Kasaila tenders ‘evidence’ in Parliament of MCP killings in Nsanje

Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development Francis Kasaila has tendered what he calls his evidence  to Parliament chronicling abuses and killings of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in Nsanje when it was ruling in one party state.

Kasaila: MCP only had a prison in Nsanje and thet used it to kill political opponents

Kasaila had claimed in the House last week that during MCP regin Nsanje was not developed but it had only a prison where they were killing people.

The Speaker had ordered him to present evidence to substantiate his claims.

Presenting his evidence, Kasaila saidto  First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje: “ I am supposed to give you evidence but I also promised Malawians that I will give you the evidence . Allow me that I should inform Malawians about the evidence that is available so that people know that indeed I was speaking the truth and nothing but the truth that under the MCP rule, a lot of people died in Nsanje Prison.”

First Deputy Speaker, who is a legislator from Nsanje like Kasaila, said according to the procedure and practice of the House  when a Member brings the evidence, the MP should rise and confirm that has  the evidence and the speaker can call the Sergeant-at-Arms to collect the evidence and bring it to me.

She asked the Minister of Labour to submit what he has to the Sergeant-at-Arms since he already indicated that he has the evidence.

The Sergeant-at-Arms Perry Mmanga received the papers from the Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development and submitted them to the First Deputy Speaker.

The deputy speaker informed the House after seeing this evidence she will not make a determination until until it is studies.

“Meanwhile, I will also make an order for the evidence to be photocopied and circulated in the House for the information of Honourable Members. After that is when I will make a determination on the evidence,” she said.

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kasaila kudera kwako watululako ndiwe bakha eti why kuloza chala mcp sukudziwa kuti dpp ikutsazika come 2019


a kasaila mwakula pa mchombo liti a dpp ma thugs ngati achina masangwi anapha chasowa a china ngalande kulanda akazi a eni chipani chokhala ndi ma cadet ndipo mu 2019 munya ndipo muluza ndithu tatopa nazo magesti ndi amene akuvuta mukufuna anthu azichindana mu mdima ndi khalidwe limenelo?


There no debate on this issue, the question is, was it MCP or individuals in MCP? The evidence he needs to show should provide written evidence that the party was really sanctioning this in its meetings.

Nsanje Lalanje
There was genocide in Rwanda but the country has moved on,. Germany Killed 6 million Jews, the country has moved on. And we have this stupid Kasaila to talk about MCP killing in Nsanje. If you have evidence mention who was involved. We also have not been told who massacred 20 innocent Malawians in Mzuzu and the innocent student at Poly. it will be pleasing for this Kasaila to bring evidence and mention names. I am sure the one who gave him evidence about MCP has evidence on these other killings. May be you are getting it from Dauisi and… Read more »

Dangerous Dave, if you believe that those beloved Malawians who suffered under MCP were not innocent, please tell Malawians the crime that Matenje, Gadama, Sangala and Chiwanga committed for them to be murdered by MCP.
Akulu mpaka kumasapota anthu akuba madzi? Shame!!!!


Vote ya pano pa Nyasatimes, seems M.C.P has majority than D.P.P, why is it like this?


I think there is a need of reformation in Dpp. We don’t need to waste time and money on this. Photocopying the do called evidence for wow MP s is a joke of the century. Malawi is in dire need of electricity. Instead of being busy planning and strategizing,Kasaila is busy politicking. This is shameful and stupidity at its best. I am shocked and angry.

Its a waste of time to talk about past MCP atrocities. DPP is a party of thugs, thieves and con specialists. Anyone who will vote for DPP will do so at their own peril. This country is the darkest, and most backward in Africa because of DPP leadership. Take for a fact the current power blackouts in the currently. Businesses can function, while all the DPP big dogs have power, preferentially being supplied to them. Is this fair? They focus more attention on milking the country of its wealth and giving each other fake doctorates, and professorships. Its a shame.… Read more »
Kma nyimbo ya Joseph Nkasa mwaimva inu a MCP? Do you think you will be killing while in opposition? You are waiting to take power then continue where you stopped. If people think you have changed in a multiparty system, why have you flopped in all the five elections in multiparty system? Winning bye-election cannot be an indication to get into power. Even during the UDF RULE the MCP has been winning bye-elections including the same Nsanje-Lalanje but did the MCP win in the following general elections? Chakwera will end up like JZU, HE WILL NEVER ENTER THE STATE HOUSE… Read more »

D.P.P has won by-election in Phalombe just as we and you talking about Nsanje Lalanje and Lilongwe period or how do you think Mr Santana?




Kasaira, now we will have no blackouts because the killers are known. But what about Chasowa, Matafale, Njaunju , 20 souls on 20 July.

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