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JB Nabanda Domasi

even if dausi is fired i see things going worse still, why? God Almighty is not happy with apm for buying the office as such God has removed all the wisdom in this president. dausi is the one who was doing evil things in MCP, turnishing the image of late Kamuzu Banda to the extent of many Malawians think Kamuzu was a killer yet it was dausi’s doings. Almighty God impeach apm for the betterment of our beloved country…


Mr Chikago, as an experienced diplomat, shouldn’t have mentioned CIA in the same vein as regime-change. Though true, it’s never a compliment to Uncle Sam. It neither represents what Washington claims to pride herself in as a promoter of democracy.


Nguluwe inalira nsampha utaning’a; lets stop crying dawn is just around. Wukumba dzenje, ntheladi, agwelamo yekha!!!!!


I like your strong remark bwana chikago thus the voice of a manwith diginity Dausi is an old lion which is roaring with a graning voice sitingathawe asiyeni azingobwebweta


I am not surprised Dausi is doing. You remember during MCP era anyone who criticized the govt was oukila boma. Just coming up stories. Dausi is just doing the same. But blame APM the appointing officer. Why appoint such a silly person?


this president is too weak and incompetent, he gets orders from people like mukhito and chisale at state house.they are the ones controlling him.


The President is now Deaf and blind. He will soon regret for the political appeasement he made.


I don’t have respect for APM since he stole votes with cash gate money his brother stole from us, now he is failing to undo the damage since the donors are not willing to help us out because of the money that stole our election which he claims he won, can you see the dilemma.


Dausi, Dausi, Dausi! Please stop misleading the president.


blame should go to MALAWI LAW SOCIETY this SIS or whatsoever you may call it is working here in Malawi illegally in the sense that it is using police act .are these guys police officers? they do not have an act from which they operate from just like police act , forest act. Malawi need more than prayers because everything is illegal