EU, Malawi discuss 600m Euro aid package

Malawi President Peter Mutharika and European Union Commissioner for Development, Adris Piebalgs, have discussed the need to finalise a non-budgetary aid package amounting to 600 million Euro over a period of seven years.

The meeting was held on Tuesday in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly Hall in New York on the sidelines of the Climate Summit to which UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon invited world leaders to find solutions to the devastating effects of Climate Change.

Mutharika and Piebalgs in talks talks on Tuesday - Pic by Govati Nyirenda

Mutharika and Piebalgs in talks talks on Tuesday – Pic by Govati Nyirenda

“We have discussed many things including to finalise the EU assistance of 600 million Euro over a period of 7 years. The discussions were fruitful. Details should be finalized soon,” said Piebalgs after the 40 minute meeting.

“We have very good cooperation with Malawi and we are willing to provide assistance to enable the country deal with its challenges,” he added.

The EU commissioner also said he discussed with the Malawi leader on the need for assistance in the energy sector.

President Mutharika said he explained to EU boss  measures the Malawi government has undertaken to meet demands given by the donor community.

“I think he is impressed with the measures we are taking- we explained to him that we have cut down on spending by among others reducing the ministries, and we have undertaken civil service reforms including public management reforms.  We have made some changes in terms of personnel and so forth.

“In terms of prosecuting those involved in cash gate I think we have done our best within the rule of law and human rights but within those rights and laws we are pursuing the cash gate,” explained Mutharika.

Mutharika has since assured Malawians that he will continue to engage the EU to ensure that they reach a consensus in as far as resumption of aid is concerned.

“There will be more discussions as we go along and I am sure with more consultations in the next few weeks, we will see how we move forward. We are making our case and I think it’s a strong case in terms of the things they asked us to do,” Mutharika said.

President Mutharika and his team have been busy in the USA courting business captains, investors and donors to assist Malawi in its development agenda.— Brian Kalanda is reporting for Nyasa Times from the UN, in New York, United States

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zibwere zimenezi tizigawane ife a chipani cholamula cha dhi phi phi.kkkk


mr matako are you a malawian? where do you leave? Do you have relatives in the village? Please you need to think much before you make your comments. You may not like the people governing but you still need to love your country.

The UE CC: Donor community It is with great heart felt concern to hear that EU is in discussion with our country to resume aid to a tune of 600 Million Euros. First of all I would urge the concerned foreign donors not to only scrutinize the way in which Malawi government has been spending its resources but also how the 600 Million is going to be used. If the number of delegation and the amount being spent on Malawian delegation to the UN is to something to go by, I would urge the donor community to think again. Your… Read more »

You northerners what you can claim is to have self government not what you are talking now is senseless. I can even support you though am from south .Foolish pple


keep it up peter.lets hope for the better

If you can not introduce federal system of governance, forget about aid in Malawi. Already the Mzungu is looking for ways in which accountability and transparency can be enhanced and at the moment federal system seem to be the better option. The longer we delay to introduce the system, the longer it will take for Donors to resume budgetary support in Malawi. We better start talking positive about federalism now and condenm in totality Vuwa and Kyungu on their drive to sabotage introduction federalism as doing so will have a strong negative effect on the economy and welfare on the… Read more »
Ndati ndilembe mu chilankhulo chathu kuti azungu asawerenge ngakhale ndikuziwa kuti pali anzathu makamaka a chigawo icho awamasulira azungu ngakhala asanawafunse. Anzathu a chigawo icho chilichonse chabwino amachiyipitsa akuti chifukwa iwowo sakulamulira. Ndi zochititsa chisoni kuti pali anthu ena akumati azungu asatipatse ndalama chifukwa tiba! Kutereku chiyambile ulamulro wa Kamuzu iwo anali kunja kwa dziko lino kuletsa kuti tisalandire thandizo, titapeza multiparty iwo analinso patsogolo kuletsa kuti ndalama zisabwere mpaka Muluzi anamupatsa munthu wao u 2nd VP kuti mdziko muno mukhale mtendere! Mu 2nd term ya Bingu mchitidwe wake unali omweo woletsa kuti azungu asabweretse ndalama. Pano ndizimene ayambadzi. Ndikuganiza… Read more »

There is already a Condition, If you accept Federalism you will receive this $600m…

Federalism is a way forward to Good Governance…

Federalism Corrupt and Lazy Leaders are easily identified and delt with according to Law for Nation Building without Corruption


Why federalism and not secession? Explain in detail you selfish and devilish people.


Thats good.Politics aside we really need help.


Good idea


Tipatseni 600 mitayo. Tidzanja chodzathyolera makobidi amenewa chilipo. Ndicho Cashgate

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