Kabwila rejects ‘Judas Scalliot’ tag: Lashes out at fellow MCP MPs

Malawi Congress Party(MCP)  Salima North-West Member of Parliament (MP) Dr Jessie  Kabwila has refuted reports circulation on social media that she was in South Africa to meet ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Field Marshall Dr Ben Phiri ,  accusing her fellow party MP’s of ‘cyber bullying’ her.

Bone of contention: Kabwila with Ben Phiri

Kabwila denies being sell out

Kabwila told a news conference in Lilongwe to  explain on a picture which has gone viral on social media in which the MCP legislature was captured at OR Tambo airport in South Africa on her way from other engagements in her capacity as SADC Women Parliament Caucus Chairperson, which is also showing Ben Phiri talking to her.

The outspoken MP said it is very unfortunate that some members within MCP are  spreading wrong  information with intent to finish her off politicall.

“I am really saddened with the kind of treatment that I have been receiving from the MCP membership which is clearly aimed at weakening my political survival among my constituents. The lies being propagated by own family is now reaching the people who put me here and the people I serve. The intention of the proponents of these lies want to finish me politically that is why they are targeting the voters in Salima North-West,” she said.

Kabwila clarified  that she went to South Africa to attend two conferences owing to her position as SADC Women Parliament Caucus Chairperson and not under the sponsorship of any political party.

“I am loyal to this country; everything I do is for the benefit of Malawians. I went there to push for an agenda that is good for all Malawians which was not even political in nature. And besides, Ben Phiri is a Malawian and nothing can stop me from greeting him everywhere I can meet him,” she said.

In a thread which she shared with members of the press extracted from some whatsapp forum for MCP MPs, MCP MP for Kasungu Central Amon Nkhata, labels Kabwila as ‘Judas Scalliot’ accusing her being behind all the confusion that is currently reigning the oldest party.

“Kabwila ukudzatani kuno ku Jo’burg? What business is there between you and Ben Phiri of DPP? Kabwila you are MP for MCP and Ben is for DPP, what mission do you have towards MCP squabbles? Now we see Kabwila is njoka mu udzu though she looks innocent,” reads part of the text which Nkhata posted on the forum captioning the picture in question.

In the same text which was made at 11:02 PM on the day Kabwila arrived from SA, Nkhata went on calling her names like ‘Nkholokolo’, a sellout, a crook who is betraying MCP because of money.

When pressed on what she makes of her political future in the party considering the treatment that she is being subjected to at the moment, the former university of Malawi lecture only said time will tell.


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Don’t worry this just shows the true colors of MCP they look like they love each other but they are crocodiles…… Kabwila is just a good Lady who loves everybody. I wonder is it long to greet somebody who belongs to a diffrent political party???? Chonde a Malawi tiyeni tizikondana kusiyana zipani isakhale nkhani no!!! no! abale. Shaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!


Mbuli ku MCP ziliko ndithu, kumvetsa chisoni. Leave Kabwila alone zilimbani malebwedelebwede nokhanokha.


Palibe nkhani apa. A Chakwera ndi ma MP ena a MCP amadya kwa Mia. Mia is PP. he is just fooling MCP. Kabwira, don’t worry, give your constituency the best. You will win in 2019.

Dipipi wa Yudiefu
The lady is not behaving or acting like an intelligent university lecturer especially if indeed she wants to stick in politics. Has she not heard before that the confusion she brought in her party is DPP sponsored. Surely she should not expect those in MCP to be quiet after having been clearly seen with a DPP person (who himself has had questionable behaviour in the party). The problem is that she is a kamvanzanga. Last time she had difficulties explaining how she was found in Peter Muthalika’s plane when she was traveling back to Malawi from SA. That time she… Read more »
concerned one

kabwila is atraitor…. awoman of no hope ………but should not forgert that pa centre munthu akachoka MCP ndiye kutiso watsazika ku parliament…..where is MTABA was once called acomputer, where is Binton kutsaira,Cris Daza,sosten Ngwenwe now is back,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Gugulethu Banda
If a woman of Jessie Kabwila’s calibre is being tossed like this, what hope do we have for more women to participate in politics. You call her all sorts of names, you do not check the source of your information and you make conclusions from rumours. Guys lets love our country and respect those in leadership, if this lady has regional recognition to this extent, what a mockery when we her fellow citizens try to bring her down- yes time will tell and at least she has a career that is solid, including international awards! No fear my sister.

Amon Nkhata is one confusionist himself, he fears losing his Kasungu Central Seat and now starts meddling in the affairs for Kasungu East whose M.P is Alex Major


Kabwila there is no secrecy on this earth, I think you better just go to dpp and join them. We did not know that you a mamba in grass. More dangerous than Judas Scalliot. Dont blame MCP members blame yourself and you finish yourself. Is Ben Phiri also in the Women Caucas you idiot. MCP is tight and you realize too after 17 by-elections. Ben ndi mbava zimenezo just to look at picture you are gone. Mbavazo zikudziwa kuti MCP once in power they destination is Maula Prison.

Binnwell Kachikopa

Can she be shown the above photo and refute that association! Simple and straight forward.


Colleagues, you mean Hon. Kabwila could not have greeted Ben Phiri because he is DPP member? Hon. Nkhata, come on in this century that type of thinking is not good. Unless you have some information then it is unfortunate that you think Hon. Kabwila could not greet fellow Malawian on the basis of party belongings. Learn to be civilzed Hon. Nkhata..

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