Kaliati put ‘spin’ on First Lady absence to meeting Malawi ex-president addressed

Malawi’s Minister of Gender Patricia Kaliati has put a positive spin on the country’s First Lady, Gertrude Mutharika, abscence at  a First Ladies meeting during the UN General Assembly because one of the panelists was former Malawi president Joyce Banda.

Speaking in New York  with Nyasa Times on Monday, Kaliati said Mutharika delegated her to attend the meeting because on the day  the First  Lady  had two seperate meetings with the leadership of two organisations that have agreed to provide support towards the development of Malawi through Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM).

Kaliati: First Lady  does not wish to be dragged into innuendo mongering.
Kaliati: First Lady does not wish to be dragged into innuendo mongering.

“The day she is said to have boycotted the meeting of First ladies, the Malawi First Lady secured two very important deals for the development of the country,” Kaliati disclosed.

According to the gender minister, on the day Mutharika met with the President of Delivering Hope, an American charity, who pledged to provide an aircraft as his contribution towards BEAM.

On the same day Mutharika, Kaliati said, met with an expert in the problem of autism who also agreed to provide technical assistance to Malawi to enable the country deal with the problem.

“As you can see, on the day she is said to have not attended the First Ladies meeting because of the presence of Dr Joyce Banda, our First Lady had very important tasks for the country,” said Kaliati.

The Gender Minister said Mutharika is a respectable woman who does not wish to be dragged into petty gossip and innuendo mongering.

“Our First Lady’s demeanor is that she does not want to be dragged into small talk that does not help the country,” said Kaliati.

The minister said she does not understand how Mutharika could have avoided the First Ladies meeting because of the presence of the former president of Malawi.

“Sometimes we should feel ashamed as a country when to bring on the international stage the petty politics that some people practice in Malawi,” said Kaliati.

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6 years ago

unduna olowedza ndi choncho siuziwa chomwe chikuchtika kkkkkkkkkk kungokwera nawo bora uoi lhomwe dzaimitu

6 years ago


6 years ago

Sanalunkhule chilomwe mayi uyu ku USA amvekere on behalf of mayi Muntharika, ndatumidwa kuti iwowo sabwera, ali kumsonkhano wina wofunikla kuposa uwu, ooh sorry she has boycotted coz Mama JB is here. kkkk

6 years ago

Gentlemen, these United Nations meetings are not as formal as you my think. Many people do attend, it is a huge hall hereby some of these aforesaid big names do not even bump into each other. what is this fuss all bout? I was in Ethiopia recently, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Mlinda etc were all present , more than 250 deviates . Even Getude Mask did not even matter!

6 years ago

the protocol braking dogs. kaliati kkkkkk shame on u. unganene kuti za JB ndizosathaniza dziko la malawi. nchifukwa chake tikufuna Fedulo kuti tithane nanu amphawi adyera kukamwa ngati kuthako kwa getuluda

6 years ago

This is a disorganised Govt. So many spokespersons and so many cooks, in what capacity is kaliati making this statement? apa nde boma laBOOOOOKA!!!!! Is Peter muthalika really in control???

6 years ago

Mr Hubert, you have shown yourself that ur the dumbest person on earth. How can a President or first lady be always delegating Minister of Gender to speak for them. Do you mean that they don’t trust their communication/ Press officers whom they appointed themselves.The fact that ur a lomwe or a yao does not mean that u have to defend where their’s no defence. Stupid fool.

6 years ago

Is she the minister of Gender kapena Information?

Issa Kabudu
Issa Kabudu
6 years ago

More fire – time and time again, our ex-president must work towards government development, schedule her routes accordingly, avoid any bad publicity and be desclplined, she can bounce back even as an opposition leader but active politician. But she is damaging her own eggs….ndatha ine wanu.

6 years ago

Petty politics. Let us focus on issues that will lead to progress in Malawi, Zamiseche ife tatopa nazo.

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