India High Commissioner in Malawi fights immigration decision on deported dentist

India High Commissioner  in Malawi  Anil Kumar  is fighting the decision of Malawi  Immigration Department  in its decision to give removal orders to Indian dentist to return home after his employment payment  expired.

Indian High Commissioner Kumar Menon

Kumar has summoned Dr Anthony, a dentist based in Lilongwe  to India to be quizzed why he let a worker at his clinic to be removed  by Immigration when his permit expired.

The Indian High Commission accused Dr Anthony of  acting in bad faith, suspecting he might palm greezed Chief Immigration Officer Medi and Minister of Home Affairs Grace Chiumia to influence the removal of the Indian.

But Dr Anthony argues he followed the proper immigration process after his worker resigned and he noticed the Immigration Department according to procedure.

Kumar is not taking the matter lying down, wants Dr Anthony to face the music in Indian and drag Malawi Chief Immigration Officer into matter, as he wants India government to pursue the matter .

“It seems Kumar has some personal interest in the matter,” a source at the Indian High Commission in Lilongwe said.

Meanwhile, Rumphi East Member of Parliament (MP) Kamlepo Kalua , has said Indians like any other foreign nationals should repect the laws of the land and  there should be no diplomatic immunity to law breakers.


Of late indigenous Malawians have been complaining that Malawians of Asian origin and Indian businesses are treated with kid gloves when it comes to opportunities,  trade and tax rules.

There is a new wave of lobbying for fair trade practices to all Malawians and investors.

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winston msowoya
The Indian High Commission must refrain from our immigration rules,he has no jurisdiction over that.Why is this Indian H.Commissioner does not respect Malawi’s immigration laws? He must respect our sovereinity as we respect his,Malawi is not part of India that he can impose his will.The mere fact that Malawi’s immigration officials are controlled by the Indians at large with finances (corruption),the dentist must be coerced to leave the country as soon as possible,Malawi is not a colony of India nor its under dog.africans are being maltreated in India and so many deaths through manhandle have been recorded many times.However,we must… Read more »

Who’s is indian ambassadors to the sovereign state of Malawi that he can accuse chiumia on here job? What power does the mr ambassadors have upone us? How many Malawians suffers in india in this similar way? Malawians we suffers in their country this much we know…. the issues the dentist didnt have legal status hence deserved removal… akapangeso apply visa ali kwawoko then kumukanaso because he was deported….And they allowed to practice as dentists?


Mrs chiumia we need people like you in this country…people who call spade a spade not abig spoon…… that dentist can he continues living in UK while he doesn’t have statu?.. let’s be honest . If Mrs chiumia influenced his removal then mrs chiumia deserves promotion. She can excute the job.. she knows here job 100percent

Nganiza Muthulika
To heil with Indians. They are not the only investors. They are corrupted together with gocernment DDPAND other pas government. Malawians are tired of being treated third class in their own country. How Indian treated Africans in their country. I want To warn Indian and Indians that We as a nation and citizens has seen the pasta years after democracy that Indians and Pakistans are favoured both in purchasing land and businesses. We did not fight for independent for these people To come and live like they did during colonial. Its just time when u will be out. The Malawians… Read more »
Proud indian

Go fuck off u bastards. Keep ur dirty warnings to urselves. U just jealous of indians cuz they rich. U guyz are nothing without foreigners. Plus keep ur fucking country to urselves. No one gives a shit about u.

Proud indian

Fuck off u ugly bastards, U dogs are only jealous of us Indians because we rich. Keep ur fucking country to urselves. We can find other better countries. U guyz are nothing without foreigners. Look at Zimbabwe. We foreigners don’t need u but u are ones who are nothing without foreigners

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