It’s Kingdom of Mzimba in Malawi – Paramount Chief M’mbelwa

For once, Paramount Chief M’mbelwa of Mzimba has come in the open to ask government to recognize Mzimba as a Kingdom, saying records clearly explain it.

Inkosi ya Makosi Mmbelwa V : Mzimba is a Kingdom

People of Mzimba, through Mzimba Heritage Association (MZIHA), have ever advocated for recognition of Mzimba Kingdom from government but Paramount Chief M’mbelwa was mute on the issue.

However, during the elevation ceremony of Inkosi Mabilabo to Senior Chief last Saturday, the Ngoni Chief dug history open, saying the records clearly show Mzimba as a Kingdom and M’mbelwa as King.

“If you can check in the records, Mzimba is Kingdom and M’mbelwa has always been King. I therefore request government to honour such records.

“As Mzimba we are growing. Some are being elevated to Senior Chiefs and others are hoping to be Paramount. So who shall I become? It is time for government to recognize the Kingdom,” he said.

During his speech, M’mbelwa urged the cultural groupings being formulated to spearhead Ngoni culture to bring development in the district and not division.

The warning came amid interference on the programme by Chairperson for Mabilabo Development Council, Ken Mthunzi, who, during his speech, went off-track and started advising the Senior Chief Mabilabo and requesting developments from government.

Speaking on elevation of Mabilabo, M’mbelwa commended President Mutharika for promoting the former (Mabilabo) to Senior Chief, saying the development had made the people of Mzimba proud.

However, M’mbelwa said elevation of Chiefs should follow hierarchy and be approved by the Chiefs Council for fear of misunderstandings.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa who presided over the ceremony, said government was committed to working with chiefs in spearheading development in the country.

He said that was why the Head of State thought it important to elevate Inkosi Mabilabo to Senior Chief on 9th March, 2017.

Nankhumwa said only through working together among chiefs, communities and government could development continue to flourish in the country.

He said; “We need a chief who is development conscious, a chief who can articulate and strengthen cultural values in the community.

“Senior Chief Mabilabo is one kind of a chief who is development conscious, he leads his people in development project initiatives and promotes cultural values in his area. These are some of the qualifications, hence the elevation of Inkosi Mabilabo to Senior Chief today.”

Nankhumwa further reminded chiefs in the country to desist from corrupt practices and support government of the day to enhance development in their respective areas.

During the ceremony, Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe assured the people of several development projects to take place in the district including construction of roads.

Senior Chief Mabilabo was born on 24th November, 1979. He is number four according to the hierarchy in the family.

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7 years ago





7 years ago


7 years ago

Kkkkkkk……. Koma abale…. wachambadii uyu tamuonereni wavalazi za chikale basi anthu pano akuvala zamakono izi zimachitika kale pamene kunalibe makono. By the way why are you promoting poaching by wearing animal skin? Where do get these? Zopusa basi muli mbulanda kusetela pa chikopa mache…. kunja

Jelbin mk
Jelbin mk
7 years ago

Is it natural for non-northerners to criticise anything spoken by northerners with mere rhetoric? If you want to argue in any matter do so with facts. In Malawi no any district council is named after the chief of the district except for Mzimba which is known as M’mbwelwa district council not Mzimba district council as is the case with the rest, isn’t that unique? Do you think it was so bias of gvnmnt to name a gvnmnt building (M’MBELWA HOUSE) where parliament used to meet at city centre and name non of the chiefs after anything not even a road?HISTORY:… Read more »

Mkango Manthakanjenjemereza
Mkango Manthakanjenjemereza
7 years ago

Zakumachende, Mchinji, so what you are uttering is just power hungry Tradition Authority who thinks can rule the part of the country.

king solomon
king solomon
7 years ago

musiye kuvala zikopa za nyama,your culture promotes poaching! boma lichitepo kanthu.kuvala zikopa za nyama its one bad cultural practice which is overlooked by our government.

sophie Nquala
7 years ago

ngakhala ndine m’yao but I understand Mbelwa’s point of view. By saying Mbelwa kingdom he meant that all ngoni chiefs were and still under the Mbelwa chieftancy therefore when govt intend to elevate northern ngoni chiefs it should bear in mind that they already have their Paramount because some day the govt will overlook that history and appoint another Paramount which will bring confusion among the Jere Ngonis. Dispite that practically the northern ngonis area cannot be called the kingdom but still the kingdom pactices are there and will be there so has to be respected as such.

7 years ago

They can fight for their Independence if they want. Where were they when Malawi was fighting for its Independence

The Black Hacker
The Black Hacker
7 years ago



Wakukanikani u president nde mukufuna muyambepo zopepelazo..zachikale..who can recognise that,,ukufuna amalawi azikunjenjemela iweyo ngati ndani…

Zinakukanikani za fedral govt…


Chambachi sichikukuthandizani achimwene

Livingstonia Political Party

Kikikikiki komatu myamatayu akukhwewa chamba choipa zedi. Does he know that he is being used? Maufumu opatsa tianawa amangwetu.

King? Hahahahahaa angofuna ayambenso kutolera ma K5 ngati atate ake aja uyu. Washota mberwa akatero kikiki muyaluka.

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