Kachali must make up his mind

Khumbo Kachali must make up his mind. And fast!

President Mutharika with former Vice President Kachali

President Mutharika with former Vice President Kachali

Is his long-term ambition to take over the national leadership of the Peoples Party (PP)? Or does he want to be the leader of PP in the Northern Region—Mzimba, to be precise, because beyond the district one doesn’t get the impression he has anyone else in his corner?

PP is embroiled in a leadership conflict and it doesn’t seem it will let up anytime soon. While its bona fide national leader (Joyce Banda) has flown the coop, its putative leader (Uladi Mussa) is struggling for recognition and acceptance in a party that has lost all of its elected vice presidents, not to mention their replacements.

The Northern Region, particularly, has not been too kind on—and receptive to—Mussa’s leadership; what with his rally in Mzuzu being aborted after “thugs” disrupted it in protest at the sacking of the party’s erstwhile provincial chairperson, Rev Mzomera Ngwira.

The protesting Northern Region faction also demanded Kachali to lead PP and also made their disdain for Mussa plain, contending they were weary of people who failed to gain the party’s mandate at the convention foisted on them as leaders—a thinly veiled reference to Mussa. But a disenchanted mob hardly carries the legitimacy of a convention.

Ironical, it seems, that a faction that has recoiled at the thought of having unelected leaders imposed on the party is itself advocating for the very thing it has expressed moral umbrage against. Of course, Kachali may have been elected PP vice president, but he forfeited his claim to that or any position in the party when he walked away in a fit of anger.

The chaos in PP’s Northern Region apparatus needs someone with a cool head to tame the tempers. So far, Kachali has not offered that leadership. His tactic has been to position himself away from—but near—the spotlight.

He could easily have staged a palace coup of sorts, but he is holding his cards close to his chest. Move swiftly, he could be accused of capriciousness and hunger for power. Move slower and away from the limelight, he could be usurped. People like Mzomera Ngwira have offered themselves as sacrificial lambs in Kachali’s quest for leadership. But the former Vice President is playing a dangerous game.

Like William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in the eponymously named play, Kachali has refused to stage a coup or to accept the crown when the putative coup leader, Mzomera Ngwira offered it him last year.

But if he wants to become PP’s national leader he must be bold, assertive and begin to build coalitions of like-minded people—and foes alike—within the party and beyond Mzuzu.

However, if Kachali’s idea of building the party—his stated aim—is by razing it to the ground and start from them, he is doing a marvellous job at it. But time—and people’s perception of his leadership style—may not be on his side.

  • The article first appeared in the Weekend Nation
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Kachali kuyipa nkhope ndi mtima womwe. Clueless dog that uses a dick to think instead of brains


The problem with Malawian politicians are short-term thinkers and fail miserably to strategize their political life except few cases. In USA, being a republican, you will grow, mature and die as a republican and its the same with the democrats. Its about ideology and where the wind is blowing! As one who presided as a Vice-president of the republic and cannot just wake up and endorse someone of a different party! That great stupidity of its kind. Later you come back to be as leader of the party? That level of stupidity only happens in Malawi!

George Kamanga
Khumbo Kachali ndiwe chindere chakumala. You will never be a leader in any party in this land. You are a greedy and heartless man. You want to have all in your pocket. The day you did a dirty game by ditching the one who made someone is the day you declared your downfall to the grave. As many innocent Malawians are dying in the hands of this illegitimate DPP government is the same way you will end your life in this land. The only way for you to come out is to publicly apologize to Malawians that you did the… Read more »

To choose PP president from the north at this time they shall gain nothing,rev. Zomera ngwira is an empty tin full of noise,it will take 15 to 20 term turns for northers to rule the nation,we can refer Kachali as khope bird who don’t have stable mind,PP contain poor minded politicians who have no future at all compare to MCP and DPP,Mr kachali wait for your turn,join hands with uladi Mussa to build the party,Atumbuka azanga kuzikonda.

The Analyst
O………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O Kachali is an epitome of shamelessness and opportunism; a soldier royal to no flag; a citizen belonging to no country; a wife’s place – a nest for no single man; Simply put; a mad man. . . . Does it matter therefore whatever decision comes from such a man? when we all know that a mad man’s decision profits no one, not even himself? . . . Can anyone, in their right mind therefore, ask such a mindless person to make up their mind? when it is an open secret that the person doesnt even have a mind or… Read more »

Kachali is double faced, he’s not a material politically.
He doesn’t control the whole north no no no.
He at last moment ENDORSED apm at mzimba rally, actually hes dpp.

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