Girl battles for life after teargas canister lands on her head

A six year old girl is battling for her life at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe after a teargas canister accidentally landed on her head during running battle between police and protests over Kamuzu Institute of Youth.

Hit by tear gas

Hit by tear gas

The girl, Memory Tembo’s father from Chilinde in Lilongwe said he was concerned with the health condition of his daughter.

“Doctors told me that her brain stopped working for 10 minutes, this is worrisome. I will be consulting civil rights groups for legal and financial assistance,” said Tembo.

He claimed the young girl was hit whilst playing with her friends on a veranda of her house and she was rushed to hospital by an unknown well wisher.

Athletes and people surrounding Kamuzu Institute for Youth are against the leasing of the facility to Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources for out of campus classes.

However, minister of Youth Grace Chiumia says Luanar has rented two rooms only and sports activities will not be disturbed. O

On Friday late afternoon, some people started protesting around the institute and the police moved in quickly to restore order and threw teargas canisters to disperse the mob that headed to the institute to vandalise and loot equipment from the facility.

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Chihana, Nyasa Rep.


Chihana Anakanika 1994
Chihana Anakanika 1994



So athletes are rioting over two rooms, two rooms!! Really?! The physical energy used in running battles with police could be used to train hard to qualify for olympics so as to participate as competitors no out of solidarity as it was in 2012.

Bambo a mwana

CSOs & Donors zawakhudza bwanji za demo imeneyi? Makape ena amasowa zolemba basi kumangotukwana anthu otsalakwa.

I am not surprised kuti teargas canisters were thrown! Mesa DPP ndi apolisi are friends; kill innicent souls just as u did on july 20, 4 yesrs ago and u will get paid handsomely ma savage inu.

then u 80 000 this time arouns u r asaured of getting more than that. no wonder kuli konse canisters.


My MSCE biology tells me that the heart beat is controlled by the brain meaning if the brain had stopped for ten minutes it would result in the heart stopping for 10minutes as well and consequently loosing that girl.if tho

mogasa club member
iwe, mwana wako amuphulitsa ubongo. ukachedwa, moyo wake wonse adzakhala opusa ndi ozelezeka. now, you have three options my friend…. 1) find a man of god that will pray for her and cure her one time…. 2) tell the malawi police service/malawi government to send your daughter to south africa or india immediately to the hospitals that our big men go to when they have flu…..or 3) find an accountant that will calculate the money that you will need to take care of your mentally challenged child from today until she reaches 75 years old. (my estimate is at 3… Read more »
The Most Concerned

KIS is in dilapidated conditions because Sports Council is failing to utilize & maintain it properly. Let these people know the importance of Education so that they can allow LUANAR students to start using part of the facility. Ths z so shameful.

Pamalawi pavuta says

Zimangokhala kuti,amalawi zimativuta kumvetsa kuti kodi ufulu wa munthu ndi chiyani.zikuchitika chifukwa anthu amene amadziwa zamawufuluwo samafotokozera anthu kuti,adziwe bwino zamawufulu awo. Amawabisila dala pofuna kuti anthu aziwatsatila pofuna kukwaniritsa zolinga zawo

newton chione

Education makes stupid people more stupid and wise people more wise. In this case A P M knows which side he belongs to. He don,t need to be told that he is the worst president malawi has ever had.Amudala thulani pasi udindo chifukwa chalo chamukanani muzile musangilepo minyama, wanthu bamalenge kufwa muvipatala chifukwa mankhwala kulije


Malawians we are taking things for granted.What is wrong with government renting the facility to LUANAR?After all its government property.As it is now the facility is misused by chamba smokers & it promotes prostitution.Police Service has to pay compasation.

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