FIFA new resolutions bar 4th term: Blow for Nyamilandu’s FA Malawi power extension

A good leader is one who knows when to leave office as is a good visitor knows that a good time to leave is when his or her hosts aren’t tired or annoyed with their presence. Every good thing comes to an end so does the bad things. Nothing lasts forever.

Nyamilandu: FAM 'life' president
Nyamilandu: FAM  president for 12 years and still wants to go on unlimited

At one time in this world of ours we have had tough and untouchable despots; Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Idi Amini Dada, Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Hosni Mubarak, Saddam Hussein, Mohamed Morsi,  and Col Muamur Gaddafi, all were toppled out of office against their will to carry on.

In Football, the world’s famous and most loved sport,  FIFA one time unassailable president Joseph Sepp Blatter is facing his downfall. He is suspended indefinitely. If only Blatter left the reigns of power at FIFA while his sunshine was shining brighter, he would have gone into the annals of history as a legend and would have been remembered for a long time as the great leader.

Not anymore.

Now, history and posterity will not judge him for all the good he did, he will be judged for all the wrong he did – Corruption and self-aggrandisement.

Is the Malawian former football long-legged lanky full-back and incumbent FAM president MacMillan Water Nyamilandu following in Blatter’s footsteps and wants his footprints left on dirty mud or on the sands of time? Only time will tell.

When one’s subconscious mind, which is also one’s emotional mind, has a different belief system than what one is wishing for, peoples’ beliefs and wishes always will win because they’re thousands of times stronger than their desires. When the people speak, impossible is nothing.

So one want a new term of office and to plan to stay in power forever, it won’t happen if the time is up and when the peoples’ collective deafening voices cries out and loud in unison: “Enough is enough.”

The fact is; we’ve been conditioned from birth to believe that the Universe operates in a very different way, away from what the masters of Universal Laws teach. The revolutionary world we now live in taught us to think in a way that moves you AWAY from things that have for long been conventional. Times have changed and so too have the people.

And it’s not just in politics. In football administration too, people all been conditioned in this new way; to refuse to be taken for granted.

‘No Fourth Term’

The world football governing body, FIFA, an organisation which allowed people to be president for as long as they want, come to their senses and it seems they have adopted a new wave of thinking and new principles of governance reform and are moving fast towards a revolutionary change and a shift into a swift gear towards National Football Associations’ (NFAs) president’s time limits in office.

This new development, however, is not good news for Malawi’s longest serving Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president Nyamilandu who is seeking a fresh mandate to run for the fourth time.

FIFA says that in bid to save its battered image, which has been rocked by corruption and financial mismanagement scandals, it is making significant changes to its institutional structure and operational processes and its affiliates who includes among others, national soccer governing bodies to make them transparent and accountable and to move the beautiful game of football forward.

Meeting in Bern, Switzerland on Monday this week (October 20, 2015) the 2016 FIFA Reform Committee which was appointed by the six Confederations of FIFA in August of 2015 and is led by an independent chairman, Dr. Francois Carrard have resolved that no FIFA or any

Football Association (FA) must stay in office for not more than three-four year terms (12 years)

The 2016 FIFA Reform Committee in its report which has been made available to Nyasa Times, plans to issue its report to the Executive Committee of FIFA at its next meeting before December in order to sternly recommend relevant and appropriate changes to the statutes and regulations of FIFA to address this crisis in confidence with the goal to improve the governance, transparency and culture of FIFA.

“Elections and terms of members of the FIFA Council and the President o Term Limits – Maximum of 12 years for the FIFA President and its affiliates with an age limit of 74 years of age,” reads the FIFA reforms Committee.

The report adds: “FIFA Council members shall be elected by FIFA member associations at their Confederation congresses in accordance with

FIFA electoral regulations to be monitored by three FIFA officials and all candidates shall be subject to eligibility checks (including integrity tests) conducted by FIFA.”

Nyamilandu has been in office for the past 12 years and is unstoppably seeking for a fresh fourth four year term in December and his run to an extended rule has turned bloody and dirty.

FIFA, in its new resolutions want to install discipline into the game as well as in its administration and greatly abhors violence and corruption in order to regain peoples’ trust and confidence in the game and its administration.

‘Crisis in Confidence’

Last week FAM General Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Sugzo Nyirenda was summoned to Soche Police sub-station after he and his gang of brutes attacked Chilomoni based football fanatic and Big Bullets supporter Dan Kafandiya at Kamuzu stadium during and after the Bullets – CIVO football match over anti-Nyamilandu campaign which Kafandiya is believed to be spearheading.

Kafandiya who was seen putting up anti-Nyamilandu placards in the stadium however was emphatic during an interview with Nyasa Times for his acts declaring: “Time is up for Nyamilandu. He has to go, he has done his part and he must let others do their part. FAM is not a personal estate.”

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5 years ago


5 years ago

Anyamilandu asapikisa nao akapangila makani zotsatsatila idzakhala ndewu.

5 years ago

inafu izi inafu we r tayadi with u malume the door iz open folo mr Blatter man go go go n go this z not ur business man e!!!!!! amangwetu dyaulagani.

5 years ago


5 years ago

FIFA regulations have been put in place. Nsena uyu mukuti nyamilandu nthawi yakeana komatu Anya chifukwa nkhondo anayamba ija timadikila Kaye.

Garnet Blazio
5 years ago

Mugabe wa ku Malawi

Walter wa Walter
5 years ago

Mr Nyamilandu, zipitani chonde popeza nthawi yanu yatha. Atumbuka kukakamira maudindo chifukwa chokonda kuba. In churches is the same. Ku St James kuli mtumbuka wina wake wotopetsa kwaambiri ndipo ankungotapa ndalama za mpingo

Tq of Ztown
5 years ago

akufuna azilemererabe …….kuphangira basi

5 years ago

Waba iwe kwakwana we need new blood in Fam kkkkkkkkkkkk usolvenge walter

brave nyanyaluwa
brave nyanyaluwa
5 years ago

Manda pls go its time you have saved FAM for a good number of years. Since when have u been on that post? Can someone tell me, who came after the late John Zingale? Kapumeni man ena atukulenso. What is the problem with we the Africans? Most of the leaders would like unlimited terms. Why? i.e. Muluzi (Tcheya), Mkulunzinza (Burundi), Ngeso (Congo), Kagame (Rwanda) Comrade (Zimbabwe). Football circles as well. It is a big disease “grabiosis” grabbing everything?

Usaime tatopa nawe. tione zina timakuyamikira zako wapanga pita.

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