‘Intimidation’ controversy at Lilongwe Mosque: Nazma Ishmael implicated

There has been a controversy at a Mosque in Lilongwe with business person Nazma Ishmael of HTD Limited accused of making intimidation to some worshippers.

Mosque in downtown Lilongwe

Mosque in downtown Lilongwe

Some worshippers claim Nazma has been subjecting themto threats and intimidation including that some Asians will be deported.

Mosque worshippers attending daily prayers on Tuesday who spoke to Nyasa Times claimed Nazma was using her connection to the First Lady Gertrude Mutharika as a weapon of intimidation.

“She has been intimidating that she could influence deportation of some Asian business persons. She is well connected to the First Lady. She was also very very close to former president Joyce Banda,” said one worshipper who opted not to be identified for fear of being persecuted.

One of the worshipper Mustak Chothia is reportedly living under fear after Nazma intimidated her.

Lilongwe Mosque Imam declined to comment to Nyasa Times, but said the issue is being  investigated.

Ishmael, who was also a member of the Mudzi Trust of former president Banda, through her family’s motor company, HTD Motor City, is now a member of her Beautify Malawi (Beam) trust of  Madam Mutharika.

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That is the work of Majid Aboobakar. Those who know Majid will attest to the fact that he and his family of formerly American Stores in Limbe and Thyolo were instumental to the deportation of many Hindu Asians from Malawi until he too met his waterloo when he was also booted out. He returned after corrupting some officials who shall remain nameless for now. But as I said, that is the work of MAJID ABOOBAKER!


What has this intimidation got to do with muslims attending prayers at the mosque?

Threats with deportation? Is she an immigration officer?

Ignorance has no defence.It seems to me that the so-called James Banda is a lost sheep that he does not know what is happening in his own country.In the first place, James Banda seems to be a lackey of these Asian/Arab conspiracies not only in Malawi,but the whole of Mother Africa.To me,I vehemently acknowledge the fact that brother Winston,(but not Wiston) as James Banda put it,is a true nationalist,patriotic and above all,a dedicated Pan-Africanist and no wonder Hastings Banda,used to call him a dangerous rebel (Chigewenga) in league with the rebel Ministers.Nôw let us come to the point.There is a… Read more »

I don’t hate anyone cuz of his or her skin colour. Watever isaid is the truth

Mr kaka. Let me remind u that mosques in towns like limbe and lilongwe are built by Asians and the mosque committee Are only Asians. Second thing in limbe mosque nikah of a malawian is not allowed. Those who have a problem with Asians then don’t come to pray to our mosques.tell ur leaders to build ur own mosques in town The truth is Malawians hated albinos they killing albinos. Malawians hate us Asians cuz we rich that’s why they abuse us and robe us. No wonder this country is corrupted as the ppl are lazy for doing hard work… Read more »
Mr kaka Let me remind u that mosques built in towns like limbe blantyre and lilongwe are built by Asian muslims. And the committee members of the the mosque are only Asian. second thing black Malawian is not allowed to do nikah in limbe mosque. If anyone has a problem with Asians Don’t bother come to pray in our mosques. Ask ur leaders to build u separate mosque in limbe or lilongwe. Truth is Malawians hated albinos for their skin colour. Got them killed. Malawians are jealous of Asians cuz we rich. That’s why they rob us sum times. And… Read more »

I am not a Moslem but I grew up in a moslem sorrounding , it would be UNHEARD OF for a
woman to do anything at a mosque to the extent yoopseza anthu amuna. Please get
the story right poti Chothia’yo ndi wazochitika chitika zake payenela kuti pali makobili asowapo pamenepa

Luigi Borgnis

I know Mrs. Nazma Ishmael. Always been charming and dedicated muslim.

mwenye weni weni

go ahead and deport us you think we have no homes foseki !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The issue is personal.Leave the mosque aside.A woman has no power on to a masjid.Islam is the genuine religion of peace.Salam aleikum madam nazma.Go a head.Mzakwacha noordin,pretoria.+27724922299.

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