Indian woman ‘caught stealing’ from Malawi Shoprite

An Indian woman, Amas Abbas, has been  arrested after being caught stealing products valued at over K89 thousand at Shoprite supermarket in Blantyre.

The Indian woman after being caught, she covers her face.- Photo by Blessings Kamanga, Nyasa Times

The Indian woman taken on Group 4 car to police.- Photo by Blessings Kamanga, Nyasa Times

Abbas, who was in a company of her husband and son apparently tried to make a speedy exit from Shoprite  but was spotted on CCTV and quizzed by  Group 4 security staff.

A few minutes later, she was taken to a room for questioning.

It was confirmed that  the products she was caught with were indeed  not paid for.

However, efforts to capture Abbas proved difficult as she was being protected by another Indian man believed to be related to her before being taken to Kanjedza Police Station.

Shopright officials in Blantyre confirmed the incident.

“Indeed an Indian woman was seen  shoplifting but as she headed for the exit without paying, she was tackled by security staff,” said the shop manager.


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21 thoughts on “Indian woman ‘caught stealing’ from Malawi Shoprite”

  1. Tione says:

    Amwenye ndi mbava zotheratu ndipo okonda ndalama kwabasi

  2. Falliot says:



  4. ellias says:

    Akatsekeledwe ndi mulandu waukulu umenewo. Paja a Malawi kukonda dza kunja, timva kuti amumasula ameneyo

  5. kaudzu isaac says:

    pasachitike zachinyengotu apa kuti amasulidwe mosadziwika paja a malawi katangale kwambiri

  6. Sushi says:

    Desperate economic situations call for desperate economic measures, that’s what the woman just did…

  7. Kudzadza Lembwende says:

    That’s why hemp is called Indian.

  8. Generation of Vipers says:

    What if it was a Malawian woman caught stealing in a shop in Pakistani? This woman and her entire family have to be deported.

  9. Taliban says:

    And she is even a muslim woman, just stone her to death, what are we waiting for we Malawians? Had it been a Malawian woman in Pakistan, she was going to be history by now. Am surprised Shoprite is even able to let her cover her face, she should’ve been shamed publicly together with her male accomplices.

  10. Naisi Shati says:

    In another country big shops like shoprite have a small glass structure close to the main entrance/exit with a chair inside. Anyone caught stealing is stat in that Glass house and they are not allowed to cover their faces and they are seen by people entering or leaving the shop. At closing time, they are released without charge but learn a lesson from the humiliation and never come back to the shop. On another note, the notorious blaclouts are back and yet I have found out that that there are some companies in the country who generate their own power and have the potential if allowed to produce more. Government and ESCOM know these companies. Why not let them produce more power and sell to ESCOM to add to the national grid rather than be dreaming of importing power whis has numerous huddles apart from draining forex?

  11. $MAMALIYA says:

    Dziko wanu ndalama wathu hahahahahahaaaaaaa

  12. jacquline says:

    Zamanyazi mwenye wamkazi, Ndiye kuti mamuna wake samamusamala mkaziyo

  13. Choke juma says:

    For starters, they look more Pakistani than Indian. Secondly why is this making headlines??? People get caught shoplifting everyday and we don’t see it in the news. Is the woman a politician?celebrity? Or of any significant calibre?
    That’s the problem with Malawians; we give special treatment to people just because they are white, Asian or foreign. This is happening everyday in our immigration offices, banks, hospitals etc etc. And you wonder why they walk all over us

    1. Naisi Shati says:

      You are missing the point. Am sure you have seen lots of indeginous Malawians caught wrong doing exposed on TV, in the papers, radio, social media,etc. You probably have seen robbers of indeginous Malawians being paraded on TV. But as to why this incident made it to the media, it could be that someone who was present when the incident occurred reported it to the media without thinking about who was involved. Sure the media love siuch storiies regardless of who is involed. And it is possible that someone connected to thhe media was at the right place at the right time. Recently I myself saw a picture of Africans stealing in a supermarket being captured on CCTV and was being circulated on WhatsApp!

    2. Tione says:

      Choke Juma, It is their choice coz wherever they go, bank, hospital or anywhere, they always want to be given special treatment & be served first. Zoti amnzawo ali pamzere alibe nazo ntchito

    3. Tione says:

      It’s their choice, Choke Juma coz wherever they go kaya ku bank or hospital, they want to be treated in a special way & always want to be served first. Zoti amnzawo ali pa queue awaiting their turn alibe nazo ntchito anthu odzikonda awa

  14. ibra saidi says:

    difficult times

  15. Major pen says:

    ma Indian ngati mukuba ife Ndiye titani?

  16. Thako la Nkhuku says:

    Amwenye mwati kutibera through fake contracts and substandard goods sikunakukwaneni!

  17. Maps says:


  18. Dumi says:

    Mbava yayikazi kkkkkkk! MK89000. Kkkk.

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