Herbs can grow Malawi economy, says expert

A World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) expert says Malawi economy can grow rapidly if the country commercializes herbs.

Malawi’s chief of health services, Charles Mwansambo checking on a herbal medicine Garani

WIPO regional councilor Joyce Banya said traditional herbs are on high demand on the world market and if commercialized as is the case in other countries, Malawi economy can grow as this will bring in more forex.

Malawi currently depends on tobacco which is the top foreign exchange earner but the crop faces smoky future because of huge anti-smoking lobby across the country.

Banya said the government needs to have a clear policy on traditional herbs and relevant laws should be put in place if Malawi is to benefit from the traditional herbs.

Traditional herbs are shunned by Malawians because they are not regulated and there is no clear prescription if the herbs are used as medical drugs.

Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu said the government has already drafted the traditional herbs policy.

He said the cabinet will soon meet to discuss the policy before it is adopted.

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