Evangelical’s Commission call for Mutharika’s decisiveness on gays, abortion

The Ethics, Peace and Justice Commission  (EPJC) of Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has said it is time that President Peter Mutharika declared his stand on the controversial homosexuality and abortion issues in the country.

Rev Kawalala: Mutharika should take a stand
Rev Kawalala: Mutharika should take a stand

Speaking during a news conference in Blantyre, the chairperson of EPJC-a governance and advocacy wing of Evangelical Association of Malawi, Reverend Dr. Zacc Kawalala said it was disturbing to learn that despite calling for referendum on homosexuality President Mutharika had remained mum on his stand a scenario that kept Malawians wondering as to whether he is supporting some calls for legalization of homosexuality or not.

“Everywhere in the world leaders besides subjecting matters of public policy to the general public they also declare their personal stand on the issue as a matter of principle.

“ Yes, we have heard him say he would subject the issue to a referendum. But then before we even begin debating about the proposed calls for referendum, what is President Mutharika’s stand on homosexuality? What is Mutharika’s stand on abortion? Mutharika’s government cannot just be relying on a moratorium on homosexuality. He has to be decisive on the matter,” said Kawalala, who also previously served as a commissioner at Malawi Human RightsCommission.

The news conference was convened immediately after regional consultation meetings for 122 church denominations and organisations members of Evangelical Association of Malawi in Blantyre and Lilongwe which were aimed at reflecting on pro-life and pro-family issues.

According to Reverend Dr. Zacc Kawala he addressed a news conference  to update the public on what transpired from the meeting as the church’s consensus position on issues of pro-life and pro-family and also other governance issues.

Kawala also took a swipe to challenge abortion proponents in the country citing that they were using maternal health as excuse to advance their personal agenda.

“Stop cheating people that liberalized abortion was justifiable because of rising cases of maternal mortality rate. Don’t use maternal health as an excuse. What those advocates are saying is just a scapegoat for their personal agenda. Is this the direction Malawi wants to take? Some of the data they (advocates) give is not close to the truth; let them disclose their agenda. We have an example of Zambia and other countries, where abortion was liberalized, yet maternal death is still on the higher side,” said Kawala while referring to a report released by the Christian Medical doctors Association on abortion who also made presentations during the regional consultations meetings.

He added that during the consultative meetings it came out strongly that the church would and will never relent on its advocacy against abortion and homosexuality.

“No one has the right to arbitrary take the life of another, it is a fact that life starts at conception and not even parliament has the power to end life. The clergy also talked tough against homosexuality, saying just like it was with abortion campaigns, the advocates were just advancing foreign agenda, and were only twisting the reality to make Malawians believe they are propelling a just cause” said Kawalala.

However, Malawian advocates for abortion and gay rights have always vowed to go on with their advocacy, stressing it hinges on human rights.

The Ethics, Peace and Justice Commission (EPJC) is a social development and governance wing of the Evangelical Association of Malawi (an umbrella mother body of 122 church denominations and organisations) with the purpose of promoting greater and effective church participation in the public arena as the light and salt of the society in addressing ethical, peace and justice concerns in our nation so that people live dignified lives for God.

EPJC vision  is  that  of  a  transformed  and  prosperous  Malawi  influenced  by  a  biblical worldview on issues of ethics, peace and justice.

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5 years ago

Organizations behind gay issues are well aware that if we hold a referendum Malawians will say a big No. Hence they will try as much as possible to subbotage referendum and if APM will dare say no they will impose sunctions Malawi, and many countries are also quite on the issue.
What Kawalala must know is this issue is beyond APM control.If the whole UN Secretary came to rescue Those guys what more declaring gay no go zone.

5 years ago

So you want APM to publicly comment on this issue? Will you not say he has bulldozed his supporters to follow his thinking on referendum? Why do you say his silence may mean he supports the issue? Cant the same silence mean he supports the stand of the current law?

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