Koloviko, Masiku continue political prostitution:  Now recycle in DPP

Malawi needs  a political-GPS (P-GPS) to keep track of the political parties that the country’s political prostitutes belong as the trend continues with Etina Koloviko, former national deputy women director in People’s Party (PP) and Bertha Masiku, a former PP member now have recycled themselves in ruling  DPP.

Koloviko: Joins DPP

Koloviko: Joins DPP

Flashback: Bertha Masiku of UDF being welcomed into PP

Flashback: Bertha Masiku of UDF being welcomed into PP

Malawi political prostitutes are usually those who are desperate for political offices and positions. They belong to any type of ruling political party not because of any ideology but because of what they stand to gain from belonging to the party.

From Kamuzu Banda to Bakili Muluzi to Bingu wa Mutharika, Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika the political game is pitched on money,  be in power take all mentality.

Koloviko and Masiku are not prominent national politicians though their defection might affect the PP which is fast losing its membership.

They two have been jumping from one party to another, to ensure their political membership is in the governing party.

Masiku and Koloviko were initially United Democratic Front (UDF) members, a party that sponsored them into parliament from 2004 to 2009 when they lost their respective seats.

They resurfaced in politics after Joyce Banda ascended to the presidency following the death of Bingu wa Mutharika as the former legislators joined Banda’s PP.

Koloviko said at the rally she decided to dump PP because its leader, Banda is no where to be seen.

“A good navigator knows where the wind is going. I cannot stick to a party that is not performing,” said Koloviko, a former civil servant.

Masiku too had no kind words for the PP, saying she cannot be in a party whose leader is anonymous. This was a direct reference to Banda who is in self imposed exile since she lost the 2014 presidential election to Peter Mutharika, coming a distant third after Malawi Congress Party’s Lazarus Chakwera.

Banda has since appointed Uladi Mussa as acting president for PP.

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Prostitutes? kkkkkk mmmmm guys nyozanani bho! mwati azimayiwa ndima hule??


This is NOT a story worth writing about. People have been dumping their political parties for other parties since 1994. Even Bingu left UDF to form his own party. So what are you telling us. After all, it their right to move. There is nothing wrong!

Mark Saoneka

Now it means they are not yet settled even in Dpp, if any political party can ascend to power today u can see them leaving Dpp for that particular party, really prostitution .


watsala mganda chiume naye timva


The patriot. Can you imagine if your wife or girlfriend had such a mentality? If this kind of seedy character is what you appreciate in your life, ndiye mukugwiritsidwa ndi kudyetsedwa nyansi za mamuna anzanu tsiku ndi tsiku. Think deeply you’ll see the wisdom in my assertion.


Vinu vo isi tee phee pamduzi ndi maji ngidu ngamchiwiya


Prostitution, truly! What happened to their principles? Don’t they understand the meaning of loyalty? How can you jump from one party’s beliefs, principles, to those of another just because they are in power? Are they really happy to be in a party, now, that achieves nothing for the Malawian poor, but keeps its MPs fat, well-clothed, comfortable. I question their motives and all others should too! And their constituents should not trust them.

Gogo Ntela

Mahule amenewa achita bwino chifukwa anasaukilatu kuchita kusowa yogula packet ya sugar. Ndalama yavuta pa Malawi Pitala waisowetsa ndiye in their myopic thinking they think mwana mmene yasowa kwa enafe ili ku State House. Awuponda mahule Pitala amadya yekha nchifukwa chake lamukanika dziko

Bonofasiyo Zangendaea
Bonofasiyo Zangendaea

achoke afisi amenewa amasokoneza chipani.

more $

Mwinanso ndi mahuledi eni eni.

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