Huuwiii, Malawi a nation of Hyenas: Welcome Prince Harry

Our porn-loving, albino hunters, corrupt and greedy politicians tags do not seem to work enough on us. We just added the hyena accolade and guess what the reaction is truly Malawian. President Peter Mutharika should not have ordered the arrest. It’s actually disgusting sometimes to even comment on reactions and comments from Facebook and arm chair politicians. They speak louder and do nothing.Dzuka Malawi

If President Mutharika did not speak he could have been blamed, if he spoke he is damned as well.

Malawians expect micro-management of things and nobody accepts responsibility. Look at ESCOM, corruption stories are endemic just like buying expensive cars and justifying energy price increases. There is too much waste at ESCOM and now they are threatening to disconnect power if not paid more, when they fail to connect more houses until someone bribes them.

Then come the University students. Very few in our universities are really poor can’t afford any fees at all, but the majority drunkards, some of them actually have married off the book and accommodation allowances, some drink and insult people when in bus now are in forefront protesting any fees increase. It is interesting, lecturers want high pay, students want an increment in book allowance and nobody wants to pay for it, sounds familiar, yes that’s the Malawian way.

When you come back to the Hyena story, you will find a lot of interesting contributions. We have hyenas everywhere spreading HIV and Aids knowingly,  chasing secondary and college girls. Greedy girls getting  HIV for a pizza and a bottle of Amarula. No ambition at all. A lost generation.  As some prominent Facebooker puts its bluntly: kukonda kuvundukulana maliseke basi.

There are hyenas in every district and every sector, our investment in HIV and Aids prevention is being lost as sexually libidinous and fertile population does not think Aids is real. How many politicians, religious leaders and even village chiefs have been caught pants down.  If we want to arrest them, we can start at right at Cabinet level all the way down to this poor hyena who opened his mouth about his sexual escapades.

Well done President Mutharika for speaking and condemning the act. But look beyond this openly confessed hyena. For the rest of us Monday coaches, lets learn to take responsibility. There are a lot of dark things that happen at chinamwali where someone comes and prepare the girls or the boys. We all know the fear and sexual abuse at dambwe, boys and girls secondary schools from outright rape to orgys sanctioned by all of us in the name of preparing them to adulthood.

I can narrate stories of how dambwe gone wrong or teasing in our schools by sexually molesting form one students has affected our society. This is the formative age of most of the young ones.

Nobody of us have reason to continue pretending that sexual abuse which leads to HIV and Aids transmission is endemic in our society. Sugar Daddies should rethink what they want for the children, young boys and young men should not think of quick sex with prostitutes and young girls too should avoid sexual escapades fuelled by greed or desire to be seen as conforming to society.

Sexual education should be spread beyond fisi in Nsanje and all Malawians, Dzuka, need to wake up and start fighting these horrible vices.

Finally, welcome Prince Harry to Malawi. The fifth in line in the UK monarch is a normal guy and we are proud that he could spend time in this great nation. He is 30 and single, taking him to Mpondasi could change our fortunes again. Hope to see you at Zithere Pano.

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5 years ago

In telling a chief not to allow opposition rallies in his territory it seems the President has changed the Party he leads from the ‘Democratic People’s Party’ to the Despotic People’s Party’. Just the kind of President Malawi needs after 52 years of independence, NOT!.

5 years ago

zachamba basi…..koma nde amaufiratu

5 years ago

Malawi should really wake up…ofcoz these are the signs that the Lord is coming.

Okey tamva
Okey tamva
5 years ago

Ali mtaunimu indeed the sugar daddies, sleeping with young girls even younger than their own children. Govt shud punish these men please. Starting point is that man in Mpingwe, Harper avenue.

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