Jappie, Wa Jeffrey say North Malawi only hope is DPP: Assure completion of Jenda-Edingeni Road in Mzimba

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General, Greselder Jeffrey and Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jappie Mhango, have assured people of Mzimba that funds for construction of the remaining kilometres of Jenda-Edingeni Road are available and that work will resume soon.

Minister Mhango : Northern region will get development with DPP

Jeffrey and Mhango gave the assurance on Friday during a public meeting addressed at Embangweni in the area of Inkosi Mzukuzuku in the district.

The two leaders were responding to a request made by Inkosi Mzukuzuku who asked for the completion of the road to ease transport problems faced by people in the area.

“Only 15 kilometres of the road are constructed. The remaining distance is still causing problems to road users who include our Paramount Chief M’mbelwa, as he travels to and from Jenda,” said Inkosi Mzukuzuku.

The Transport and Public Works Minister said he was aware that about 37 kilometres of the road was not yet done and that construction would resume as soon as possible.

Mhango said the completion of Jenda Rural Growth Centre is a clear testimony that other projects in the district would also be completed.

He cited Mombera University as one of the projects initiated by President Arthur Peter Mutharika that would also be implemented in the district.

Commenting on vendors who buy agricultural produce such as maize from villagers at cheap prices, Jeffrey said traditional leaders should tell their subjects to refrain from selling their produce to such vendors.

She then assured the people that she would inform the President to consider opening ADMARC markets to enable farmers sell their produce at higher prices.

On politics, the Secretary General said she was happy that more people were joining DPP in the district.

About 33 people from Peoples Party and MCP joined the ruling party during the public meeting at Embangweni.

Speaking earlier, the Regional Governor for the North, Kenneth Sanga, advised DPP supporters to work hand in hand with the new members in order to strengthen the party in the district.

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12 thoughts on “Jappie, Wa Jeffrey say North Malawi only hope is DPP: Assure completion of Jenda-Edingeni Road in Mzimba”

  1. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    Dpp doesn’t build roads.Its money from from donors and tax payers.Osanamizapo anthu apa.Jappie and kaya uyu mumati Jeff wa Jeffrey.Just shut up.Fed up with this useless dpp propaganda.

  2. santana says:

    Winston Msowoya
    I always feel sorry when I read your comments. You are always emotional on trivial matters. The problem with you is that you don’t have an alternative party which is a hope to Malawians. You are always crying but you don’t give yourself courage to go into field and talk to all Tumbukas why they should stop supporting DPP.Instead what we hear and see on the ground is your fellow Tumbukas joining DPP. What you should know is that with or without the young Jappie wise tribesmen will still flock to the DPP. Records are there in black and white that DPP has supporters in the north, enough to make a DPP candidate win a parliamentary seat. What does this teach you?I am only asking you to hold your emotions and accept the political situation. You will not win this fight by contributing on Nyasa Times. There are big people out there in thousands who have been fighting to get rid of the DPP but they have now lost hope because they don’t see any candidate in the opposition who can make it in 2019. I ask you to start now giving the Chakweras campaign advice which can give them hope in the 2019 elections though we know that they will never make it. I know from deep down my heart that you Msowoya are among those who have thrown out the towel on the next elections. You don’t see any party to defeat DPP in the next elections that is why you have resorted to speak insults and write nonsense. Conduct a thorough study in the whole north. Find out how many people are ditching DPP and how many are joining it and at what rate. The truth will cause ulcers in your stomach. There is no alternative for the opposition. Just wait for another defeat in 2019.

  3. Mzika Yeni Yeni says:

    If I were Jappie Mhango, I would be talking this nonsense masana, but in the dark tell the people the truth of this nonsense DPP. I think this man smokes too much. He seems not even know the problem of this Road. A Jappie tamangodyani ndaramazo. Iwe na mdalayo ndimwe ba zeleza mukutiyendelamphiska ba Ku Mpoto. Kweni zuba ndimoza pela mwazamkujulika mumaso ndipo mwazamkusoba vyakuyowoya. Mzimba mulekeni ivyo mukayowoyenge kwinu pela.

    Chiuta wakuwona!!!!!

  4. Njolinjo says:

    In June 2019 Jappie will not be an MP regardless of how he talks. He was voted on an independent ticket and later decided to join the party of crooks. He will be given a very bitter lesson in 2019. If he is wise enough he should be making good financial savings for this opportunity will not be there for him in 2019. Once he loses the sit DPP will have nothing to do with him even when the party retains power, a thing which remains doubtful at the moment given the perception the nation has against DPP with regard to matters of corruption.

  5. watipa says:

    Jappie onse amene ali ku MCP aliku DPP , if ndili nganganga pa mbuyo pa chakwera musanamize apa quota system has killed DPP in the north, Jappie you cannot cheat us

  6. mtete says:

    DPP? M’mphechepeche mwa njobvu sapitamo kawiri .The same goes for UDF and PP. let’s try something else. Post 1993 MCP, in Multiparty Democracy, has not been tested. A Ku m’poto mufera zomwezi, kukonda kusiya a muna. With UDF today, then married to DPP today, ditching him a few days later before being engaged to DPP again. U Hule umeneyo. You will find MCP a trustful company.bJust try.

  7. Bridget says:

    I dont know if this guy has his bent cobra beneath his navel now straightened? A man with crooked shaft that can gorge female genital!

  8. Watipa says:

    Be quiet Jappie you are busy defending DPP on 15km road and see the roads in southern Region.Shame on you

  9. AMDALABAMBO says:


  10. vyantonda says:

    omwe aja unawawuza ukuti sadzalamulila dziko ok

  11. winston msowoya says:

    Jappie,whatever the case,you and your corrupt DPP,your days are numbered.You are very wrong and idiotic to underrate the thinking of the Northerners.Wabila pa chandi msana ukuoneka.Traitors always are victims of circumstances,we know very well that you are not a patriot,you have just been attracted by finances of which,I can assure that you will never enjoy it.DPP is just using you for their own interests hence,you will regret for the rest of you life.The funds which are going to be used in the construction of the Jenda-Edingeni road,do not belong to DPP OR Muthalika himself,the funds are the sweat of the Malawian people,northerners inclusive therefore,they are entitled to use it for Malawians of all stripes.But remember Jappie,you have lost your SOUL and that,we Northerners including our patriotic brothers and sisters from the South and Central Malawi will live to condemn you for the rest of their lives,TAKE HEED,ADIOS AMIGO!!!!!

  12. Brown man says:

    Talk,talk,talk and even talk more… because that’s what brings food on your tables kaki ministers!!

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