Kasakula’s ‘bow’ at Nation as he moves to Malawi News

How do I begin this? I mean, how do you start to say bye to your readers after sharing opinions and interacting with them for a good seven years?

Kasakula:  Moves to  TImes Groups

Kasakula: Moves to TImes Groups

But, as a believer in God, I hold the view that it is the ultimate secret that the Almighty has hidden from humankind.

No matter how sweet or how bitter, everything must end. No matter how light it might be during day, darkness will surely come and vice versa. No matter how stormy the weather can be, calmness will return and the opposite is also true.

And the biggest one of them all: No matter how sweet life can be, death will one day come for everyone of us.

In the end it is called vanity of life.

But today is not the time to bore you to death with my musings and perspectives about life and how vain it is. It is time to say bye and thanksgiving.

It was a long journey. Opinions are what they are and everybody has one. Many of you, my readers, agreed with me. On the other hand, they were also multitudes that did not agree with me.

Some even called me names and gave me labels, but that is the beauty of democracy and we agreed to disagree.

The journey was long and arduous. I touched on all manner of subjects. I commented on homosexuality and stepped on the toes of religious leaders by arguing that what happens in the four walls between two consenting adults has always remained a secret between the two and should not be a concern to the rest of us that it should go into our statues.

I delved into politics and put Bingu wa Mutharika in his proper place when he had the arrogance of thinking he could reverse our democratic processes by abusing his DPP majority in Parliament and put in place laws that were patently anti-people.

I took on the gender activist mantle when I predicted that Joyce Banda can be president when some loudmouth said the country was not ready for a female head of State in 2011.

A few months down the line, this came to pass after Mutharika passed on in 2012 and we had a female president for a good two years. The rest, as they say, is history.

I used the column to show that I am human, after all, with emotions when I lost a very good friend, the late Elizabeth Lisuntha Banda, and paid tribute to her while I was in England.

At times, I went up close and personal with a president, minister or any public official and took issue with him or her.

I believed it was only through such personal address that I could get attention on behalf of Malawians who did not have an opportunity to tell their leaders the flipside of their decisions that in turn affected them.

And so I engaged the Ken Msondas, Kondwani Nankhumwas, Ireen Chikunis, Patricia Kaliatis or Frank Mwenifumbos of this world and told them point blank what I thought about their public dispositions.

Some responded back with long phone calls on Saturday morning or angry e-mails, but mostly we ended up laughing or inviting each other to a drink and it was fun.

Let me end how I started. This life is vain and everything must end. It is a secret whose elixir God has carefully hidden from us.

I have enjoyed the last seven years. Will I pop up somewhere? Only God knows.

I take a bow.

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Ndiwe Master George. All the best.


Fare thee well GK. I won’t forget u for editing and subsequently publishing my short story on Aug 23, 2014. U r a star.

Chibanja tv

Ukapita pa khomo usasiyepo pakamwa koma usiyepo phazi chifukwa zimakusatira. A Kasakula yendani bwino kuyankhula zambiri ai tionana.


Good luck. After all, you were the only senior person at Nation who was not tumbuka. Pano atsala akwithu okhaokha from editors, sales, reporters to alonda . Asiyeni azilankhula chitumbuka muofesi. I will buy Nation newspaper no more. Too nepotistic and unbalanced newspaper it is.


GK your re genius, keep it up buddy…. keep APM on his toes otherwise i can see another state funeral ‘God forbid’……….


Big man i wil realy mis ur column in the nation. ive lernt alot from you


Takunyadirani. May God’s Love Be Your Guide!

osakwiya Phiri

Sometimes its good just to say bye rather than talk alot munyulapo apa pitanii basi baba


point of correction joice was not president but acting after death of the actual president. she tried to compete using her powers but failed thou she had all resources at hand uncountable. means yes malawi is not ready for a female president. you tried to help her but its not what was supposed to be. a hand u tried!

gona nkulawe

i will follow you. one thing do be paartisan

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