Kumwembe, Pika Manondo found with case to answer: Mphwiyo shooting case

Former Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldier Macdonald Kumwembe and businessman Pika Manondo have both been found with a case to answer on all charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder on former budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

Manondo:  Case to answer

Manondo: Case to answer

Making his determination at the Lilongwe, High court Judge Michael Mtambo said prosecution has successfully established a case where the two have to enter defence.

Kumwembe, who Mphwiyo identified as his shooter and Pika Manondo will start defending themselves.

Judge Mtambo established that the stamps in Kumwembe passport were not enough proof that he was outside the country when Mphwiyo was shot.

“Airtel evidence show that the first accused travelled from Mwanza a day before the shooting and was in constant communication with Pika Manondo and Ralph Kasambara,” said Ntambo.

He also quashed the defence argument that Kumwembe might have left the phone with his wife because he was in Mozambique where there is not Airtel network.

“Cellphones are personal to holder and cannot be given to another person who can be going around town calling friends even at wee hours,” observed the judge.

He also noted that Mphwiyo’s identification of Kumwembe through the newspapers as the one who shot him was also not valid.

“During Mphwiyo’s testified that the one who shot him wore a mask, therefore we left with only one identification method that is through technology mainly DNA which is done in USA and Airtel call logs also can not help in this matter,” he said.

Turning to Pika Kumwembe,  Mtambo said the call logs have shown that he was in constant communication with both the co-accused Ralph Kasambara and Kambuwe.

“The call logs and the sms shows that the accused was in some panick. The fact that that he went soon after the shooting and return a month later shows that something went wrong. He is therefore has a case to
answer on both charges and has to enter defense,” ruled Mtambo.

As the judge read the ruling which took almost two hours, the two accused at first looked calm but they became tense soon after the ruling.

The case has been adjourned to May 22, 2015

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nsonga ciswe
Abale in this bastard ugly phwiyo is alive life abale athuanaphedwavaaja no one follows this at all.bwanji osatiziwisa mom we ndalama zathu zinkabedwera nkutibwezera-muutiphimba mmaso seeking for sympathy or wat, let alone shielding that whore who fled to the US. Munthu ndi phwiyo ndi lutepo yekha????? Ku Parliament sikukutulukaso za kupsya data. Basis zimimba ndi zimatako kwevekweve Osaka MBA za Ku ITU ya waknthu. Mmaikon mwa azathu pofukula nkhani sayanganila nkhope kuphuzila etc ndipo akafufuza zimapezeka. In path piano anta.koma kuikana kumbuyo.mlanduwu mukhala zaka zingati mukadaukamba ,kusintha ma jaji ,komaso anthuwa ma salary akulandila. Nthawi ya kamuzu ma katundu amalandidwa.… Read more »
This Is Malawi.



Since when has Pika become a businessman? Nanu a Nyasatimes bwanji kukweza kamba muntengo? Pika is aa thief and a very good potential killer! Munthu oiyipa uyu.


Kkkkkkkkkkk short!!!!!!!!!!

Dr Moo Tha Leeker

I declare war against Kasambala


In all fairness, the most crucial moment is when one has been found with the case to answer. Self defence is not that simple……..sorry!!

Mohamad Emwazi Jihad John

Pika, Pika, Pika. He loves money and Parliament knows that. Umathawanji?

The Objective Person
People understand these things please. The case is just beggining now. This is the time one will look dull. Lutepo is contemplating to claim his share then Dauka will enter in the court also to claim his share. After deducing all that will be presented,argued and aquitted,the last group will also claim their shares. The judge is clear here that technological evidence for DNA is the only way to go and not that he wore a mask, identified him in a newspaper, airtel call logs can not be evidence enough in this case. Be objective guys. Iam not becoming another… Read more »
Wanex banda

Musadzapangetso adjourn pa 22,akalowe basi


Asathawe ndi yemweyo woyipa.

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