Fombe rejects lavish wedding spending: ‘Correct maths for budget is under K10mil not K69mil’

A Lilongwe socialite couple has dismissed social media gossips that their wedding at lakeshore resort Livingstonia Beach Hotel in Salima on Saturday  is budgeted at K69 million, saying the arithmetic is wrong as they have restricted spending on “wild partying” to less than K10 million.

Fombe and Mphatso: Saturday is a wedding day

James Jimmy Mac Fombe, head of procurement at the Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST) will be wedding his sweetheart Mphatso Tiyankhulenji Kadzamira after the two engaged recently in Lilongwe.

Social media was awash with rumours that the wedding will cost K69 million but Fombe denied, saying they are not planning an exorbitant wedding.

“No way we can spend K69 million. We want to do something unique but not extravagant,” scoffed Fombe when he spoke to Nyasa Times.

Asked to give details of his budget, Fombe was upfront: “For preparations we booked 35 rooms at the place for Friday and Saturday at a weekend rate of K65, 000. One can either do the simple mathematics or call the hotel to verify.”

He said other expenses are the bride’s wedding gown and the groom’s suit.

“Two maids will buy their own clothes. Two best men buy their own suits,” he said.

Fombe said other costs will be photography and videography at K500, 000 and entertainment at K90, 000.

“In short the whole budget is under less than K10 million including a donated decorator,” said Fombe.

“I surely can’t understand why one would mention a K69 million figure for the wedding, certainly not ours,” he added.

Fombe, 38 is a former football player and administrator who once served as Mighty Wanderers FC secretary general and then chairman in 2010 season.

Before joining CMST, Fombe worked as head of procurement for SADC headquarters in Botswana.

A holder of MBA from University of Strathclyde in Scotland, Fombe has previously worked for Carlsberg Malawi Breweries and United Nations.

Apart from work, a chartered fellow of Institute of Logistics and Transport in UK and a chartered procurement specialist of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply UK also have 70 percent shareholding in air travelling Botswana under Eagle Target Group.

Asked when he was lured to his sweetheart Mphatso, Fombe said they met seven years ago while she was working for Auction Holdings Limited. She resigned last August to concentrate on her business and further education studies.

His best man at the wedding is Tadikila Mafubza.

The cost of tying the knot is modern-day weddings is mostly lavish with expensive venues, mind-boggling vehicle fleets, extravagant photography budgets, large cakes, expensive golden rings, imported garments among other items that feature in the budgets.

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37 thoughts on “Fombe rejects lavish wedding spending: ‘Correct maths for budget is under K10mil not K69mil’”

  1. iwe says:

    nobody can leaave sadc and join cms

  2. iwe says:

    wasnt @sadc but CARDESSA and fired for misappropriations end of story

  3. changamtuwa says:

    Eeee anthu akumva moyo kukoma. Pamene ena akudya money ngati a Fombe wina akusowa ndalama yolipira mwana fee ku Community Day, wina akusowa pokhala eee dziko li penapake. but anyway its your money zidyeni, mukabwera ku honey moon ko, ine muzandigaireko mpamba ndiyambe yogulitsa kaunjika mwina nane nkutukuka. Zabwino zonse a Fombe ndi madam anu, koma pano muikize m’banjali mmanja mwa Chauta kuti mukasungane abwana.

  4. Nyaka says:

    Anyone who has ever had an official or private event at Sunbird Livingstonia would agreen with Fimber that even at full board the 35 rooms can not result to a MK69 million bill unless if the guests will be there for a month. Amalawi penapake…

  5. Kalizgawana Mavwende. says:

    Namwe watolankhani mukusowa vyakulemba nkhanila so nthe zowala za munthu mbwe zitipe nthangwanika kuwazganga ise, muwengeko na soni na.

  6. Chimangochamavu says:

    Fombe just concentrate on your big day. Do not let evil minded people to spoil your wedding mood and fun. One day this evil kampanikiza will reap what he is sowing. He has got no heart. If not him his children will surely reap the cruelty he has planted

  7. massakeya says:

    The most important thing is that he is a civil servant dealing with procurement of public drugs from govt coffers, what he needs to do is to prove that what he has is his hard earned money otherwise don’t legalize thievery here. Ndakwiyananu heavy nonse mwapanga comment seems ndinu mbava zinzake shame on u….

    1. tk says:

      shame on u too bra…u feel lyk just because everyone including u steal then if pipo hv dea own money is the same case…wake up ma men….pipo a different..the guy is an entrepreneur

  8. a malawi musati fombe ndalama ndi zake achite zomwe akufuna. there is there is in this issue:
    1. this young man is working for central medical stores
    2. he is head of procurement
    3. the country faces constant drug shortages
    4. most suppliers of drugs and other medical supplies are malawians of asian origin (who have a reputation for under-supplying, supplying poor quality products, corrupting the procurement processes
    5. the best man is the president’s step son
    6. the president’s step son was involved in an attempt to force the government to procure a plane for the president
    7. a wedding costing mk10 milion or over in the current economic climate is financially insensible unless one is using money they have not worked for.

    the necessary institutions of transparency should probe further.

  9. ecabychikaphupha says:

    Fombe.Where is your first wife?As far as I know if you married before and abandon your first wife,usova because the other hand is asin.Any way lets the money speak about your life

  10. Sam jefferson says:

    Mwana anadya inki uyu..mulekeni

  11. Bwantasa says:



  12. graycian_c says:

    Let the guy alone to enjoy his special moment in peace; when the haters were getting married, who questioned their wedding budgets? Best Wishes Fombe! This is what we need to get rid of Malawi, the very lyrics of our Anthem #Envy too much! Let a guy prosper in peace!

  13. ganfa says:

    Ask those who know him the man spend lavish life. The worry of Malawians is that he holds public office

  14. Zinenani Zoona says:

    Zimayambatu chonchi paja. Za ukwati wa former minister ku Mount Soche, then ACB went in and the honourable man lost his honour. This is a procurement guy, or is he a “mis-procurement guy”? We will know after the ACB have checked.

  15. pixy says:

    Head of Procurement at central medical stores uuuuh!!!! K10million or k69million doesn’t make any difference ,but how much is his salary in this government department?This must be miracle money for sure.

  16. cornelius says:

    they come once in a life time,so enjoy bro

  17. cornelius says:

    Mr fombe,there is one thing i can tell you and the whole country is that no one gives a shit about what your budget size is.It is your money go and spend it these things comes once a year and tommorrow is your fuckin day,be happy bro,proud of you,jealousy will take us to hell trust me.

  18. Bungulu says:

    I think that Fombe is insecure. Why refuting his own thukuta? Ngati wavutikira wekha sangalara mmene ungathere… Koma ngati ili medicine gate kkkkk uziona

  19. Dzambo says:

    But is it his hard earned money. Procurement mischief!

  20. Generation of Vipers says:

    is this news worthy or you just wanted to notify us that there is a wedding this weekend?

  21. Zoona says:

    Why target Fombe as if he is the only corrupt person at CMST. There is Dr Chisale who gets millions from Bionic Angels through Robray. CMST IS A VERY ROTTEN GOVT INSTITUTION LED BY A CORRUPT CEO A MR KAUPA. Everybody knows that Fombe is corrupt and mind you he was fired by SADC. He personally delivers LPOs to suppliers for a cut. However since Ministers and many senior public officers(including the private sector) are busy stealing leave Fombe alone. Let us just pray that God destroys this country.

  22. Mphoka Mwenecho says:

    If Fombe was begging from us with his K69 Million budget then we could have been worried but If you don’t have money then just keep quiet, the wedding is theirs.

  23. Makeiya says:

    if the man owns 70% of an airline in Bostwana its obvious that he afford a lavish wedding

  24. Chi says:

    Ali ndi ndalama munthu, with business

  25. Njala Ntenda Nsanje says:

    Bwana Fombe I wish you all the best. Malawi will not develop if people that have worked hard for their money are demonished. Njala nthenda nsanje always at play. Whats wrong with Malawi.

    Please accept that while many are poor in Malawi, everyone cannot be poor pliz pliz, I plead with you backward thinkers of my country. That are those that will work hard and earn their money and Fombe is one of them.

  26. Mashall says:



  27. lesley says:

    Ndalama ndi zanu man. Osadanda ndi talk ya mmalawi. Iyaaaaaa.

  28. Nthangazadididi says:

    Is this public or persoanal funding. Let him alone

  29. Munthu mulala says:

    Suzgo ni vichi?

  30. peoplo says:

    Even if it can be a K200,000,000.00 wedding, who cares. A wedding is a wedding period.

  31. daniel phiri wa mutharika says:


  32. Dodolido says:

    Malawi is really a poor country. So K69 million makes headlines.$90,000 my foot.

    1. ANALYST says:

      Iwe Dodolido sukudziwa chomwe ukunena! Unless you tell me you are not Malawian! Very few Malawian workers earn more than US$20, 000 per annum! Ndiye ukamayankhula za US$90, 000 watch your mouth

  33. John Jacobs says:

    Social media is the place of jealousy minded people and destroying the hard working people by creating negative stories . This includes politicians , civil servants and business man. Information up to 90% on social is lies.

  34. utkaka says:

    I don’t see any reason why Fombe should waste time refuting his wedding budget. As long as it’s his own hard earned money, there is nothing wrong here.

    1. Gobozola says:

      Why then the government and ACB issued a red alert to the immigration and all border posts restricting Fombe’s movemets and that he is rumoured to leave rhe country? Does a Chartered, big investor and an international expat behave in that manner? Aluthawanji o Fombe?

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