Introducing Zwexadaboz:‘A chain is no stronger than its weakest link!’

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing!” – Edmund Burke.

Time passes. The world changes. Everything changes. People change with time, status and environment in which they are in. Conversely, there is one thing that is invariable – and that is nothing but change.  Change is constant – whether for the better or for the worse, change is constant. Change is inevitably unavoidable and glossily inescapable.Zwex

Change, forced me to stop writing a column and the same change has forced me back into the fold and it feels good to be back  , especially because I missed the interaction with the most important people in every writer’s life, you the readers.

Yours truly, Zwexadaboz, is here for serious business and not here to please any Jack or Jill wielding power but to tell it as it is. Our business is to tell the truth without fear or favour. We are here to serve the masses and not the selected few. We will take no prisoners. We will expose and bring to light all the social ills in our society. We will name and shame. This is our promise.


Zwexadaboz is back not to ‘sugar-coat’ or hide the truth but to unravel it. We are driven by the words of one William Faulkner who once said: “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.” 

There couldn’t be a better time to come back as a columnist than when the online news source pacesetters, Nyasa Times is celebrating ten years of service – and yours truly is so thrilled and proud to be part of the story and history.

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old scribe, a description I emphatically reject, even though it happens to be two-thirds true. I can’t deny that the number of aspects of modern life that are starting to enrage, irritate, anger or tickle our catastrophe in our society or our once four ‘corner-stoned’ peaceful country is but increasing at an alarming rate.

So, for purposes of you dear readers’ amusement and my mental well-being (or possibly both, but in all likelihood neither) I thought I’d chuck a few of these bugbears out into a wider spectrum so that together we can ponder into the issues and see if we can effect change – a change for the better.

Incidentally, when I say it is two-thirds accurate to call me a grumpy old scribe, I precisely mean just that. I am 40 percent grumpy. Here, dear readers, I am making allowances for differing points of view – with a bit of judicious rounding up or down, or side to side, perhaps. Don’t worry much about the chicken mathematics.

The important stat is the first one: 40 percent grumpy. I am not by inclination or intellect a “back in my day kinda guy.” I don’t cry wolf, I just tell a tale as it is and I always thrive to strive to let my journalistic freak flag fly aloft, while at the same time always pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I never mind the ‘Buzzcocks.’

‘Devilish homo sapiens’

I reckon the world is, on balance, getting better. This is the best time to let the chips fall where they may, and try by all means, to live in harmony and be ‘good’ to each other, be brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. There’s no place to hide for the world now is now smaller than it was in the past. We now live in a global ‘cyber’ village. it is thus imperative to do good to all and sundry at all cost even if it means to do it by the skin of our teeth. Aren’t we all created in God’s image?

It is poignantly distressful and disturbing that some people are more devilish than the devil himself -evil than Lucifer. Human snakes. Some of these vile criminals are descendants of the devil and I am sure the hottest place in hell is reserved for them.

So, when I say “aspects of modern life” and “bugbears,” I am not talking about litter or simple bad manners or two of Malawi’s biggest teams fighting for an uncapped player, Jafali Chande for his signature – to be honest I don’t know what the hell was going on here – or established players chucking themselves over in the box to con a penalty or any of the usual things lethargic hopeless individuals do like writing lists of who shags who or indeed about faggots ‘bonking’  – that’s not  our business and that’s not what we will strive to dissipate time on in this column – our concern is about people stealing public funds, leaders being arrogant executively, raping and defiling women (and men) killing others and all the vices.

As with all reasonable people, I am concerned with the killing of our Albino brethren, the vulgar pilfering and thievery of public funds from the state coffers, ‘fantastically tactical corruption levels in our foreign embassies (High commissions) , abuse of power, nepotistic behaviours, conning people under the guise of religion and all the social ills in our country – the once God-fearing country which has now become a devil’s paradise.

I find the killing of innocent albinos idiotic and an unseemly behaviour. It is so sick to think that as a country we are watching helplessly as these sovereign children, who could well be sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, cousins of you and me, are being killed right under our nose and all we do is nothing to save them.

As Edmund Burke put it: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing…” we aptly believe that all the malevolence and iniquities taking place in our country and our societies is because we choose to keep quiet, act dumb or hide the truth or indeed choose to do nothing and we disregard the urge to act in earnest that by sitting on our laurels we perpetrate evil.

We foolishly fold our arms expecting a miracle to happen, we expect things to turn good by themselves for we now become a nation of believing in miracles – we have become idiotic faith-fools who when asked to type on social media utility, Facebook, we type ‘ AMEN’ with vigour and vitality hoping to receive blessings from God.

Some entrepreneurial men of God and devilish homo sapiens, even con us in broad daylight   to receive blessings and miracles by typing ‘Amen’ so we can have our drained bank accounts filled with miracle money and the idiot telling you to type Amen doesn’t even know your account details or indeed if you have one. What rubbish is this, amangwetu? Who told you God is on Facebook?

By typing Amen or whatever they command you to in exchange for miracles or is it blessing only makes them popular as it is only a ploy to boost their search engine. Be ‘technologically’ wise and stop being slaves of faith and religion.

By doing nothing about the evil that is taking place in our homes, communities, society, country and the world at large we are as guilty as those doing the heinous crimes to our beloved brethren. Man (woman) is man’s (woman’s) best enemy – Bola kanyama kamuyitinji!

As a country, we have become so deluded that we believe in anything stupid and I say and mean this in every sense of the word. It is doubly sickening that, even those in power not doing anything about it.

I didn’t know what to do when I read in the media that the Malawi Police, through the Malawi Police band, were busy doing a sensitization campaign against the killing of Albinos. Seriously?

It is not the duty of our police force, which by all standards lack resources (both material and human) to engage themselves in such acts instead of getting down to business with intelligence to establish who these criminals are and why they are doing what they are doing, and ultimately make sure that the vile criminals are brought to book to face the law. Munawona kuti akugwira anthu akuba, ambanda, okupha, a madyeramphoto, a utyopi kapena ugogodi ndi magitala kapena zing’wenyeng’wenye za bandi? Tamakhalani serious a Police chonde!

Does the Malawi Police really think by taking the Police band to communities in the villages will make those idiots stop killing the innocent souls? Do they really think that those doing the crime are that stupid?  Don’t they know that a clever hawk hides its claws?

If the police are busy doing a sensitization campaign, who will arrest the criminals? Is that not trying to get blood from a stone? What will the human rights campaigners, the glory-seeking activists and NGO’s be doing then? Can’t the police use the money wisely than go merrymaking in the communities in the name of sensitization? Why are we treating this issue, as serious as it is, with kid gloves? Why are we sending boys to do men’s job?

‘Sophisticated criminals’

Has the government established who the buyers of the so-called bones from the killed albinos are? Have the government agencies such as the National Intelligence Bureau really find out how the bones are used to make people rich as it is widely speculated?

This is a sophisticated crime, as such; it requires a rather modish and articulate ways of solving it. Please let the cobbler stick to his last for every cock crows upon his own dunghill.

Has the government tried to find out if the ritual killings have indeed got something to do with witchcraft to enrich people? If so why not arrest all the witchdoctors and get to the bottom of it? What has all this diabolic nonsense come from?

Do we remember the Chiradzulu serial murders where women had their eyes gauged out, breasts and privates cut off? Is any different?  After killing our mothers, aunties and sisters, nieces and cousins, did any Malawian became rich because of such vile acts?

And why are we letting this happening to us again? As a country didn’t we learn any lessons from the Chiradzulu murders or we just swept it under the carpet waiting for a miracle to make it all right?

With the benefit and wisdom of hindsight, we should know where all this is coming from and nip the problem in the bud.

I think that in retrospect, we are wrong as a country, not to have learnt anything from the Chilobwe blood-sucking saga, the Chiradzulu murders, the Nachipanti yarn et al.

The government, the opposition, NGOs and the people of Malawi must join hands to end this act of vitriol and stupidity against our own people. The government must take the lead. This is the time to show leadership and act tough, not bark like a dog that does not bite.

No one, absolutely no one should underestimate the pain, the heartache and the suffering the people are going through.

President Arthur Peter Mutharika and his government must recognise that it is Malawian(s) killing Malawians and that the enemy is within and therefore take it seriously by acting swiftly, and not paying lip service, even in this determinedly ‘miracle-waiting’ scapegoat society. The time is now to act with a somewhat ‘shit happens’ mentality.

A watched pot never boils. Act! Put the fire on, for the pot to boil. Lead the way with action not rhetoric, blubbering and howling like a hopeless owl.

I beseech President Mutharika, and his henchmen and women to take a lead and show character.  The time is now for President Mutharika to put a foot down and guide the country to put a stop to this slanting stupidity and imprudence because the devil is very busy, and no one knows better than the devil himself that nothing is stronger than its weakest part, as a chain is only as stronger than its weakest link.

Your Excellency Sir,  I humbly implore you as a bonafide son of the soil, to please take a lead to ‘unite us with a purpose’ to end it all wisely for if we are going to (admirably) become united as one people and not as a deluded and divided nation,  the obtusely moronic blood-thirsty criminals will be in hot water.

Until next week, let’s join hands and act together to end this nonsense.

So long, Zwex!


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6 years ago

It would appear you haven’t been reading while hibernating otherwise you would have known we have others writing on the same already may be even more succinctly….what’s new here is only your name…

6 years ago

Eh eh. Ine ai. Kuwelenga zonsezi? I think ndine okanika. Gotta improve. Smh

6 years ago

Liking the flair and the command. Most welcome and looking forward for more

6 years ago

It seems you’re one those upcoming colunmists,keep it up.We are here to follow.

The Analyst
The Analyst
6 years ago

Wow! A good start but long, yet a good start, still . . .

You seem to know what you are up to.
You seem to have class and style too.
It seems we shall have a good time here.

I just hope sitiikusupa chinyau chosavina iai.

6 years ago

koma m’mutu mwasala Kanthu?kasakaniza ameneyu?

6 years ago

It seems you’re one of those good colunmists.Keep it up,we are here to follow.

6 years ago

Wellcome Zwexadaboz, looking forward for more. It’s high time indeed the Munthalika government got to do something. It’s too ways they must stop killing or catch the killers

6 years ago

You should put a ‘Contents’ column at the top so we should just go straight to what interests us to read. Not plucking the feathers first just to end up with a palm size chicken!
Can you give us ‘news’ and well thought after conceptions please?? Most of u guys are failing greatly here, either you copy from each other or just put pen to paper to our bottle storechats!

6 years ago

Was this article about the heinous act of killing our albino brothers? If yes, then its purpose was diluted by too much verbose. Kuchuluka zosakaniza. Or the author was trying to (re)introduce himself with at least something to comment on? There was not much substance in the lengthy article really.

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