu.

During the rally former Aford law maker Green Lulilo Mwamondwe who is also the founder the party said northerners should not be deceived with revamp movement of Aford.

According to Mwamondwe the main agenda of Aford was to end one party system of government and not to rule the country.

“I was the one who took part in strengthening Aford and if some of you don’t know its history, the party’s main agenda was to deal with one party system of government of which we accomplished,” said Mwamondwe.

Adding “if some new blood claim you should support them during 2019 general elections just rubbish them. Such individuals are power hungry, not to help us.”

But Aford lawmaker in Karonga Central Frank Mwenifumbo trashed DPP, saying they are making such remarks because they are afraid of Aford which has been rejuvenated.

“I really salute the work that Mwamondwe did to Aford but to tell people that the party’s aim was to deal with one party system of government is a total lie,” said Mwenifumbo in a telephone interview.

According to Mwenifumbo, Aford is the only party that will bailout problems faced by northerners as well as Malawi as a whole and its main agenda of advancing democracy and good governance remains the same.

Effort to talk to Chihana proved futile as his mobile phone was out of reached.


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Foreign Affairs

Its sad to see old men like these one lose respect on petty issues. So how is one’s origin to do with development and uplifting the peoples lives? This is Sad..vuto la anthu wopanda nfudo…Njala imatuma tu.

chipatso mbewe
He is from the north, so what? why should they start kumkumba munthu today? He is already an MP ku Rumphi uko, now for DPP to say today, today, today that Enock is from the Central region is when u can see that DPP is too tribalistic gentlemen!!!!! Kodi tonsefe tikhale ochekera region imodzi, zitheka? Even you a Green Mwamondwe, the whole of u aaaaaaaaaaa shame on you!!! shame on you!!!!!!! we will support Chihana. Nthawi yonseyi kumbuyoku u never mentioned this, why today? what are u afraid of? am saying shame on you please! A Sanga , inuyo mumakayankhula… Read more »
Mwayi Lusaka
Why must DPP perpetuate the politics of identity,tribalism and regionalism? It doesn’t matter whether Chihana is from Thyolo or Kasungu or Rumphi! What matters and what Malawians including those from the north will be interested in is what does he bring to the Malawian table? Such comments to me clearly show that some mentally challenged politicians thrive in regionalism and tribalism. So if he is from Kasungu does it imply that Malawians from the North must not vote for him? Or Malawians from the north must always vote for someone from that region? We no longer need ethnic or regional… Read more »
Mr Telon, you must be a double blinded fool. Cant you see yourself that the issue here is about elections? It is about Aford supporting MCP in the forthcoming elections, cant you see that? DPP is opening the eyes of the northerners that Chihana should not fool them into supporting MCP in the 2019 elections. How then can you disassociate elections with this statement when you can clearly see that these people are talking about elections? Eyes you have but you cannot see. Be informed Telon that Santana is not a Lhomwe. I come from one of the Lakeshore districts… Read more »

Santana I will be wasting my time arguing with a triple fool like you. Are you telling us that you always back wa Geffrey because you come from the same district? Santana you have high degree of emotional instability because you use emotions in your arguments instead of reasoning. I also come from a lake shore district but I use brain as opposed to emotions. You always have excessive desire to impress readers but in the negative way and if you have a clue about what you are talking about it would be the size of your smallest thought.


Santana, are you from Nkhotakota? kikkkkkkkk sheeee hahahahahahahahahaha!! uzichenjera ada. tikulimbana tokha tokha koma zilibwino mpaka tipezana hahahahahahahaha. ndibwera holiday ya December


Mr Third World, What can Msowoya comment on a party which every Malawian see it is dead? It is only Msowoya who can see life in Aford. He can see Aford breathing while at the same time the doctors are about giving him the Death certificate. I wonder why people are wasting time discussing Aford.

Kasungu Man

Before Chakufwa Chihana came, his surname was Enock Katola Phiri. He still has strong ties with the Katola family because when his mother ditched or dumped Chakufwa she married Ariel Katola Phiri. Katola left MCP in the 90s and joined UDF. When DPP came, Enock joined DPP. When JB came he joined PP. He is in AFORD now. Anyway, he has that freedom but he is another greedy person. He was very dull at Kasungu Secondary School. I can’t remember how many classes he repeated. Very dull.


Yayi tere ndyale nizovuta zedi ndani safuna kulya nawo ndrama in politics.Aford needs to join forces with parties to change the status quo.
Musiyeni atchogolere chipani cha atate wake imwe.Atupele nayeso tere niwavinyawu ku bunda uko ku lilongwe. Tchono naye amutchotcha pa mpando?

The PPE Act does not stop anyone to contest anywhere as long as they meet requirements…..the requirements dont include where you come from…You need toi be atleast 18 for an MP, have an MSCE or can pass an english test by MEC, you need to a registered voter…..so someone from Chitipa can choose to contest in Nsanje or anywhere…thats why we had Gift Mwamondwe & Themba Mkandawire as MPs for Ndirande….. Coming to Lulilo Mwamondwe, he has no money…he finsihed his money drinking Carlbserg Special Brew pa ma bar apa turn ku Karonga and he is trying to survive. His… Read more »

Winston Msowoya, where are you? I miss your comments!


Atupelenso ali guru lomwelo mukapitiliza mungoyamba udani a DPP



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