Karonga couple ‘burned to death’ by mob: Witchcraft accusation

An enraged mob of Mtendere Village of Traditional Authority Kyungu in Karonga assualted  and set ablaze a couple on witchcraft suspicion that they were responsible for the mysterious crocodile attacks which has been happening in the community.

Gruesome murder: Jungle justice in Karonga

Gruesome murder: Jungle justice in Karonga

The couple were burned to ashes, relatives who witnessed the horrific attack revealed.

According to Karonga Police Spokesperson Enock Livasoni, for the past three weeks, three people have been killed by a mysterious crocodile which exist in a village nearby river hence the residents suspected that it belongs to the couple.

Livasoni identified the mob justice victims as a 76 old man Taipi Vinkhumbo of Mtendere village Traditional Authority Kyungu and a 65 old woman Marinara Vinkhumbo of Mwanyesha village in the same area.

“The couple was being suspected of practicing witchcraft due to the death of three people who were attacked by crocodile for the past three weeks,” said Rivasoni.

“They were assaulted and then the mob took them to their home kitchen where they burned the victims inside. We only found ashes and no body.”

The couple were screaming, begging for mercy and saying they have not committed any sin.

Meanwhile, Livasoni said no arrest has been made as investigations are still under way.

He said the suspicion of witchcraft was unfounded.

Karonga District Council chairperson Patrick Kisyombe said the council will come up with by-laws to protect people accused of witchcraft, saying some of accusations “are out of jealousy. “

He said: “When someone is doing well they are often suspected of witchcraft, so we need to protect people by coming up with by-laws.”

There are beliefs in Karonga that people breed magical crocodiles to attack their enemies. A number of people have been victims of crocodile attacks allegedly initiated by their foes although there is no proof.

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Apolisi gwiranipo ntchito yanu kuti mchitidwe uwu utheretu no one is above the law only court can pass judgment in Malawi & only God in heaven. Malawians don’t take for granted moyo wa mzanu chonde

Ephet Mtopo Banda

Its complicated

the little Guru
the question of witchcraft has a lot of problems; one is the problem of vocabulary. etymologically speaking, the word witchcraft comes from the old English “wicca” which comes to mean SORCERY. but sorcery is the same thing with witchcraft. And the chichewa UFUTI means all sorts of evil powers. there problem is the mysterious nature of its existence many people believe and practice witchcraft and yet it cannot be verified. the philosophers Spinoza and Hobbes said witchcraft was philosophically inconceivable. but there is a problem, people are loosing their lives, the reputations of a great numbers of people have been… Read more »

guys osamatukwana

Joyce Hildah Banda

Karonga people get out of your blankets. God will punish you.

Ochemwari Onachisale

This is barbaric


NO 18 BITON WAKALE; Ngati kwanu amanena iwe kuti ndiwe waphunzira ndiye amakunamiza ndi JC yakoyo.Hule timamuwona,wakumba timamuona.Ufiti amawona ndani? ndipo ufiti mukati mumawona bwanji osagwira Ng”ona zoo ndi kuwonesa anthu ngati empirical evidence? Bitoni umbuli wanu ndiwopanda logic.Nanga Ng”ona zimene mwazisiya zakezo zisiya kupha?Nanga ng’ona kwanuko sizizaphaso anthu?Mbuli zachiwondo.


KARONGA; one business was nearly burnt, his guns assist him and his family, white man was shot at Mufwa and killed,Albino was cut in the neck,Dc was nearly burnt down,today; two old couple have been burnt, one village headman has been axed and killed.Khonde is one of very uneducated tribes in Malawi.


Too bad


This is one of ten indicators of uncivilized life. Christianity or Islam started over 100 yrs ago butl over 90% of Malawi still believing in witchcraft.We cannot hear such barbaric stories in Europe where people are civilized

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