High university fees scare mature students in Malawi

The exorbitant high fees announced by University of Malawi for mature students has sent shivers down the spine of the students.

Chanco campus

Chanco campus

A student at College of Medicine Given Kachilika said the increase of the fees from K250,000 to K960,000 and K1.4 million was obscene and a threat to the social economic development of the country.

Kachilika, who is upgrading to become a qualified medical doctor, said the increase would affect mature students because they could not afford to pay.

“We are concerned with the government decision because it will deny those who failed access university education because of space,” he said.

“Most of us qualified to study at university but because the university could not accommodate all of us.”

The University of Malawi which is under criticism for watering down the standards of students welfare having removed cafeteria services.

The accommodation is also highly competitive as students are required to apply for them.

The University of Malawi offered reasonable fees with privates universities’ fees as high as over K1 million a year.

Catholic University, Blantyre International University and DMS formerly St John Baptist Major Seminary for Mangochi Diocese have been high as compared to University of Malawi parallel and mature students.

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Please be informed that most employed citizens in Malawi can hardly afford the revised mature entry fees… just very few can afford…and may be after selling their assets like cars etc

People who want to enrol for mature entry should understand that Government cannot and is not suppose to subsidise everything. Tax payers are already suffocating with high taxes due to unnecessary subsidies. Most of the people who go for mature entries are already working, have better jobs and own cars, houses and even businesses. If you think upgrading at UNIMA, MZUNI, LUANAR or MUST is expensive, try it from private institutions. You may wish to know that Tertiary Education is too in Malawi as compared to other SADC countries not to mention of countries outside the region. People should also… Read more »
Monyadira Grevulo
So sad to note that some people still believe an average Malawi worker can afford to pay such high fees to upgrade while you well know that most average workers including primary and secondary school teachers Police most officers health workers live on hand to mouth. Those who don’t see a problem that school fees has been raised by such a high rate are the Mathews Chikaondas of this world who enjoyed virtually a free university education and yet they want the govt to introduce such punitive fees. I struggled to raise my cool and most of my classmate dropped… Read more »
Mtumbuka Sanga

Get loans from the bank. A thin Malawi’s tax payer can no longer be able to pay for all of u. After 52 yrs of independence pple should be able to pay their way or find something else to uplift their life.


Which Bank is ready for such loans without any collateral? Don’t be a dreamer. If you are a well to do and can access loans do not tease the poor Malawians. If loans were available no one would be willing to remain uneducated.


its sad that in Malawi education is a luxury with the economy the fees are too high

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