Gulewamkulu terrorise Lilongwe: Several learners hacked in Area 36

A standard seven boy at Mbuka Primary School in Area 36 in the city of Lilongwe is not attending classes since Thursday last week because he is being treated for wounds sustained after he was hacked by Gulewamkulu with a panga knife.

Gulewamkulu performing at Chisuka's installtion ceremony - LINA

Gulewamkulu performing at Chisuka’s installtion ceremony – LINA

Chikondi Mbewe in agony - pic by LINA

Chikondi Mbewe in agony – pic by LINA

Impressive Gulewamkulu at Chisuka ceremony - LINA.

Impressive Gulewamkulu at Chisuka ceremony – LINA.

illage headman Chisuka and his elders display pangas used  by unknown Gulewamkulu - pic by LINA

illage headman Chisuka and his elders display pangas used by unknown Gulewamkulu – pic by LINA

Gulewamkuku – secret cult and a ritual dance performed by Chewa people – hacked Chikondi Mbewe, 14, after chasing him for a while around their compound and when he and his friends ran into a neighbour’s house to hide, the Gulrewamkulu invaded the house and beat up the boys and girls who had tried in vain to take refuge in different places in the house including under bed.

Chikondi Mbewe, who was seemingly in agony, recounts the ordeal: “I was walking around in our neighbourhood to see a friend when suddenly I saw Gulewamkulu. I ran away and tried to hide in our neighbour’s house with other boys and girls but to our surprise the Nyau dancer also went in and started beating us hacking me on the ear and shoulder in the process.”

He added: “I ran out of the house to our home with blood oozing from the cuts, my parents were not home and it was my grandfather who reported the matter to police.”

A random survey by Lilongwe News Agency (LINA) revealed that many people in the locality, especially boys and girls, have been injured by Gulewamkulu as the community was preparing for the installation of village headman Chisuka who is within Area 36, under Traditional Authority (T/A)Tsabango.

Despite the area being in the heart of the city of Lilongwe, less than five kilometers from the main Lilongwe Bus Depot , to the South, the Gulewamkulu cult has been torturing residents for many years now.

Mai Selemani, a neighbor to the house where Chikondi Mbewe and his friends hid, disclosed that two others, a girl and a boy were also hurt due by the Nyau dancers on the same day, and she said that last year a similar incident happened again but no one comes to our rescue.

She appealed to Government and the Chewa grouping to take charge of the situation and order the Nyau dancers to conduct their activities in the rural villages where there are Chewas only.

“We always live in fear here whenever Gulewamkulu is in season because they cause a lot of trouble in the community. I was doing my laundry on the day when Chikondi and other boys and girls were running away from Gulewamkulu and hid in my neighbour’s house but the Gulewamkulu did not leave them as expected, last year a similar incident happened but no one was hurt,” she disclosed.

She said the dancers bring a lot of misery whenever they come out: “If they find water in tins, nsima or ndiwo being cooked on fire outside, as we run to take cover in houses, they mix everything with sand.”

Gulewamkulu was last week in season because of the installation ceremony on Sunday of village headman Chsuka. However, Chisuka and his elders have vehemently disassociated themselves from such uncommissioned Gulewamkulu, saying they did not know where such dancers were originating.

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Suzgo Longwe

Ochewa there are didn’t in thinking they don’t know doing in country. they think they own everything in this country. Let them come and try me i will stop this terrorism

Amadu Tumani Thole


Kalonga Gawa Undi must make a statement against this terrorist act or be banned from visiting Malawi.


anzake a chakwera amenewo

Culturalist wamkulu

Ochewa oludikira Kota system kupita ku Universite.Kwawo kwangukanyanga Gule basi.Wolumutema mnyamata wosalakwa chifukwa sonagule njira.
Koma mwati mchewa anatheka?Can Malawi develop like this.You even find these Gule people disturbing vendors at markets with pangas baring their arses only covering their tackles.It is also common at Kauma Market close to Area12.They come all the way from Kankota running berserk brandishing their machete causing unnecessary fear to the general public,thinking that all people are Chewas.Its is a very primitive culture of molesting innocent people going about their own businesses.


Mark the word secret cult that’s satanic

Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche
Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche

Achewa mvitsilu kobasi. Uncivilized. It will be worse if Chakwera became president. They will terrorize people even enthirng rooms in the 5 star umodzi park. These people have no sitting. (achewa alibe khalidwe).

Nabweranso chifukwa cha m’bele wanga oku Dowa Zagwa Zatha. O Zagwa ife ndife wana omafumu o chichewa koma na nyau sitigwirizana nazo olo pang’ono. Ndipo nthawi imeyoyo ya kale tidaimba sukulu movutikira kwambiri. Zimkati zikakhalira ndiye kuti sukulu tsiku limenelo kulibe pamene omzathu oku mpoto ni ku m’mwera oli mkalasi. M’mbuyo mwa lendo ozathu waja okakhoza nde ife tizirira kuti KOTASISITIMU!!!! Tso mzomveka o Zagwa m’mezozo. Yaiyi tere ata!! Si chilungamo m’mechocho. Nakonjwa zedi O Zagwa ponikhalira kumbuyo, Ombuye okudalitseni. Tsano kuti mutsimikize kuti ine ni mchewadi – Tikati – Nthitiyayingo nde kuti chani. Tidali busy mzimezizi pomwe omzathu omkaphunzira… Read more »
Nyau dancers think that their gule is attractive. No it isn’t. What people follow to see is the stupidness behind the gule itself. Children and stupid women are attracted to see nyau the way they flock to see people fighting or to see a naked mad man at a market. Would you say a naked mad man/woman is popular just because people follow to see him/her? No! Nyau is simply a scandal and people are attracted to see the scandal of a person atadzola manyi. Scandal is doing something at a wrong place and at the wrong time, to a… Read more »

sizabwino kut nyau zizipezekabe m’own pakalelo ,apa pofunika kut boma liunikilepo sizabwino zimenezi


Achewa azamutheka yayi.nyengo za internet ngati izi achali kuvwala gulewamukulu,kkkkkk

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