HRCC commends Chakwera for ‘rising above politics’ on racist remarks

The Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) has commended president for main opposition party, Malawi Congress, and leader of opposition in parliament, Lazarus Chakwera, for rising above party politics to condemn racist slurs his party legislator uttered to Israel-born parliamentarian, David Bisnowaty.

Chakwera: Condemned racist slurs by his party's MP

Chakwera: Condemned racist slurs by his party’s MP

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator Alekeni Menyani branded Bisnowaty, a “foreigner” and a “Jew” during the on-going parliament deliberations.

This came when Bisnowaty, parliamentarian for Lilongwe City Center, commented on the hunger situation in the country saying during the reign of Kamuzu Banda, founder of MCP and of the nation, there were also incidents of food shortages but people could not talk about it.

This angered the MCP legislator who retaliated with the discriminatory remarks.

Following the remarks, HRCC issued a statement asking MCP leadership to “denounce this attitude before Parliament rises failing which HRCC and it 97 network members will conclude that MCP is a racist party”.

Chakwera on Monday took trouble to condemn and denounce the remarks.

As such, HRCC Board Chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba hailed the leader of opposition for rising above party politics despite resistance in condemning racist remarks and attitudes of his party MPs.

“The Human Rights Consultative Committee would like to state that as a democratic nation, racism for whatever reasons has no place in our society and for leaders like Chakwera to openly challenge his party MPs on the same, speaks volumes of his leadership qualities and steadfastness in tackling difficult and volatile issues of national importance.

“While other party operatives challenged HRCC that they were not going to make any apologies, HRCC commends and salutes Dr. Chakwera for being a reconciliatory leader who is committed to serve the interest of the larger Community as opposed to a few party operatives,” said Mkwezalamba.

He then called MPs to avoid utterances or conduct that may generate into lawlessness, anarchy or violation of rule of law.

Mkwezalamba also commended Speaker Richard Msowoya for accepting to delete the racist remarks from the Hansard so that they do not form part of th House’s record.

“As a nation we have a responsibility to serve the interest of the ordinary citizens and institutions like Parliament should always dedicate its time in discussing and enacting instruments that seeks to move our people from poverty to prosperity as opposed to outwitting each other,” said Mkwezalamba.

Bisnowaty, who took offence, wrote the Speaker of Parliament on the matter and demanded that the remarks uttered by the parliamentarian be deleted from the hansard of the day’s parliamentary proceedings.

He told parliament that he found the racist remarks very offending considering that he came from a background where he lost a large part of his family due to the infamous holocaust during the Nazi reign in Germany.

“I want this house to understand where I come from: I come from a family who are holocaust survivors.

“I come from a family where my grandmother was the only survivor of eleven brothers and sisters through the days of the Nazi in Germany,” Bisnowaty said.

“I come from a family where my mother stayed in concentration camp for a year and the only sin that was committed was that we were Jews,” he said.

The legislator said he did not expect to hear those racist remarks from any Malawian because for decades he had stayed in the country, he had considered all Malawians loving people.

Bisnowaty is an Israel national with Malawian citizenship and he made it to parliamentary seat during the May 2015 elections beating eleven contesters.

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elias odala

after all we are God’s creation and we’r’ waiting for only one day (siku lokufa)


Why did Chakwela condemn the racial slurs during the same sitting or immediately it was uttered? Why did he wait for others opinion long after the fact? It was Kaluwa who rose above politics. Chakwela is a hypocrite.


propaganda at its peak

Apao Kugola
Butv anybody asked what prompted Bisnowarty to make reference to silent hunger during Kamuzu’s era? What bearing did that reference has to do with the current status in Malawi. We shouldn’t have concentrated on the reaction by the MCP MP but also what triggered the reaction? This is like saying the MCP Mp over-reacted! To the wise there is no over-reaction. The actor should have given thorough thought before talking provocative nonsense in a public chamber. All the same, what I see here is that our Bisnowarty doesn’t use his brain properly and the MCP MP took the the bait… Read more »

Ukhoza mukhala MP ku Israel kapena ku Netherlands ku France ku UK utakhala ndi zokuyeneleza.
Ngati sumadziwa zimenezo niwe Bubudi was paphata

Chakwera is a genuine leader who apologised on behalf of the regime he was not party to. Bakili Muluzi is posing as democrat by seeking refuge in the DPP camp while Peter Mutharika will never ever apologise to the northerners for insults by Bingu and his team that northerners cheat during exams. Patricia Kaliati openly told northerners to stop building houses in the south or centre. Northerners are very tolerant and leave on persistent perseverence while being told always to go back home. Is this different from calling someone a Jew. The MCP legislator did it openly while the DPP… Read more »
The Patriot

It takes two to tangle, Bisnowarty should also be careful the way he is behaving in parliament. Respect is earned and not begged or imposed. Politics is a give and take game,just like boxing those who throw jabs should also expect to be hit! Saying that MCP had a brutal past is as true as saying that the honorable MP is Jewish!

Honest Criticiser

Bravo Chakwera for the effort and challenge you undertook. You are fit to our next of next presidential candidate


No need to praise Chakwera in the term of rising above politics over this issue. What you have to know is that Chakwera has a rotten mouth as if he has never not only seating in the church but also preaching to the cnongregants. He is lose with his lips. He is careless in choosing words for addressing others. So these MCP MPs have inherinted that type of behaviour. Useless Chakwera.


Hhhhm, anthu inu. Zoona? Ine dele kunkhala MP ku Israel kaya ku Netherlands? Aaah tisanamepo apa. Dele kuyamba kunena a President akale aku Israel ndili mu Israel Parliament, kaya bwana mkumbwa wa ku Netherlands. Aaaaa. Amalawife nkhumba zedi.

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