God not giving Malawi sufficient rains because of sexual immorality –Clergy

Malawi has deemed to have lost its consensus on sex morality and godly ideals, the clergy observed during an inter denominational prayers for the rains which were organised at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) yesterday.

Mutharika greeting bishop Bvumbwe and other clergy

Mutharika greeting bishop Bvumbwe and other clergy

The men of the collar called for the nation to know the appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in the eyes of God.

Reverend Clifford Baloyi of Livingstonia Synod who gave an intercessory prayer in Chitumbuka said because of immoral behaviour which is manifested in people’s dressing and sexual behaviour such as homosexuality, God is not giving Malawi sufficient rains.

It is noted that adulterous behaviour,  the levels of premarital sexual activity, same-sex relations are said to be out of control in the country.

Baloyi said societies that cast aside their moral underpinnings will ultimately end up on the scrap heap of history.

The speakers during the prayers attended by delegates, including President Peter Mutharika, representatives of the donor community and opposition party leaders— also condemned homosexuality as sinful lifestyle.

Reverend Alex Maulana of Malawi Council of Churches said God could punish Malawi for propagating same-sex liaisons.

He said in Malawi people have reached a point where they love money more than God such as where people are “forming organisations whose intention is to propagate sinful.”

But human rights activist have said the government is using LGBTI issue as a tool to distract the public from worsening economic situation.

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Mulungu SIWANKHULU (IS NOT SOMEONE WE RESPECT), they are many things we ignore! We DONT accept slavery, racism, genocide etc !

ALL these things, the biblical god (with a small “g”) LOVED SO MUCH! In fact, him being all knowing, he should have known that his behaviour in the old testaments MAKES HIM A DICK, an idiot par excellence. Somebody NOT WEALTHY OF ANY RESPECT!!!!


as much as I hate gays its got nothing to do with the rains, there are more of them in Europe, America but they are more blessed with the rains than we are in Malawi. if you talk about sins gosh its all over starting from high office.


Comment 25, excellent comment! I love it

Tozer Tsono

The clergy are out of line. They ought to practice loving their families, enemies and outcasts. Loving means, you let others be, so that the Lord of all can assert his will in th eir lives. Ask the parents of Homesexuality to learn what it is the parents and immediate family go through. Just a note, marriage is destroyed by married people through unfaithfulness. That is where the church needs to invest its energies.


You Jose don’t just want to face the fact and the truth. The rains are not coming not because homosexuality but the weather has changed. The weather has changed because of the destruction in the Eco system that God put in place. As I said this area called Malawi has always been like this. It would be low rainfal or heavy rainfall depending on the weather. This has nothing to do with homosexuality or any sin. Plan trees nd stop cutting them. That’s all you need.

Johannes Brager
Well, as european, where gays, lesbians and transgender have equal rights, i doubt this theses. Last year when i went to malawi there was a rain problem too, than the president demanded prayers, and a couple days later there was a flood, where dozens died. Probably it is better to keep god out of the game, and work on a good water supply. I have still one question, where is all the money from the EU, the US and Norway, that was given by this countries to construct in water-rich malawi a working sythem? could it be that corrupt politicians… Read more »

#25 you r an idiot you do not know what you r saying may God 4give u

brenda gondwe

Mmmmm you people please try to be Godly kno your God kno what he likes and what he doesn’t like he is God of wonders people who are not in spirit they think its normal God is really angry on malawi a God fearing country has turned to sodomms and gommorahs you God is happy with us no not all we will suffer and suffer for we have not obeyed Gods commandments

Unheard of

We are just hearing about God and gays? God is also against stealing (cashgate), adultery (many Malawian men have girlfriends whilst married?). We are chopping down trees nilly willy, making fires, littering plastic bags everywhere, just generally destroying the environment. Climate change dear friends is the reason for our lack of rain, and it’s mostly self inflicted by humans.


Please send these clergies with chicken minds back to theological colleges. Eish, they dont understand the effects of climate change seriously?


Simukudziwa ukulu wa Mulungu ndi kuopsa kwake brother. Yehova pochita chinthu sizidalira kuti environment ili bwanji? Does it mean 5 years ago when we had good rains and harvest this calamity could not hit Malawi?

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