Freedom Party for Khumbo Kachali registered

Former vice-president Khumbo Kachali has quit erstwhile ruling People’s Party (PP) again after forming hiw new a new political party which has been registred as Freedom Party (FP).

Kachali: I have formed Freedom Party

“I can confirm that the party has been registered with Registrat of Political Parties and a certificate has been issued,” said Kachali.

“It is Freedom Party,” he disclosed.

But Kachali said finer details will be disclosed during the launch, which he said, will take place soon.

Kachali said he is on a mission to clean up the politics of Malawi with new political movement, saying  there is a body of ideas out there people would support.

“Watch this space,” he said.

He said he has been out strategising and reconnecting with the people.

While serving as State Vice-President during the Banda regime, Kachali had quit PP with only few days to the May 20 Tripartite Elections.

Banda left out Kachali as a running mate and opted for Industry and Trade Minister Sosten Gwengwe – the presidential ticket that flopped miserably.

Banda and Kachali were expelled from  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)in December 2010 for allegedly forming parallel party structures. However, the two were on record as having said their dismissal was because they refused to endorse the presidential candidature of current DPP leader Peter Mutharika.

In April 2012, Banda ascended to the presidency in line with constitutional order after the death of former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika and picked Kachali as her Vice-President.

Before joining DPP, Kachali was treasure general of United Democratic Front (UDF), the party which Banda also served as director of women.

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Tafwa Chipalamandule

Kikikikiki din…….gada!Chipani number what? And what for? What new ideas can Khumbo Kachali bring? He was vice president of the country yet he now seats at the back bench raising a hand requesting The Government to tar mac the Jenda Edingeni road! kikikikiki din! Tulo ngati a Malewezi! Koma ma vice pulezidentiwa……ndiye bolani Rght Hon Chilima!
Choncho…….last kicks of a dying horse!

jervis nyaka

tiribe chiyembekezo mwainu . munachokeranji ku pp ? if u r a political machine why don’t you join the existed party ?

Rift Valley

New political party? What a joke! Why not join your friends in Afford chasing shadows and dreaming big in colour about saving the north from plunder?

This guy is living in a fools paradise. The two years as JB’s VP intoxicated him and affected his reasoning capacity.

Why did JB drop him as running mate? Because she saw his weakness. And he is harbouring ambitions to be president? Poor fellow.

mwenengana Kasyombe

You mpoto people are very greedy! Tikudziwa kuti mufuna kugawa mavoti kumpoto kutumikira Pitala. Game imeneyi tayigula kale. For sure you don’t love malawians.


Anthu ake okhaokhawo……. we need new blood please. Give us a break!


Let him be the President …………we need such kind of people to lead this Nation…….but you must be very careful Mr. KK otherwise you will only succeed in helping Dpp win the elections.

Mzika Yeni Yeni

What every one is asking is ” Why Form New Party Now?” Khumbo Kachali has been in politics for so long. And no one except his cousins will vote for him. When he was left out by JB every one celebrated because this man had / has done nothing you can point a finger at in Mzimba let alone Northern Region.

People are suffering from the nonsense Quarter System which was made right on his nose. Mukujipusika waka dada kachali. Usange ba DPP bamugulani, lyaninge waka ndaramazo. Ise tilekeni. Munthu wazeru mphanyi wangu kolelanako na Chihana. Uwu mbuchindere wenecho.

John Mwandenga

Khumbo Kachali’s party will not make inroads in Malawi and truly it is a waste of time and resources. He would have made better by joining either Aford or MCP. He would have made either of the parties gain ground in the North. So Khumbo, revisit ur decision. Don’t rely input from fortune seekers, they are there just to milk ur resources.

Samuel Lwara

May be has a good idea out of everything that made him to be where he is. Any newly born baby is celebrated naturally, but growth depends of the part of the parents. Congrats Mwana wakwithu!.


last kick of dying horse. and l foresaw it happening. inability of dpp. imeneyo. kaya

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