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Ephert Kutapira

mtumodzi ndi anzake adya za murekezi


These so called Concern citizens are corrupt people we have heard already that you have pocketed millions shame on you, God will punish you badly , as you are enjoying the monies just know that God has seen you ,sure ndalama ziminezo Mona masoka a Kaulu My words has spoken

concerned citizen

This kind of approach to issues is destroying our country in all aspects. For the love of money, we are destroying our country. If you were really serious about petitioning Gov. to send Murekezi back to his country, you should have done a thorough investigation before you went ahead with your petition. On this issue, you had the support of a lot of Malawians except for those who have some thing to hide in connection with Murekezi. By back tracking, it shows that you are involved in some thing fishy.

Mtumodzi this isn’t your issue. Your arguments are vague. have you not heard of child soldiers? Cant a 20 year boy not kill? dont you have men here who killed their wives? Don’t you know child soldiers are as young as ten years old. What is so special with this fugitive, right away from Immigration, Police to a minister are so protective? Who is behind his protection? You just want to ripe him off his money? You vipers. Let him go and face his jail term. Apite akakanire komweko ngati sangaphe nawo. Why dont you trust the Rwandan justice system.… Read more »
Nyambi The Revolutionary

Only The War crime Tribunal in Arusha can verify as all arrest warrants were issued by the court and not Rwanda.If the court says Murekezi has no indictment over his head basi musiyeni he is a free soul

Chemwali chimwene

Mtumodzi and all, have shamelessly shown their ignorance, hutu men in Rwanda killed their wives and children. Some of us were there after the genocide. Before you open your mouth make sure you have enough information. The courts inRwanda have convicted and sentenced many genocidaires and are still doing it. To facilitate justice, the govt created the Gacaca system, inu ma journalist aku Malawi, simutha kupanga investigate, you are as shallow as your leaders, mxiiii.

Crude Oil
Give unto Ceasar what belongs to Caesar. Give Kagame what belongs to him. Just repatriate this guy back to his country. Why should the Civil Society waste its time protectinga foreigner when it has failed to protect Malawians? Akuti in 1994 anali in his 20s so he can’t be a suspect, my foot! Don’t you know that a boy in his 20s is more dangerous? For instance, Yahya Jammeh overthrew Sir Dawda Jawara when he was only 27. Apa mwangoonetsa kuti nzeru mulibe komanso ndinu amphawi amene mumapempha through your organisations. It’s in black and white that mwapatsidwa ndalama. Ndipo… Read more »
Pastor Julius

Malawi must stand as a sovereign state full stop, nobody should think can just jump into malawi and tell the government I want that or I want this, Rwanda must know that we Malawian can be poor but we are independent, stop dictating this government on what you want as far as your politics in concerned.
Thank you concerned citizens in deed you are concerned about Malawi sovereignty.

These foolish thugs have pocketed money. How should you verify with Tanzania when Rwanda where Murekezi comes from says he is on wanted list? What is special with Tanzania? Should we be forced to conclude that you used Tanzania because that is where Simama who was previously connected to this issue comes from, and it is also where Murekezi had obtained a passport before the Malawian one? It seems these indacations are pointing at one direction that there are a lot in the case of Murekezi. Inu anthu adyera kwambiri ndi amene mukuwononga mbili yabwino ya civil society. Umphawi sikuti… Read more »
Vin murekezimurekezi

This guy in question is not mean in palm oiling his threats so lets not be fooled by those petitioners the issue here is that they have received their share so that they remain silent. Maluzi akusokoneza chilungamo pamalawi