Kaliati likens Mutharika to biblical figure Joseph: Refers to Bishop Msusa sermon

Minister of Gender, Patricia Kaliati has likened President Peter Mutharika to biblical figure Joseph who emerged from a snakepit and led his people.

Bishop Msusa with 'Joseph' Peter Mutharika

Bishop Msusa with ‘Joseph’ Peter Mutharika

Kaliati speaking at Sanjika Palace on Sunday after a national service of worship that was held at Comesa Hall in Blantyre to mark Malawi’s 51st Independence Anniversary Celebrations directly referred to a sermon by Archbishop Thomas Msusa of the Blantyre Archdiocese of the Catholic Church and chairperson of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi..

The prayers were conducted under the theme Building a Responsible Nation, Trusting in God for Economic Transformation and the leading scripture text came from Psalms 127 verse 1.

Bishop Msusa preaching dwelled on leaders and their helpers in reference Mutharika’s reading about Joseph and his master Pharaoh, also touched on issues of security breakdown, abductions and killings of persons with albinism albino as well as police killings that have shaken the country lately.

He said the conduct of some leaders has led to the economic underperformance of the country as they in most cases indulge in corruption.

Msusa also wondered why leaders appoint many advisers to help them in various affairs of the state.

According to Msusa, some of the advisers make the leaders fail.

“Sometimes the advisers that we appoint [contribute] to the downfall of our leadership. We need to be clear on why we need some of these advisers,” he said.

“ As we are now, Malawi needs leaders who are transformative if [the country] is to enjoy economic growth,” said the bishop of the influential Catholic church.

“The only way to develop this nation is to have morals. This can only be done by fearing the Lord , a nation which does not fear the Lord will not be afraid of committing sins which result in abuse of resources, corruption and waste of tax payers money which could have been used to develop this nation.” he said.

Speaking at Sanjika Palace during his inauguration as Champion for Higher Education in Africa by Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (Ruforum), Kaliati a church-going Catholic referred to the sermon, likening Mutharika to biblical figure Joseph.

The President’s brother, Bingu wa Mutharika who ruled Malawi from 2004 to 2012 when he succumbed to cardiac arrest, was referred to the biblical Moses

He was portrayed a as the new Moses – Mose wa Lero. A glorification of Bingu wa Mutharikawas based on essentially three themes: ending hunger, new infrastructure projects and foresighted leadership.

However, notwithstanding all such achievements, Bingu’s presidency was marked by some of the worst cases of human rights abuses that to many, overshadowed the economic and infrastructural successes of his era.

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you woman do not make all ladies in malawi that are dull. Joseph was a shining star and is our todays model. Know the word of God and help others accordingly. If you want to please man you are under doom. God forbids.Catholics please take this lady to task because God is not a simple chidole to play with. Have mercy upon us Malawians.


The sermon was very clear except for someone who doesn’t understand like kaliati. The bishop said honest leaders shouldnt surround themselves with such advisors like kaliati. the Bishop further said that many advisors are useless so this answers it all.

Rodgers Banda

Where these references of biblical Joseph and Moses coming from devil’s brigadier or arc angel of satan in this church? I can’t believe this. I didn’t know that we have such people in Malawi


The problem of voting prostitutes to higher offices. They want to use propaganda to seduce APM that he is Joseph son of Jacob.

Hot Iron

Was Bingu the Pharaoh of Joseph’s time? I think Msusa’s sermon was a warning to Mutharika to desist from being a Pharaoh of this era- to avoid presiding over oppression of God’s creation. Kaliati is good at glorification of those in leadership for want of money and missed the truth in the sermon earlier.

Suthasiri Mikaele

My Korean neighbor ate my dog!


Malawi unite. Three pillars Patriotism, integrity and hard work. Can patriotism work in the face of Nepotism? The president and all other leaders must work to end nepotism. Only the best citizen should be allowed to occupy leadership positions in this country. Not the Kaliats who only know how to make the president recognize them using cheap politics.


To my understanding what the bishop preached is quite defferent from what this mama
Kaliati is claiming

Anyway takumvani

Mayi a Buledi

true this lady does not understand spiritual readings and translations of the same.

Phela Endaba
Zomvetsa chisoni kumva mawu oti Pitala ali monga Joseph kuchokera kwa a Patricia Kaliati omwe ndi nkatolika ndithu. Zikadakhala zotheka kuwadula kumpingo a Kaliatiwa zidakatipatsa ulemu oposa ife akhilisitu a chiKatolika. Ndife amanyanzi kukhala ndi akhilisitu eniake monga a Patricia osaopa kupereka matamando kwa anthu osayenera kulandira matamando otere. Ndikuchimwa kwakukulu kupereka maina a anthu oyera mwa njira zotere. Ngati a Patricia adalandiladi ubatizo ndi kutsatira maphunziro a katekisimu wa chiKatolika anayenera kupewa kulankhula zinthu zotero. Nthawi zambiri izi zimakwiitsa Mulungu ndipo tingalandire nazo chilango mchipani ngakhalenso m’dziko. Ngati tikulifunira zabwino dzikoli a Patricia akuyenera abwezetse mawu awo (withdraw the… Read more »

Joseph!? This sleepy man?? APM has literally done nothing and he will certainly do nothing in the next 5 years. He must be already a very worried man because he knows the truth. He is simply mentally challenged for the job. He must be looking forward to a day he will sneak back to Washington in disgrace after the the most dismal performance ever!

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