Gabadini, Maulidi in it: Who says what? Ha ha ha ha!

It happens so fast. Here today, there tomorrow, and whatever, says some haulage company. But with life, politics, and well, relationships, it all flies past like Speedy Gonzales, for those of you who are cartoon movie fans.

And last month was one fast one. Ahem!

First it was the sad issue about FAM president’s tragic loss of his wife in a car accident. Whatever happened, police needed to find out what really happened. Was there any criminal negligence on the part of the drivers involved? I know of people who have been sent to prison or paid hefty fines for reckless driving.

Whatever the case, sometimes people need to have no name in society to face the long arm of the law in such issues.

But that is over for now.

Secondly, it really beats me as woman to note that the law seems to be that much ‘complacent’ when it comes to helpless widows. I am mindful of one lawyer who took all the money that should have gone to a poor nurse-widow in the border district of Mchinji.

Imagine MWK5 million and the lawyer coolly says the issue is over. He got the money as his pay. And yet the widow got nothing apart from wait for what was to be a justice relief for years on end.

And what does the Law Society of Malawi do? Keep silent. How about the top man in the Judicial system? Throw it to the ‘works’!

This is unbelievingly a Malawi led by a woman president. I cannot phathom how such people who are supposed to serve and bring happiness and justice to the poor or suffering can end up be the vey ‘culprits’ against their clients.

For all I know, one Paul Maulidi must explain more about what happened, and of course, should pay the money back to that nurse. The cash belongs to her and her family.

Maulidi needed to wait for his pay and not ‘pinch’ the poor woman’s settlement.

Thridly, we all were wasted in our ears with the slogans whatever to do with Gabadini or is it Ghabadinho of Big Bullets. Yes, the lad may be skilled and all that on the soccer pitch. But we should all remember that football is a game of about eleven footballers on one side and another on the rival side. It is not about one player taking his rightful chances to make scores.

It is about team work. So yes, congrats to Gabadino and the Big Bullets for all it did before the Nomads’ nyerere did the unexpected.

All I can say is: would people be so kind enough to impress it on this young and enterprising player to please also consider elevating his educational qualifications? One brutal strike to his nimble foot and Gabadino is history if he thinks football is all to make life out of.

I am aware of many players that left their pitch glory simply because of injuries, and Malawi’s soccer does not ‘really’ compensate for such unfortunate instances.

Go back to school, Gaba!

Lastly, the Mzimba by-elections. Well, 9th October may have seen those trail of queues as eager voters went to size up the ruling Peoples Party against the just-ruled Democratic Progressive Party.

The end to the campaign was all funnier than were the campaigners and the horde of candidates. For instance, where did JB get those lanterns she dished out to the blue-eyed chiefs? And of course, how did PM of DPP do his campaign bait on the same robed traditionalists?

Both claimed success and promised more. Hey, the Ngoni do not want promises, someone told me. They want results. And results they shall start by giving the litmus paper on the PP-DPP wager.

Lets wait and hear what the Electoral Commission will have to say in a few days or by the end of the entire cacophony!

For all I care, whoever loses will claim massive rigging on the other side. Unfortunately, this does not work as in the presidential post where the vice assumes power. So rock on, politicians!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Very last, you mean someone aged over 18, a man for that matter, can use stones to make his voice heard? Am very appalled by this young man who killed his mother by ‘stoning’. Manslaughter or murder, this is the gravest of all mistakes even a 6 year old can make. Bring the piripiri and rub-it whole to those capital punishment laws. Looks like its time we dealt with such careless criminals for once and for all.

And yes, seems I forgot to say congrats to Nyerere and so too Man U for last week endeavors.

Whatever you say, I will happily go ha ha ha ha ha for all I care!

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