K2.4bn Teveta-gate: Three bosses sent on forced leave, under probe

Executive Director for  technical Entrepreneural and Vocational and Education Training Authority (Teveta), Ndione Chauluka has been sent on forced leave pending investigations for abuse of about K2.4 billion, Nyasa Times understands.

Chauluka: On forced leave

Chauluka has been sent on leave together with Director of Training Programs Modesto Gomani  and Director of Finance  Elwin Sichiola.

They are suspected to have funded a project called ‘Tsogola Langa’ without the knowledge and approval of TEVETA board.

When contacted for comment, Chauluka told Nyasa Times briefly confirmed that he is on “leave.”

But Teveta’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Lewis Msasa confirmed the three were on “ 30-day forced leave.”

He said: “They have been sent on 30-day leave to allow for investigations into the allegations.”

According to Msasa, the three will continue getting pay during their leave.

Sources say, Teveta  is being abused by some people like Malawi Communications and Regulatory Authority (MACRA) to be a cash-cow for political activites.

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20 thoughts on “K2.4bn Teveta-gate: Three bosses sent on forced leave, under probe”

  1. Zude says:

    Mpaka a Elwin Sichiola??Si inu nomwe mumakhala busy kupangitsa ma workshop omwe mumawatcha “Fraud management”yet you are in the forefront doing the same,,shame on you.I just hope bwana Tokha Manyungwa is not a disgrace like you.mwayalukatu apa.mbava..

  2. okwiya says:

    Alomwe inu koma vuto ndi chani? Boma ili ndiye mbola.
    May the Lord help us and get rid of these people as soon as possible

  3. Mjibanji says:

    We were just wondering how one CEO could just wake up one morning and start erecting seven mansions in one compound and all at once.

  4. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Yiii! Mr Dr. Chauluka, as well.

  5. benjones says:

    Malawi should recalled a country of cashgate

  6. Linje says:

    It’s not strange for Chauluka to do this. I remember him personally p0cketing 20 million out of the 40 million Lulwe road seasonal upgrade in nsanje a few years ago_through sheer inflation of the cost of materials and bribing of quantity surveyors and road engineers. He loves money like fish is to water.

  7. Nyopex says:

    Zintha izi? Vuto ndilakuti akuluakuluso kuyambila ku Sanjikako ali momo muumbava ukuchitika mubomamu.

  8. Maize says:

    Malawi doesnt have a President

  9. khanyiziral says:

    Nanga a ESCOM aja anakana kuwapanga audit aja muti nawo bwanji? Mwayi ukapezeka tiyeni nazoni basi. CONGRATULATIONS TEVETA BOSSES tonse tikufuna ndalama nanga adzidya okha pamene msonkho nafe tikulipila?

  10. masa says:

    Stealing is a matter of character. it is prevalent among both the educated/professionals and uneducated. What we should be doing as country is to make it difficult or impossible for individuals who are thieves to get jobs.

  11. Mr Kusolola says:

    Big mistake was made in May 2014 when 36% of Malawians voted for what was clearly a clueless and headless chicken in the name of APM. Coupled with high level of illiteracy the nation is hopeless and until God decides to intervene in his own way, Malawians will not cease to cry like fool who get thirst in the abundance of water.

  12. lemson says:

    Sanalakwe, aliyense akuba masiku ano cos of our currupt government. Nanga adzidya okha? Atayeni!

  13. Sound says:

    What do you expect with Sam Madula being the PS there? I saw this coming.

    1. simulemba says:

      Sam Madula chonde is not part of TEVETA. He might be your enemy but on this one spare him and understand that PSs are not involved in the running of parastatals. In addition the agreement was between TEVETA and Tsogolo langa was signed before that Madula guy was not in Labour. As an employee in labour i would rather have Madula as my PS because he is one of the few PSs who takes decisions and understands Govt osati what we had in the past. A guy who treats you as a person ndipo wachifundo. He doesnt behave ngati bwana carries his things doesnt keep files without action for too long. I now understand why some of you hate him but at Labour he is a mighty blessing. Hate him or love him he is what Malawi needs as a leader. Just have a life chonde otherwise you will retire poor. We thank God for the 6 months Madula has been with us not Kalirangwe and others.

    2. Zoona says:

      Hahaha mwapala Sam Madula was not in Labour when the MOU was signed. Secondly chonde its MK150 million not the figure you are quoting. Thirdly ife ku Ministry of Labour we thank God for Madula we never knew that in Govt there are such good PSs ngati Madula. A very simple, competent and a man who consults. I have been in Labour for more than 16 years it is now that am enjoying my work. Osati the Kalirangwes etc.

  14. Limbani Limbani says:

    This abuse is far less than the plunder that is being tolerated at Central Medical Stores. Three main guys are used in the plunder Mr Kaupa a dunderhead CEO with very limited knowledge, then a Dr Chisale who is supposed to be home retired and resting since he is above mandatory retirement age of 60 in public service and also happens to be the most incompetent pharmacist and lastly a Mr Fombe the most Incompetent procurement manager but very efficient conman. Government and CMS Board need to seriously investigate dealings at CMS especially procurements and will appreciate the mother of all abuses. Perhaps more effective will be a probe by a Parliamentary Committee responsible and not by Ministry of Health as the Minister is a close friend of the managers who he takes on trips to China.. As suppliers we are tired and also feel the pain and loss that are continually being inflicted by these bosses of CMS together with their very ineffective board.

  15. Vin Mongu says:

    This is statutory good practice until investigations are over. so its strange that president has to be forced to have due diligence done. strange to have educated people behave life uneducated ones.

  16. Vyatola says:

    Now wonder donors will never be closer to this govt making innocent malawians suffer by the way who is the Minister responsible for that organisation tichedwepo apa

  17. Nyekhu says:

    Peter Mutharika, dziko akuliwononga. People akuba because he is condoning corruption. Every day we hear about kuba koma Peter still says sakuwadziwa. Our opposition is too quiet to check APM. Too pathetic

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