Fearless journo Teleza Ndanga elected head of Malawi media watchdog Misa

History has been made in media watchdog Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) Malawi chapter following the election of   Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) head of news and current affairs, Teleza Ndanga as its Chairperson, the first woman to head the media body since its establishment.

Tereza Ndanga thankful to journalist for the ‘vote of confidence’ as Miss Malawi chairperson .-photo by Lisa Vintulla, Mana

Journalists celebrate Ndanga victory. – photo by Lisa Vintula, MANA

Frank Phiri (left) conceded defeat to Ndanga.-Photo by Lisa Vintula, Mana

Teteza Ndanga is new Misa Malawi chairperson

The elections were held on Saturday at Lilongwe Capital City Motel following the expiry of the three-year term of the current team, which is being headed by Thom Khanje.

There were two camps comprising Teresa Ndanga, Cliff Kawanga and Mandy Pondani (TCM), against that of Frank Phiri, Sellina Kainja and Chimwemwe Njoloma (FSC) vying to take over positions. Ndanga was battling it out with media consultant Phiri on the position of chairperson.

On the other hand, Kainja and Kawanga were competiting for the position of vice-chairperson while Pondani and Njoloma vied for executive membership.

During the polls, Ndanga got 227 votes against Phiri who got 165 votes.

On Vice chairperson Kawanga polled  232 votes against Kainja who got 170 votes while Mandy Pondani got 225 votes outshining Chimwemwe Njoloma who got 175 votes.

In her acceptance speech, Ndanga dismissed allegations that her camp had been funded by any political party.

Ndanga thanked the entire media fraternity for giving her “vote of confidence” and pledged to serve the media industry well without favoritism.

“I am happy that I have made it and I thank God for making it Possible, God was with us when we were starting the journey and I thank each one of you who choose to vote for us this is what we had asked for and today has happened,” she said.

Ndanga also emphasised the need for the two camps to bury the hatchet and work towards reviving the organisation, saying “let us work as one entity without divisions.”

Ndanga said her work is cut out as she rolls out her plan of action for media development in the country.

Phiri conceded the defeat, hugged Ndanga and wished her well as she is taking a challenge in the new office.

He also reiterated that he will work hand in hand with Ndanga for the betterment of the media industry.

“I congratulate Teleza Ndanga for winning the elections, we are all media practitioners and we need to forge ahead together, let us work together and change things,” he said

Ndanga fought tooth and nail for the position and finally got it, according to Frank Phiri.

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14 thoughts on “Fearless journo Teleza Ndanga elected head of Malawi media watchdog Misa”

  1. Zechariah Josophat says:

    this is a good development…work hard for media flaternity in malawi.

  2. Mkulu Zikaoneka says:

    Posing as a couple kkkkk

  3. Superman says:

    Frank an Tereza, the photo in which both of you are together looks like you are getting engaged. I wish you all the best

  4. kamulonde says:

    Congratulations Tereza, you really deserve this.

  5. avinty says:

    “miss Malawi chairperson????????? ndiye utinso udindo umenewu??

  6. bwana wankulu says:

    soon she will get some pocket money from some parties and become a coward

  7. Manyazi says:

    Congratulation continue to be fearless in truth .

  8. Quabanisp says:

    Congratulation continue to be fearless in truth and also continue not to be bias God bless

  9. LOVE LEADS says:

    Congrats Teleza. It”s victory for your family; particularly your Mum for bringing you up into an adorable lady, a darling to millions of your listeners. Indeed, God Bless Mama Ndanga, the breast that fed you. May God favour, guide and protect you in all your undertakings as a fearless journalist and during your tenure of office in that hot seat.

  10. Alick GAnAlick Ganizani says:

    Thanks very much Ndanga.

  11. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    Congratulations Madam Ndanga!
    At the risk of sounding regionalistic/tribalistic, I feel that it has been a great week for those of us who believe that, contrary to what we hear from other quarters, the North shall one day produce a national leader i.e. president. During the same weekend my one-time church-mate from the North, Khungekile Matiya, nee Madise, made it to the NAM presidency. I am thrilled. I feel that we, as a nation, are moving in the right direction. Of course, the real issue is not that the two are Northerners but that as Malawians we are demonstrating that merit is possible and we can pursue it at all levels of our society. With merit, I believe, numbers don’t really matter.

    I am not from the North but spent a few crucial years of my life there as such I have a good number of close friends from there. I, therefore, regard the North as my second home – always wishing that more people from there must take up national positions just like we Centrallers and Southerners should also have a chance to take national positions. Now, I am not sure whether Teresa is from Kasungu North or North, North, but, for some reason, I always think that she is from somewhere there possibly because she was recently called Teresa Temweka “Chirwa” before someone (a Ndanga) put a ring on her finger and she put her’s on his. I will probably clarify this when I first met her – oops! we have never met although, for some reason, I am close friend of Zodiak!

    But, I am one of Teresa’s best fans. I particularly like it when she is anchoring “The Views Triangle” on ZBS. She comes out on air as a fearless, sharp, learned and intelligent young woman who knows where she is heading. The other ones I really admire are homemate Joab Chakhaza (ZBS), my collegemate (my junior, of course) Limbikani Kamlongera (Times) and Wezi Kasambara (Times). I am, therefore, not surprised that Teresa can be voted overwhelmingly like it has happened. It cannot be any sweeter in the media industry than this! This woman, just like the others I have mentioned, is a gem when on air and she has Malawi at heart. Keep it up Madam. Remember that you can even fly higher than this. I will be happy to see you in our Parliament in the near future. Malawi needs brilliant people (both male and female) like you so that we can begin to move forward as a country.

    Lastly, let me congratulate the media fraternity for going for quality like you have always done. Mr. Thom Khanje, himself a great Malawian, has been replaced by another great personality. You see, it does not matter where a person comes from. Malawi is our country together. We will not move if we continue to work in silos: North, Centre and South. Let’s put the right people in the right places so that things can begin to move. Those who did not like Teresa for the simple reason that she did not have the right political connections, speak the correct language or have a fat bank account must fast reconsider their position. Let’s use merit and nothing but merit for our country to begin to more forward. No region or tribe has a monopoly of character and leadership skills. Let those who deserve lead. I am happy that the media has demonstrated this. They threw politics, tribalism and regionalism aside and focused on choosing the most deserving candidate among them and this is no other than one Teresa Ndanga (Mrs.). Congratulations folks! We are with you as you lead the way.

    So, shame on those who go public making bad pronouncements on the Northern Region. God is no respecter of persons. People of character will always surface no matter what evil people may say or do against them. I rest my case.


    Kent Y.G. Mphepo – Blantyre.

  12. LadyB says:

    A Theresa omwewo kuti wa WA wa

  13. [email protected] says:

    Teleza; Ukuoneka Supa and I think ntchito uyigwira Supanso = Ma hope

  14. [email protected] says:

    Congratulations Madam

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