Lilongwe City Mayor dumps MCP to join DPP, Fahad Assan also in ruling party

Lilongwe City Mayor Councillor Dr Desmond Bikoko has finally joined ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) following few days after posting a controversial post on his Facebook in which he revealed that he is not wanted in Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Bikoko being welcomed in DPP

 Bikoko said he has joined DPP as an individual and that not as a Mayor.
The Mayor said he will make sure that he serves the party well till it wins in 2019.
“I am a development conscious and it is unfortunate that whatever we have been planning have never materialised due to obvious reasons,” Said Bikoko.
Bikoko said his ten point plans will now be easy to implement since he is working with government.
“My joining to DPP shows I always put country first politics second,” said Bikoko.
Bikoko urged Malawians to love their country.
During the function which DPP organised , at the Golden Peacock Hotel, former Minister of Justice Fahad Assan and members of Depeco also joined the DPP.
In his speech , Assan assured DPP secretary General , Gelseder Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey that he will not compete with her during the forth coming elections.
Welcomimg the new members , Central Region Vice President, Hertherwick Ntaba commended Bikoko for choosing the right path of working with Government.
Ntaba advised the new members to avoid back biting within the party.
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Kodi… Tamva


Not surprised.The guy is behind land wrangles involving Bottom Hospital and Simama.He bull dozed papers be awarded to Simama. So too has tax invasion issues with MRA and govt gave him an option to face the law or realign himself with DPP to avoid the wrath of the law.


That makes sense


ndiufulu wake munthu musiyeni-inunso khalani ku mcp umenewonso ndi ufulu wanu


He is a useless PHD holder.

Moment Mwalweni

It is really stupid decision that someone has to make after a Cash in, OK well good luck for your own benefit.

Aise Bikoko we kno the reasons for ur defection. U have been involved in so many fraudulent activities and u are owing MRA over 15million in taxi evasion so u think the best way to escape this is to join dirty dpp which has become a safe home for fraudsters, thieves and thugs. No wonder Uladi Mussa who is answering charges relating to aiding or facilitating issuing of malawian passports to foreigners is contemplating to rejoining the thieves club. U should kno that MCP ikatenga boma 2019 ino all these will haunt u. Mark my words. Ask Reuben Ngwenya I… Read more »

What is the working definition of Government? We seem to be misguided by mixing ruling party and government. Government includes opposition and all development is done by Parliament do not hide personal agendas behind terms such as government

Kanthiti Mzandu

Bike koma educated savage ask mtaba how many times has he tried to be an MP for his area but all to no avail 2019 wina adzadzimangilira Bikoko Bikoko how many times have I called u? You ask Gwengwe 2019 palibe zobera. Inu a Kalirani ndi a Mtaba mukanawina ma by election onse mukanativuta mpakana kuononga ndalama za account number 1 kubuilt malo aaaaaaa nwadza zomwezi

MCP was frustrating the guy that he should not develop the city in the administration of DPP. Bikoko looked at this idea as very stupid and unhelpful to the community. The people who voted for him will be asking for what he has done in the next campaign. What will he point at if Chakwera is barring him from working with DPP admin? If Chalamanda was MCP he would not achieve anything in the city of BT because Chakwera would not allow him to work with govt. Yes, MCP councilors and members made him mayor for a purpose but unfortunately… Read more »
Binnwell Kachikopa

Santana! You have a rotten head, you think in upsidedown way, how can mcp frustrate your Bikoko! The truth of the matter is that Bikoko has accumulated heavy MRA debts not rubbishes you are talking. Why dont you shutup your dirty mouth since cashgate has swallowed you? Nature will deal with you for sure because you always run away from the truth to appease your evil masters


I have never seen a stupid person like you Mr Santana.You are such a wasted sperm.

nanunso asantana ndale zanu zanyansi kwambiri? Do you have evidence to what you are saying? If he is gone into government, who was he close to? Awansooooooooooooooooooo!! Ambuyanuwo akugona nyumba yomanga bola la chipani chiti? Capital Hill buildings za chipani chiti? All this will better be concluded in 2019, and I pray God should take us thru to there!! Mr Malefula District Chairperson for Zomba (MCP) was as pompous as you are and ended up hanging himself chifukwa chokonda chipani mochita nazo khungu, kulephera ndi kuona zina zoofooka zomwe chipani chikuchita!! And your overzealousness shows that you seem to have… Read more »

Go thee well clueless & opportunistic PHD holder. You are a non performer! We will not miss you.

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