Even Goodall Gondwe cannot rule Malawi because he is northernor –Minister Jappie

Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango, who is als national campaign director  of ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is sticking to his guns that northern region cannot produce a President, saying even Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe can not rule Malawi despite his credentials, saying it is not possible for the country to be led by a northernor.

Finance Minister Gondwe: As a northernor he cannot rule Malawi and that applies to any northernor according to Jappie Mhango

Gondwe says he is not harbouring ambitions of succeeding President Peter Mutharika. Aspirants for the presidency in DPP are  largely from the Lomwe belt who include Minister of Agriculture,  Irrigation and Water DevelopmentGeorge Chaponda and   Presidential advisor Ben Phiri,.

The DPP campaign director, who is a northernor and MP in Rumphi West, argued that the political arithmetic of the voting population in the north works to the disadvantage of the minority region.

“The north cannot produce a president. We should just join the DPP which is assured of ruling the country,” he said in Luweredzi in Mzimba during the official opening of a bridge.

Gondwe also comes from Mzimba and is DPP vice president but Mhango said anyone from the north who has the credentials should just be supporting DPP which has the support base is in the south which is more populated than any other region in the country.

But human right activist Billy Mayaya has joined the chorus of Malawians in criticizing garrulous Mhango for mocking northerners that they should stop dreaming of ruling the country at some point

“The true  stupidity of a bootlicker! Every Malawian has the right to stand for political office irrespective of ethnicity and gender. If this is the calibre of leaders we have in cabinet, no wonder we have so much mediocrity,” wrote Mayaya on his official Facebook page.

Raymundo Chifundo Magangani added his voice  when he wrote that Mhango don’t deserve to be called a Minister.

“Jappy or gwape whatever you call yourself, you have just proven to the world that you have a brain of a cockroach…thanks for not thinking straight, I guess your are in that position because DPP chose those who do not think like human but insects,” he said.

Another concerned citizen identified as Humphrey Kaunga Nyirenda said: “Whether one likes it or not, a day is coming when someone from the mighty North will rule this country. God’s plan is not man’s. Population is nothing if God’s hand has endorsed. In Rwanda a person from the minority tribe is the one who is steering their whole country. Wake up Jappie.”

Cornelius Chisambi said: “Is not from the North. His father came from somewhere. And it just shows that his level of education is very low. It’s just unfortunate that the government hires such type of people for ministerial positions. Do you think such minds can help to develop our country. I know him. Panthawi ya campaign amayenda ndi sing’anga. He is completely nothing.”

Meanwhile debate continues on social media over the remarks uttered by Mhango with others asking the Minister to apologise.


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Justice Mtande
In the today’s context and for the foreseeable future, Jappie Mhango has bodly communicated to his fellow northerners.He is saying the truth , dont hate him for just speaking what you already know deep down.Malawi politics has not yet matured, its all on tribal grounds that since we started voting for presidents, they have all come from the south, not because of Merit.The central region though has the same fate, no major political party will field a candidate from the centre except MCP.Its all because the parties know they have planted tribal voting in the minds of voters and the… Read more »

very hard truth to swallow


The only time this country could have been ruled by a northerner was during simbi ya moto chakufwa chihana, ena onse awa apanowa madeya okhaokha. Chakufwa was the man


Honestly Jappie is true, the best we pple of the north can have ndi vice president then wait for the president to do a bingu and our northen collegue take the seat. But through the ballot we can not win.


I hope Jappie is not a christian, because with God nothing is impossible.


Yes a confused minister in a confused malawi. Midiocre ministers that is the problem we have no vision for the nation.

J.Kamoza Lungu

Who new the USA would b ruled by African American…not long Malawi wll hav president frm the north…watch n see


Jappie ukunena zoona ,Ku north sikungachoke president


Hence amend our electoral laws because they do not accommodate minority regions.


How can a country develop with these brain washed minsters? chikapanda Muluzi anali ayani anyapapi ukuwakweza muntengowo?
koma atumbuka enawa
Chilichonse sichikuenda so what do you want to achieve you situpid minster?


As long as northerners stop nepotism in corporation when one of its own is in top position of infulence.Check press corporation. Such things scares people to give northerner presidency.Chakufwa lost because of fear of what happens when northerner has position of influence.So yea..notherner can not be pres not only numbers not in their favour but also perceptions of how they behave when in influential positions…..wakwithu..wakwithu mindset scares voters

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