Football competitions to follow during the summer

What is the thing that makes football different from all other games that happen all around the world? It is its popularity among people, the craze for the game. People never miss a match when some big tournament like Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, and FIFA World Cup qualifiers are happening. 

Which makes an increasingly high chance for you to bet on these games. Betway sports make your online betting easier and hassle-free with its software that gives you the right odds to win a bet. Betting in football games is increasing these days, as the craze for football and betting will never fade away.

We have listed the best Football competitions that you can follow during summer to bet on.

UEFA Champions League

When talking about the world’s best football tournaments, the name that strikes first is UEFA Champions League. This tournament has a never settling down craze among its fans. In this competition European teams compete with each other, to find the next winner of UEFA Champions League.

As compared to other football leagues happening all over the world, UEFA is considered to be most loved and most watched. Its popularity continues to grow even today, all credit goes to its rich history and culture of 60 years.

This year the UEFA Champions League will happening in St. Petersburg starting from 22 May 2022. the location of St. Petersburg is full of rich culture and diversity and its people’s love for the game of football. Many football fans book their tickets many weeks before the event, this shows great enthusiasm for the UEFA Champions League among its fans.

Copa Libertadores

 In South America, Copa Libertadores are very highly popular among people. People wait for the whole year for this tournament that happens in the summer. This tournament decides the best team out of all the teams that compete. To your surprise it is the biggest tournament that happens in the continent of South America.

Last year’s Copa Libertadores was won by Palmeiras, as its final happened on 27 of November 2021. This year’s Copa Libertadores is hosted by Estadio Montevideo, which is the capital of Uruguay.

UEFA European Championship

The UEFA European Championship is also famous as the Euro cup among the people of Europe. It determines the champion of the UEFA by playing football matches between the continent’s best teams. A total of 24 teams will be competing together and will defend the UEFA cup. 

The next UEFA cup is scheduled to happen in Germany in 2024. German cities will host the matches at different locations. Each city will have its craze and flavour to the match that will make a unique experience for the spectators. You should miss one.

Women’s World Cup

While talking about the world cup, how can we forget the women’s world cup? This women’s world cup is considered one of the biggest and best football tournaments for women. Like the other men’s world cup it is also scheduled after every 4 years. 

People anticipate this event for a long time and are widely amazed by the performance of women’s football teams. 32 of the best teams will compete in the finals of the world cup for over a month. 

The women’s world is scheduled to happen in 2023 between July and August. Two of the world’s most stunning countries are hosting this world cup; which is Australia and New Zealand. The spectators will not have an amazing view of the locations but of the teams as well.

Copa America Finals

Copa America is another widely popular football competition that happens during summers. It is an international tournament that is played among teams of countries in South America. It has got a stunning environment and atmosphere for the games. Many of the greatest players have proved their strength in the Copa America finals. 

Copa America is scheduled to happen in 2024 and will be hosted in Ecuador. It always happens in the most beautiful destination of South America, where spectators have an amazing experience of watching the matches live.


When you are thinking of betting on football games, then these above football competitions are the ones that you must look forward to these summers. These will give the best opportunity to bet on the games that will reap good benefits as well. We wish you luck and may you hit a big jackpot while betting !

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