Law scholer backs Chaponda order:  Malawi ‘accidental voters’ would still elect ‘maizegater’, says analyst

A local social-political commentator has said if the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) were to feature maize-gate implicated   Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda  as presidential candidate some quite good number of Malawians would still vote for him despite being implicated in the  Zambia maize import saga.

Chaponda: Face maizegate probe
EPJC’s Munthali: Accidental voters would still tick the ballot for Chaponda
Dr Danwood Chirwa: Remidner to President o uphold his Constitutonal obligations

Writing on the social media, Makhumbo Munthali formerly of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and now National Secretary of the Ethics, Peace, and Justice Commission (EPJC) of Evangelical Association of Malawi said due to patronage, clientelism and regionalism some sections of the society would still vote for Chaponda if DPP were to decide to feature him as a Presidential candidate despite his involvement in the maize-gate saga based on precedence.

Wrote Munthali on his Facebook page: “Verily, verily I say unto you, if George Chaponda was to be featured as DPP Presidential Candidate in an election today, quite a good number of Malawians particularly those in the Southern and Eastern region block and of course some few parts of North and Central region would vote for him to the extent of making him the President of the country.

“ If these sections of  ‘accidental voters’ were able to usher into power someone who had allegedly attempted to disregard the Constitution by preventing the-then Vice President Joyce Banda from taking her position as the next President after the death of Bingu wa Mutharika and after that remained mum after the case was discontinued with impunity, what can stop them from voting for someone allegedly at the centre of maizegate saga.”

Added Munthali: “In fact, by allegedly involving himself in the maizegate saga Chaponda may have won the hearts of not only these accidental voters but also the heart of the Big Kahuna who may even strategically start positioning him as an heir to the throne. Amangwetu this is Malawi” concluded Munthali.

‘Facade inquiry’

Meanwhile, respected professor of Public Law at the University of Cape Town DanwoodChirwa also took to the social media to back High Court order stopping Chaponda from executing his Cabinet Ministerial duties until a probe into the Zambia maize import is over by arguing that the court’s decision was a reminder to the President to uphold his Constitutional obligations.

Wrote Chirwa on his Facebook page:   “If a president fails to uphold the constitution he swore to defend, it is of course the singular duty of the courts to remind him of his constitutional responsibilities. Justice James Chirwa must be applauded for doing his job.As for the politically minded legal advisers at the ministry of justice, please be frank with your political superior and tell him to take seriously and at once put an end to cashgate and looting of public funds. Attacking the judge is both ill-advised and stupid.”

The law professor further faulted the institution of the public inquiry commission on the ‘maizegate’ arguing it was merely put there to cover up the current regime’s involvement in the whole saga

“The so-called commission of inquiry is a façade aimed at shielding the suspects from accountability. There is no need for an expensive commission filled by political cadres to investigate this criminal issue whose facts are easily ascertainable. There are qualified investigators within the law enforcement agencies who can get to the bottom of this within days, not even weeks,” argued Chirwa

Concurring with Chirwa’s observations, Munthali wrote on his Facebook page: “The Court may have only reminded the President what he is and was supposed to do”.

The Mzuzu High Court rulling has divided public opinion with government through Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale pledging to challenge the decision.

“We will challenge the injunction, and we will also challenge the judicial review as soon as we are served.”

Malawi Law Society (MLS) president John Suzi-Banda said in quotes reported by The Nation: “A decision of the court under our laws, as long as it is valid, it does not matter whether somebody disagrees with it or is aggrieved with it, until it is discharged.”

Besides, Youth and Society (YAS), Church and Society Programme of the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia other CSOs like Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC), Foundation for Children’s Rights, National Women’s Lobby, Foundation for Justice Support and Phunzirani Development Organisation have also joined the case.

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4 years ago

Makhumbo Munthali is not able to read the situation properly. Which precedence is he talking about? Don’t relate the case of Chaponda and Muluzi (if that’s what is in your mind) when people said “tivoterabe wakuba yemweyo.” People said this simply to change government when they were fed up with Kamuzu, but now things are different and Malawians are fast maturing democratically. Did Muluzi third bid for presidency succeed? That alone should tell you a story. The people who said whether Muluzi is a thief or not we shall still vote for him were the same people who turned against… Read more »

4 years ago

iwe muchewa bwanji ukunyoza Atumbuka Kodi achewa munakhala bwanji?ili ndi dziko one day muzatifuna Go ahead zinyozani

4 years ago

Northerners want federalism.

Gule alipo
4 years ago

Which is more serious 1 maize gate or feeding people to crocodiles 2.which is more dangerous cashgate or maize gate 3 which is more serious stealing church money from the poor and build a mansion (Chakwera) 4 which is serious and inhuman maize gate or killing JEHOVAS witness for not buying membership cards 5 which is painful maize gate or killing innocent 4cabinet ministers Which is serous maize gate or displacing Tumbuka s chasing them back to enunweni etc Whoever is a Tumbuka and thinks you are intelligent you are wasting your time. With your intelligence why didn’t you fight… Read more »

Joseph Banda
Joseph Banda
4 years ago

LAW SCHOLAR? My foot! Bigot???

4 years ago

Unfortunately, that’s what democracy is all about. There’s nothing(constitutionally) to prevent him from standing as an MP or President. After all, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Ofcourse the electorate might disregard his misdemeanors and still vote for him based on his ability to deliver(or his place of origin). Remember Americans recently voted for Trump despite being as a******e. That’s the system of government that we chose despite Kamuzu warning us against multiparty democracy. As much as I dont support the DPP government, I think the media are too quick to condemn(TRIAL BY PRESS). Personally, I would opt for… Read more »

4 years ago

As the majority of uneducated are from South it will always be difficult for Malawi to have a leader from central and north.The illiterate masses from south are always fooled with handouts during campaign time and it will take ages to eradicate that disease.Federalism or independence is the only available answer for north and central.During Kamuzu time no civil servant or politians could steal from govt coffers and hospital drugs were always in abandance.Lero tikuwona ma MP kukhala ndi 15 cars panyumba.

4 years ago

when one is born not to be a leader these are results

Binnwell Kachikopa
4 years ago

Iwe ukuti ndiwe Joyce should know that your dpp and Chapondas time is very soon elapsing, don’t forget cardiac arrest redeemed us from your evil dictator Bingu, this time around another cardiac arrest will redeem us from these your evil Chaponda and the dull leader we have. Dpp is a walking devil that needs total destruction and cardic arrest will very soon assist us. Ngati zinatheka through PAC kumpatsa Bingu 60 days and cardiac arrest came before those 60 days, awa oba chimangawa ndindaniso kuti akatikanike. You will very soon gnash and wail for this your blind following of the… Read more »

4 years ago

Danwood Chirwa’s views do NOT carry any weight in Malawi, any more .
AMalawi anachenjera (Malawians now see beyond words: they are aware of hidden motives.)

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