Kunkuyu warns Mutharika on electoral reforms bill or face messy endgame like Zimbabwe’s Mugabe

Leader of political movement Transformation Alliance (TA) Moses Kunkuyu has said Malawi might find itself travelling on this rough road if President Peter Mutharika and his government ignores the wishes of the people on the electoral reforms bill as citizens  may be compelled to effect a bloodless correction  to restore democracy.

Kunkuyu: Lessons to learn or face a messy end

He said what happened with Zimbabwe Army is a lesson to other African President and Malawi in particular and this must be a wakeup call to all African Union (AU) and SADC Presidents.

“The TA leadership has a strong conviction that President Mutharika and the Malawi Government will tread carefully with this very contentious [electoral reforms] bill,” Kunkuyu said.

“We wonder why the government is reluctant tabling a bill that among other very important reforms seeks to ensure that presidents winning elections should get 51% of the votes.”

Kunkuyu said plans by  religious leaders in Malawi to hold protests on Tuesday  21st November is clear sign the government is failing to respect the wishes of the people.

“We call on President Peter Mutharika and his government to respect the wishes of Malawians and act quickly on these growing demands to avert the disastrous results of advancing executive arrogance on matters that progressively reshape the hard won democracy,” he said.

Kunkuyu has since advised African Leaders to change their style of leadership and begin to respect the views and demands of their citizens in their respective countries.

According to Kunkuyu, African leaders get so much intoxicated with the democratically given power through an electoral vote.

“They go deaf and decide to hear what pleases them and their cronies in dire quest to continue enriching themselves. Today, Zimbabweans are agitating for change after the military take over. They look tired with 93 year old Mugabe’s style of leadership that generally trodden on the very fundamental principles of democracy.” said Kunkuyu through a statement made available to Nyasa Times.

He also said the same in his speech when he presided over a meeting of Young Africans in North London under the banner of Africa Renaissance Council.

His speech was also hailed by Dr. Maxwell Shumba who is Chairman of the African Renaissance Council (ARC) as well as Mr. Kimberley Bhebhe, a UK based Zimbabwean Political Activist .

He further wondered why for whatever reasons, the SADC and Afeican Union (AU) leaders kept silent when it was clear cases of human rights violations were so prominent in Zimbabwe.

“This rightly defines the clear hypocrisy and double standards being advanced by leaders of these blocks. The current situation has woken them from deep slumber now seemingly siding with the embattled Mugabe. We believe constitutional provisions will have to be observed and respected during these hard and tempting times,” he noted.

However, the TA Leader observed that though Mugabe has been a true son of Africa with strong passion and spirit to ensure that the continent becomes fully independent of some unwelcome Western influence.

“He has been so blunt with the west on this; a thing most leaders are too coward to say; subjecting their countries to some retrogressive policies and conditions that leave us slaves still. But as a political movement, TA believes our leaders are progressively examining events in Zimbabwe in relation to their styles of leadership in their respective countries,” he said.

Kunkuyu added that: “We value the power of the people in getting rid of the people they entrusted with power but later became untouchables and all knowing with no room for views of dissent. Use of intimidation, torture and threats towards the opposition and other government critics have not worked forever in Democratic societies”.

He said it becomes very difficult to cope up with when the citizens gangs up to demand back their rights and force down irresponsible governments and leaders.

“We warn of this fully aware that most of our African leaders are still arrogant, intolerant and undemocratic. They ignore voices of reason at the expense of national issues with a serious bearing on the majority poor” he said.

“These leaders should know they cannot be shrewd and clever forever. Hopefully, Comrade Mugabe never imagined he would be under house arrest with some citizens absorbed in celebrations with the current state of affairs,”Kunkuyu said.

Meanwhile, Kunkuyu has called upon African Youths to stand up and fight for their rights.

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Hatton must join Wandale at Zomba Mental Hospital before it too late to redeem him from his mental disorder which he is displaying on this forum.


Hatton must be very insane. must be taken to Zomba Mental hospital. Hatton must be one of the thieves in Malawi.

M/’Malawi wa pa Malawi, please understand the issues surrounding Chakwera’s obscenely expensive maula house. He is entitled to build a house of any cost. He is a Malawian and his state president is APM. The issue in question is for him to disclose and explain the source of his funds. Remember his party receives funds from parliament. He could be diverting such funds. Remember, this issue was raised first by bonafide members of his party. Another person, perhaps as naive as you yourself, alleged that as his retirement package, members of Assemblies of God were to raise K200 each for… Read more »

Hatton, when was it you heard about this house?
Am wondering because this issue was raised by the so called concerned citizen, and Chakwera responded it by asking them to go and do their job followed by A.C.B. until to day the A.C.B did not go to this place or may be can you tell them to go and please do investigation, we are tired of you here eish! ndipo ndiwe malungo bwanji?


Well thought piece.

Kudos to Kunkuyu. Am a surprised at Hatton. How on earth can a sane person attack Chakwera on a continental issue?
Honestly speaking Africa is sick, and our institutions like AU and SADC are evil clubs aimed at protect evil African leaders.
Hatton, how old are u? U make me feel u are in ur 80s like APM as such u feel no problem being led by retired grandpas like APM and Goodall

We must be watchful when we are being fooled when crooks organize women for MBC’s “Zokonda Amayi” in the name of campaign for prevention of cancer when the motive is to habour a political ambition similar to what Mugabe’s wife. The honourary degree that the Polytechnic conferred was to emulate the Grace Mugabe dirty tricks to get a PhD in Sociology when she never conducted any research and write a thesis. You wonder how the university determined that she deserved the PhD? Now (dis)Grace Mugabe is going to be prosecuted although she is hiding in the banker – the army… Read more »

Malawians are getting furious with the sufferings they are enduring each passing day. 2019 is fast approaching and we will rewrite our story through the ballot


always the truth pains so much


Somebody please take this idiot to Zomba Mental hospital to have his head examined.

He has similar signs to those of his friend Vincent Wandale.


Well put . Sadc is a shame now …the next shame – the youth of Africa


Let’s call a spade a spade,,,this chap represents us, he is sharp and he doesn’t talk crapp ,,saamanyoza munthu,,he has space in society ,he has his life and he has passion for malawi . When old gurus speak, its ok, when Atupele speaks, it’s ok but when a star appears from the ghetto where you and I come from you become jealous kuti why not me ??sizitithandiza. This dude represents the ghetto and he has the space

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