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umbuli wachulukadi inu mungamuze Kaliati kuti asiye zomwe akukamba koma akambe za zachitetezo ndizachuma? Kulibe nduna yazimenezo?

Zabwino yamikani amalawi, Kaliati ndinduna yochangalama athakukwanitsa kugwila ngatinduna munduna wosianasiana atasinthidwa. Keep it up madam!!


Am personally tired of this Mkando girl- Kaliyati. She is a liabillity to the government and not an asset. Empty tins ………………………………………..noise.


Umbuli wachuluka pa Malawi it is so sad.the comments here just proves it


Koma akweni simukukongola nthupi lanu lilikuti azungu aja ndichibadwa.

Some of the comments here leave much to be desired. You surely do not expect everyone to abandon his or her responsibilities to focus a single project of poverty economic improvement. There are surely people who are appointed to do so. Social responsibility is one of the most crucial roles in any country. I am glad that some one is taking the bull by its horn on this issue. Malawi has indeed the highest statistics of paedofiles. In the past this problem was overlooked. If we are to realize a better future economically and socially we must eradicate any form… Read more »
sain it like it is

oh yes csn we also raise concern about your face?this is getting out of hand wtf?


Ndoza nzanga wakachasu ndi kindi uyu

Malawi gin

Daily the issue from kaliati is about defilement zaziiiiiii. Instead of concetrating on how to curb the economic ailments the country is undergoing.


Super minister who is always active and does not fear advancing the agenda for women empowerment. Yes, married need to look for satisfaction elsewhere if husbands can’t leave up to their marital obligation. Lobola or dowry is an outdated cultural practice which needs yo be abandoned. We now have women who are high earners and breadwinners who do not need to be dominated by men.


Siyani zonsezo start concetrating on security issues bcoz nowdays the World is becoming unsafe to live in. Terrorist are preparing to attack the world. Be aware of that pls.